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Blendtec 575 ReviewBlendtec 575 is a top-quality blender compared to any other blender on the market. The combination of the one-touch button, including 4 pre-programmed cycles and a superior horsepower motor, makes the Blendtec 575 outstanding than others.

Features and Benefits of Blendtec 575

  • The 4 pre-programmed cycles pulse and a 1-touch button for the smoothie let you achieve a variety of textures you want while blending.
  • It has an LCD that shows you the remaining blending time that allows you to do other households, and in the meantime, the machine will prepare and stop working.
  • Blendtec has an 80% thicker stainless steel forged blade, so you can add the whole fruits or vegetables to the container without chopping.
  • A 90-oz Wild Side Jar can appropriately blend beverages or large batches of meal for 6 people at a time. The jar can also clean itself, and you just need to add a little drop of soap and water then run the machine.
  • Blendtec 575 features an 8-year warranty, which is huge rather than any traditional blender on the market. The warranty will cover everything from shipping cost to manufacturer defects in between.

These incredible features of the Blendtec make it a fantastic value for you. You can select the Blendtec 575 with your eyes closed if you want to upgrade your blending experience.


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  • 3-peak horsepower.
  • Wild 90-oz container.
  • 1-touch buttons.
  • 4 pre-programmed cycles.
  • 5 manual speed.
  • 8-years warranty.


  • The lid is not spill-proof.
  • It makes noise when in use.

Comparison: Blendtec 575 vs Blendtec GO Fit vs Blendtec Total Blender

Blendtec 575 Blendtec GO Fit Blendtec Total Blender
Dimension: 7 x 8 x 8 inches 9.5 x 11.63 x 13.75 inches 7 x 8 x 15.5 inches
Weight: 7.28 pounds 9.33 pounds 7.28 pounds
Power: 3-peak horsepower 3-peak horsepower 3-peak horsepower
Speed Level: 5 manual control Low, Medium, High 10-variable speed
Program Settings: 4 program settings 30-sec pre-programmed cycle 6 program settings
Pulse: Yes Yes Yes
Container size: 90-oz 34 oz 75-oz
Self-cleaning: Yes No Yes
Tamper: No No Yes
Material: BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic
Warranty: 8-years 2-years 8-years
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Users Opinion about Blendtec 575 Blender

  • Blendtec Classic 575 is the very first high-end blender for me. This is an incredible blender, and it also makes fantastic smoothies. It grinds better coffee than my coffee grinder. The cleaning cycle is very straightforward: add soap, water and run the clean cycle, then rinse it. I’d highly recommend this blender because it is a great blender and it’s so easy.
  • It is a well-engineered blender that is robustly constructed. Definitely, it is better than other brands, in my opinion. It works perfectly to provide me with a nice creamy recipe with the perfect texture I want. Blendtec is an awesome killer blender and perfect for smoothies.
  • I use this blender almost every day to prepare smoothies. The excellent part is the blender feature with self-cleaning. I wanted to get a blender to use every day and prepare a lot of recipes. This is a heavy machine, and I’m pleased with Blendtec 575.
  • I bought this to up my smoothie game, I had extremely high hope for the Blendtec 575, and it meets all my needs. It is pretty good, but the only downside I found, sometimes it leaks liquid if I do not attach the lid properly. Otherwise, I’m quite satisfied with my choice.

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Features and Benefits of Blendtec 575

Sleek Design

Blendtec 575 is a commercial-grade powerful and versatile blender; it is an all-in-one machine combined with a one-touch button including 4 pre-programmed buttons with 5 different speed levels. You can find an illuminated LCD timer display on the control panel.

It is built with a 3-peak hp motor to give a robust blend every time. And the dimension of this blender is 7 inches long 8 inches wide, and 8 inches high, the machine is only 7.28 pounds that is easy to carry. Blendtec comes in different colors, so you can select the machine that you love from the Slate Gray, White, Polar White, Orchid Purple, Caribbean Blue, and Black.

Powerful Motor 

The blender produces a 1560 watts motor at its 3-peak horsepower. It allows the user to create large batches of smoothies, salsa, hot soups, and so on. Moreover, the blender features an 80% thicker stainless steel forged blade with wings, and it is 10x more substantial than other blenders. It won’t dull or bend, which is a plus point. However, the robust quality motor of the Blendtec gives you the confidence to use the machine for years to come.


Blendtec has 4 pre-programmed cycles for 60 seconds, 90-second, smoothies, and clean. The programs allow you to duplicate your favorite restaurant’s smoothie right at your home. The smoothie cycle creates perfect smoothies every time; furthermore, the clean process reduces your cleaning stress.

Furthermore, you can create a wide range of recipes, including bread dough, hot soups, ice cream, with the help of the one-touch timed cycle. After adding ingredients to the container, press the 60 or 90 seconds settings, and your blender will do the rest of the task.

Speed level and Pulse 

You can manually set the speed cycle in this awesome blender for a customized recipe. The blender is built with five different speed settings, also, contains a pulse button on the control panel. Moreover, it lets you switch between the speed level when the machine in use.


Blendtec provides you a BPA-free wild 90-oz jar, and it’s the ideal solution to prepare beverages or large batches meals for 6 people. Also, it offers a spatula, and both of them are dishwasher safe. The container can clean itself with a drop of dish soap and warm water.

The Warranty 

It comes with a convenient 8-years warranty that covers everything from manufacturer defects to shipping cost. Blendtec builds with high-end material to ensure you provide quality service for years. Yet if there you find any manufacturer defects, just contact the customer carer, and they’ll repair it for you.


Blendtec 575 will make your blending fun and more comfortable than ever; it has a significant warranty period and is made from quality material. This will fulfill all your blending needs. If you seek a high-end blender with a multi-functional feature, the Blendtec 575 should be your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Blendtec classic 575 review

What is the difference between Blendtec 575 and Total blender

The main difference between these two blenders is the touchpad, and the total blender has 10 different speed settings, including 6 pre-programmed cycles.

Does this provide a warranty?

Yes, the Blendtec comes with a full 8-year warranty.

Will Blendtec provide a versatile blend?

It’s a versatile blender that has a one-touch button for smoothies and has 4 different pre-program settings.

Can I use this in 220v?

No, this blender is made for 120v, so you have to purchase an adapter to use this in 220v.

Does this Blendtec blender come with a soup program?

No, the blender is only programmable for the smoothies and cleaning cycle.

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