» June 4, 2021

You know Vitamix is the giant in the blender industry, and they have more than 35 models all are excellent blenders, so it’s tough to find the best one of […]

» June 2, 2021

Vitamix blenders are the top-notch blenders on the market, plus they come with many excellent smoothie blenders, so it could be a little bit tough to find the best one. […]

» March 28, 2021

Vitamix a3500 and 780 are two great blenders from this brand, but which one should you pick? Well, Vitamix a3500 provides more convenience of use compared to Vitamix 780 model, and […]

» March 28, 2021

Vitamix e310 and 750 are the game changer for any kitchen. If you are confused about which one you should pick? then based on the performance and features, I’d suggest the […]

» March 28, 2021

It’s like a challenge to pick the best one from Vitamix e320 vs 5300. Relax! to win the challenge, you can have Vitamix 5300. Check the reason below. Why Vitamix 5300 is […]

» March 28, 2021

Vitamix a3500 is the latest version of ascent, and E320 is the latest version of Explorian. Compared to the Vitamix Explorian, Vitamix ascent is the best, and I’d recommend you to […]

» March 28, 2021

Vitamix Venturist and Ascent are smart and amazing blenders for any professional or home use. If your priority is a powerful and easily operated blender, then Vitamix a3500 would be a […]

» March 28, 2021

Vitamix 750 is powerful and convenient blender than Vitamix 6500 because it has some advanced features that will give you a better blending experience. Check below to know the features that […]

» March 13, 2021

Vitamix a3500 is an excellent blender from Vitamix that contains some smart functions like a programmable timer system,  self container size detected technology, Control from Vitamix, and more, which made it the best […]