» July 21, 2020

Vitamix blenders are great at the power, and very simple to use, that’s why it may be tough for you to select one from the Vitamix a2500 and a3300.  Okay, […]

» July 19, 2020

Vitamix 5200 and a2300 have no difference in the blending capabilities but the Vitamix a2300 is the best. Investing in the Vitamix a2300 would be a wise decision.  Both are […]

» July 19, 2020

If you intend to use your blender a lot then investing in a Vitamix blender is well worth the money. Vitamix v1200 and 7500 come from the Venturist and Classic […]

» July 16, 2020

Vitamix blenders considered the game changer for any kitchen. If you are confused about which one should you choose between Vitamix e310 and 750 then based on the performance and […]

» July 4, 2020

Vitamix blenders are well known as the best high power blenders and they come with a high-end motor. It is difficult to choose the best Vitamix from more than 30 […]

» July 2, 2020

There are lots of immersion blender brands and models in the market, but from my experience, I will say The KitchenAid KHB2561ACS and Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender are the better […]

» June 7, 2020

Vitamix 750 Heritage is the upgraded version of Vitamix 750 Pro – they have the same motor power and design.  If you ask me which one will be the best […]

» June 3, 2020

Vitamix a3500 is the latest version of ascent and E320 is the latest version of Explorian. Compared to the Vitamix Explorian, Vitamix ascent is the best and I’d recommend you […]

» June 3, 2020

Since Vitamix a2500 and a3500 both are the Ascent series blender, but Vitamix a3500 will be the best option to purchase because of its advanced features and performance. let’s take […]

» May 10, 2020

Undoubtedly Vitamix blenders are the best than other blenders on the market. Vitamix a3500 and 780 are two great blenders from this brand but which one is best between these […]