Author: Fahad

» December 5, 2019

In watts usually, the power of a blender is measured. A powerful blender has a higher wattage. In the world of the personal blender, the most recognized name is the […]

» November 25, 2019

A Nutribullet blender can give your kitchen top a modern look and make kitchen activity easier. It is pretty difficult to pick the best one from various Nutribullet models. No […]

» November 19, 2019

Looking for the best Oster blender? No worries, there is a wide variety of Oster blenders are available to choose and I’m here to help you. So tell me what […]

» August 22, 2019

Vitamix 7500 is a G series blender form this brand. It comes with 2.2 horsepower motor that works faster and this blender is 40% less noisy than other Vitamix blenders. […]

» August 11, 2019

Before buying the best blender for protein shakes, you must be clear one thing: Why do you need the blender? For making lots of shakes or just for making 2,3 shakes daily? If you […]

» July 23, 2019

Without any doubt, Vitamix is a powerful name in the blender industry, and 5300 is one of the most famous models from C-series. Like any other blender, it has some […]

» April 28, 2019

Look, Now it’s really easy for blenders on TV to claim that they can do everything. But is it the reality? Not at all. In this Vitamix 6300 review, we […]

» April 20, 2019

Vitamix 6500 is one of the best blenders in Vitamix this blender is different from other Vitamix models for its 3 pre-programmed settings which are smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot […]

» April 12, 2019

Top 10 Best Juicer Blender Review 2019 “If you miss the tests, you’ll miss the boss” Are you seeking out the best juicer blender to enjoy fresh and delicious juice occasionally? […]

» April 12, 2019

After testing many blenders, I have made a list of top 10 Best blenders under 100 but, you know all can’t be the best. That’s why I have one question […]