Ninja BL610 vs NJ600 – Check Which one is best and why?

Ninja BL610 vs NJ600Ninja Bl610 and Nj600 are incredibly powerful blenders, but if you are looking for the best which is durable and easy to use, then you should choose Ninja BL610. 

Why Should You Choose Ninja BL610? 

  • BL610 features a sleek design control panel that specifically showed low, medium, and high-speed settings, but Ninja NJ600 hasn’t got. Rather NJ600 has 1,2,3 speed setting, and sometimes it is confusing.
  • It doesn’t contain any single-serve cups or food processor jars, but the 72-oz pitcher can prepare a single smoothie for other beverages. Also, it can be used as a food processor jar.
  • Both of them have total crushing technology, but the Ninja BL610 gives a unique blade design. Also, it comes with a dough blade that NJ600 doesn’t have. However, the blade makes it easy to crush ice or fruits and vegetables.

All these key points like the sleek design, food processor jar, and advanced crushing system made Ninja Bl610 the best pick between these two blenders.


Quick Comparison: Ninja BL610 vs NJ600

Specifications  Ninja BL610  NJ600 
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Dimension 9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches 8 x 7 x 17 inches
Weight 7.1 pounds 7.2 pounds
Power 1000 watts 1000 watts
Speed settings Low, Medium, High Speed 1, 2, 3
Pulse Yes Yes
Pitcher Size 72 oz 72 oz
Material BPA-free Plastic BPA-free Plastic
Total Crushing Technology Yes Yes
Dough Blade Yes No
Dishwasher Safe Yes Yes
Recipe book Yes Yes
Warranty 1-year 1-year

Differences & Similarities Between Ninja BL610 and NJ600

Speed Knob 

The main difference lies in the speed knob of these two Ninja blenders. Ninja BL610 has three-speed settings for low, medium, and high. And the NJ600 has a 1,2,3 speed button. So comparatively, using the Ninja BL610 is easier than the NJ600.


Ninja blenders have a pulse function that is always ready to create blast power. If you want to grind nuts or coffee beans, then use the pulse function. Compared to the high-speed volume (BL610) or speed 3 (NJ600), the pulse produces more power.

And it also works great when you want to chop fruits or vegetables, add the ingredients to the pitcher then press the pulse function. Pulse function takes a few seconds to prepare your meal.


Ninja offers 6 blade technology that is very strong and sharp. The blade has total crushing technology so that it can blend or crush within seconds. However, the blades are rust-resistant. Also, these are very durable.

And BL610 comes with a dough blade while the NJ600 does not. When you want to make a dough, use the dough blade in the Ninja BL610.

The dough blade makes the BL610 better than the NJ600. And this is another reason I recommend BL610.


Ninja BL610 and NJ600 offer outstanding performance as the two have a professional 1500 watts motor base. The motor power allows you to use the blender for one minute (but do not use the machines for more than a minute). And the best thing is: you don’t need to run the machines for longer since they will prepare the recipe within 30-45 seconds.


In terms of the pitcher, they are the same – you will get a 72-oz pitcher with Ninja blenders. The pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic and scratch-resistant as well.

Though the pitcher has a 72-oz capacity, and the maximum liquid capacity is 64 oz. And this is enough to prepare smoothies or other delicious drinks for the entire family. The pitcher has a spout lid that lets you pour the drink with this then you can store the rest of the recipe in it.


They are best for smoothies, but you can use them for versatile blending needs. For instance, you can grind nuts or chop vegetables in the Ninja blenders.

Additionally, you can prepare nut butter, sauces, dough, batter, dips, ice cream, or other frozen desserts in them. They will prepare them within a matter of time. But remember, if you want to make nut butter, then the machine will take a little more time.


Ninja BL610 and NJ600 are almost the same in the accessories. But the Ninja BL610 has a dough blade while the two come with –

  • User manual
  • Motor base
  • 72-oz pitcher
  • 6 blade assembly
  • Pitcher lid
  • and a recipe book.

Since the BL610 comes with the dough blade, it would be ideal to choose this: the dough blade will make it easier for you to prepare the dough.


Both Ninja is very simple to clean since the parts are dishwasher safe. You can put the pitcher, lid, and blade assembly as well to the dishwasher rack. If you want to wash them with your hands, then use warm water to clean them. Also, let the parts air dry.

And don’t forget to wipe clean the motor base. Regular cleaning helps to increase the durability of your blender. That’s why clean your machine properly.


Ninja Blenders come up with a 1-year warranty. That’s why the two are the same. If there are any manufacturer issues within the warranty period, then they will repair the machine. Both Ninja can last more than 4/5 years or more if you take proper care and maintenance.


Ninja BL610 and NJ600 are professional-grade blenders. They will offer you the best convenience of use. Though both are amazing blenders, yet I recommend the Ninja BL610 for your countertop.

It offers some extra functions than NJ600. Such as, BL610 has a dough blade, but the NJ600 does not contain this. Also, the BL610 is a budget-friendly machine. Everyone can afford this one.

Well, it is your choice, after all! Select the machine that you think suits you best.

FAQ About Ninja BL610 vs NJ600

Does Ninja NJ600 have single-serve cups and blades?

No, it doesn’t have single-serve cups and doesn’t contain extra blades.

What is the difference between Ninja BL610 and BL600?

The major difference between these two blenders is in the power pad, while most of the things are the same in them.

Can Ninja BL610 grind nuts?

Yes, it can: use the pulse function to grind nuts or other toughest items.

How durable is a Ninja Blender?

A Ninja Blender can last for more than 4/5 years and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Is the container made of glass?

No, Ninja containers are made of BPA-free plastic, and they are scratch-resistance.

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