Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial-kitchen-equipmentThe purpose of commercial kitchens is to prepare and store food. A commercial kitchen is a sensitive place that should include industrial appliances. Since this will be easier to handle the food production and prepare hygienic, safe, and quality meals.

This guide will make you understand what you need to have in a commercial kitchen so that you can easily set your commercial kitchen and meet all your requirements. So if you are planning to have a commercial kitchen then keep on reading the whole guide.

Equipment You’ll Need In a Commercial Kitchen 

There are different types of equipment are available in terms of a commercial kitchen. These are – cooking equipment, food prep equipment, refrigeration equipment, storage equipment, and small wares.

Cooking Equipment

Before purchasing cooking equipment for your kitchen make sure to choose the equipment that you’ll use often.

Grill – This is for the smoky flavored food and many recipes. Beefsteak, vegetables, chicken, fish, or seafood, and other items that can be grilled, so your kitchen should have a grill.

Oven – An oven is a multi-functional piece that is very essential and this can be used for baking to braising to roasting, and so on.

Commercial Induction Cooker – Compared to gas, the induction cooker is better since they produce heat quicker than gas. And when it comes to the commercial kitchen, you’ve to prepare food quickly.

Deep Fryer – For making chicken tenders, french fries, and for a variety of food, a deep fryer is very important.

Microwave – To defrost any frozen items, heat any items, have a microwave in your commercial kitchen.

Salamander Broilers – The broilers are used for finishing dishes, melting cheese, etc.

Griddles – This is a flat top grill that is an ideal piece of equipment for preparing breakfast items, grilled sandwiches, and many different foods.

Coffee Brewer – The popular beverage is Coffee so adding a coffee brewer is essential for serving beverages.

Holding equipment – Until serving the food, the meal should be at a specific temperature. So be sure you have holding equipment.

Food Prep Equipment 

In terms of food prep equipment, there are different types of professional appliances are available that a commercial kitchen must include.

Blender – A blender is the most common and useful equipment for any kitchen. A blender can be used for different purposes from making drinks to create sauces to hot soups (a quality blender can prepare hot soups).

Food Processor – This is a versatile appliance that helps you reduce your food prep time. A food processor can chopping veggies or fruits, slice or shredding cheese, prepare the meal, combine ingredients for salads, and much more.

Mixer – When baking pizzas or need to prepare dough for pancakes, a mixer can do this for you. This appliance is a huge time-saver and makes the meal quickly.

Grinder – Freshly ground spices or herbs the best flavor – a grinder helps grinding spices that give a great flavor.

Refrigeration equipment

You’ve to choose a refrigerator according to your kitchen needs and style. There are different types of refrigeration is available, here is a list of a few of them.

A Commercial Refrigerator – This is the most common type of refrigerators that have prep fridges, pass-through options, reach-in fridges. Choose the refrigerator that your commercial kitchen needs. Choose a refrigerator that will give you the utmost using efficiency.

Freezer – A freezer is a piece of equipment like a refrigerator that comes in different styles and sizes as well to meet your food capacities and needs.

A Walk-In Cooler – One of the very essential appliances for any commercial kitchen is this. This appliance lets you store large amounts of food and this is safe to store.

Ice Machine – When it comes to serving beverages, an ice machine is an essential tool. Ice machine lets you easily add ice to any drinks, such as smoothies, margaritas, fruit juices, or blended cocktails.

Storage Equipment 

You need to store different ingredients or equipment and for that, you’ll need a piece of storage equipment. This is a standard piece that every commercial kitchen has. Here are some of the storage equipment –

Food storage containers – The food storage containers are versatile tools as they can be used for store food ingredients, mix up sauces or store any dry items like rice, and so on. Food storage containers come in different colors. You can use different colors for different items.

Shelving – A shelving can be used for storing food – you can use shelving in the walk-in cooler or freezer. You can store pots, pans, different dry ingredients, or dinnerware in shelving. You can customize the shelving for your space as they come in a variety of sizes.

Sheet pan racks – For transporting foods, and storing usually the sheet pan racks are used. Sheet pan racks are ideal for cramped kitchens since these are designed tall than wide.

Drying Racks – This rack is very essential to air dry any equipment, moreover, this can be used for storing the equipment. Generally, drying racks are used for cookware, cutting boards, glassware, dinnerware, utensils, and much more.

Small Wares 

Small wares are using for preparing and cook different dishes which are very essential. Before purchasing small wares be sure to purchase enough quality, however, here are some of the small wares that your commercial kitchen should have.

Chef Knives – Without a set of chef knives, you cannot prep food. For any commercial kitchen, a set of chef knives is very essential plus using a set of chef knives is safe as they decrease the risk of accidents.

Whisks – Whisks are a very essential tool that incorporates air into the ingredients and makes the item light and fluffy. Whisks come in different types, pick the one that meets your needs.

Spoons, Turners, and Tongs – These are must-haves for a kitchen. Without kitchen spoons you cannot stir your meal, turners are must-have tools when it comes to grills, charbroils, or griddles, and tongs are used to prepare food or serving purposes.

Pans, pots, and mixing bowls – There are different types of pans, mixing bowls and pots are available. Pick the type your commercial kitchen needs.

Summing Up 

So it was the list of very equipment that a commercial kitchen should have. There are some other types of equipment which is available for a commercial kitchen and we’ve mentioned a few of them.

Before purchasing equipment for your kitchen, make a list and then go shopping, by doing this you won’t forget any items. And remember to choose the best equipment for the kitchen.

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