Vitamix 5300 vs 750 – See Why We Recommend Vitamix 750!

Vitamix 5300 vs 750Vitamix 5300 is classic and Vitamix 750 is the next-generation series blender. Both are popular for their performance, but If you compare the performance and features, you will see the Vitamix 750 is the best.

Why Vitamix 750 is Best?

  • Vitamix 750 has 5 pre-programmed settings and 10 variable speed control. The pre-programmed ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes. But 5300 comes with only 10 variable speeds no pre-program settings.
  • This blender owns a powerful next-generation motor and its updated model. Even, Vitamix 5300 contains a classic series motor that turns your tough ingredients into a fine texture. On the other hand, 5300 doesn’t provide you with such a robust motor.
  • Vitamix 750 is 40 % less noisy than Vitamix 5300, and the 750 comes with a 2-Piece Neoprene rubber lid with a removable plug for adding ingredients.

Other features of these two blenders are almost the same. The 750 will charge you a little bit extra for its cool pre-programmed settings. I think Saving some bucks buying the older versions is not a good idea, but the end of all decisions is yours.


Comparison Chart: Vitamix 5300 vs 750

Specifications Vitamix 5300 Vitamix 750
Dimension 17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in 7.72 x 9.41 x 17.4 in
Motor 2.2 HP motor 2.2-peak HP motor
Watts 1640 1440
Vitamix Platform C-series G-series
Program Pulse (Variable Speed) Pulse (Variable Speed)

5-preset functions

Weight 12 lbs 11.5 lbs
Color Black and Red Black, Copper Metal, and Brushed
Size Smaller than Vitamix 750 Slightly larger than Vitamix 5300
Noise level Noisy than 750 model Less noisy than the 5300 model
Price Less expensive Pricey
Cookbook No Yes
Blade 4-inch stainless steel 4-inch stainless steel
Self-cleaning Yes Yes
Pitcher Low-profile 64 oz Low-profile 64 oz
Material BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic
Warranty 7-year full warranty 7-year full warranty

Vitamix 5300 vs 750 – Differences

From the specifications, you can see they are very similar, yet these two have some differences, and here are the main differences between these two blenders.


This is the main difference between these two Vitamix blenders. Usually, all the Vitamix blenders come with traditional speed control, but the Vitamix 750 model comes with a 5-preset button along with the 10-variable speed control. These 5-preset buttons are – soup, smoothie, frozen dessert, purees, and cleaning. 5-preset buttons make your kitchen task easier.

You just need to add ingredients to the container and press a button. Once the blender did its job, this will automatically stop the machine, you don’t need to be there, and you can do your other work. For the busiest person or working lady, the Vitamix 750 is the best choice. You can also choose the Vitamix 5300 model. It is also good enough.

Easy to clean

For some people cleaning is a really boring thing to do! If you’re one of them, then go for any Vitamix blender. That’s because Vitamix has a self-cleaning feature. In fact, rather than the Vitamix 5300, the Vitamix 750 is the best at cleaning as it has the cleaning preset button.

All you have to do is add a drop of the dishwasher and warm water (fill half of the container) and press the button. It will take 30 to 45 seconds to clean. You can choose the Vitamix 750 blender. It provides an easy cleaning feature.

Accessories you’ll get

So what’s in the box of the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 750 blender? With the Vitamix 5300 and 750 model, you’ll get – a getting started guide, a low-profile tamper, a 64 oz container, and yes, the motor base. But the Vitamix 750 comes with a cookbook that contains many recipes and a DVD as well. When it comes to accessories, the Vitamix 750 is the best!


All the high-end blenders are pricey. We know that. As the Vitamix blenders are high-end blenders, they are also a little pricey. Compared to the Vitamix 750 model, the Vitamix 5300 is less expensive (the 5300 model does not have a 5-preset button). If you have no money issues, you can buy the Vitamix 750, but if you’re on a budget, then buy the Vitamix 5300 model.

Vitamix 750 vs 5300 – Similarities 

In the blending power, blades, container, and warranty – these two blenders are similar. So let’s know the similarities in detail…

Blending power

Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 750 have great blending power as both blenders come with a 2.2 hp motor. There is a cooling fan on the motor, so you do not need to worry about overheating the blender (as the cooling fan keeps the blender cool while in use).

These blenders can be used to make any food that you want, from a silky smoothie to nut butter, whatever you want. But the Vitamix 750 series blender is the best as it is the next-generation blender, and this makes the blender less noisy compared to the Vitamix 5300.

In the blending, power noise is the only difference between these two blenders. If you’re okay with the noise (a high-speed blender is noisy. We know this), then you can buy the Vitamix 5300, or if you want a blender that makes less noise, then the Vitamix 750 is there for you!


The blades are stainless steel made of these two Vitamix models, and these are 4-inch. They are very sharp and powerful, as well as durable. Like other standard blenders, you do not need to replace the blades very often.

In these two Vitamix blenders, you can – grind, churn, chop, cream, heat, and obviously blend anything and much more easily. When handling the blades, you should be very careful, or else you can cut your finger.


With the Vitamix 5300 and Vitamix 750, you’ll get a low-profile 64 ox container. The container is easy to fit in any kitchen. For making a large batch of soups or smoothies for the family, this 64 oz container is very convenient.

When you want to make anything, the container makes your measurement job easier as there is a measurement scale outside of the container. Also, the blender is dishwasher safe, so it is much convenient for you, doesn’t it?


Usually, the Vitamix blenders come with a 7-year full warranty. And they can last more than a decade, and you’ll get less likely to face any issue with the blender. That’s because the Vitamix blenders are made from the best materials. So both the Vitamix 5300 or the Vitamix 750 has a 7-year warranty. In the warranty, they both are the same.


For versatile use, the Vitamix blenders are the best. You can make hot soups or your favorite frozen dessert in a Vitamix blender. If you want to make nut butter, you can do this with a Vitamix blender, and it takes only a few minutes to make nut butter.

Just add roasted nuts to the container and then run the machine. If needed, use the tamper to push the nuts to the blade. You can see it. First, it will churn the nuts and then blend until you get your desired consistency. Both the Vitamix models can churn the ice, chop vegetables or fruits, grind the coffee, and blend your favorite smoothie.

The Vitamix 750 gives you more convenience to blend anything as it has preset function buttons. Wanna make puree? Just pour the ingredients and then press the puree button. This will make puree for you, and you don’t need to stay with the blender because it will shut off the machine once it makes the puree.

The Verdict 

Which one did you choose to buy? If you want to know my suggestion, then the Vitamix 750 could be the smarter choice for you. The Vitamix 750 has 5-preset buttons that make the blender very easy to use.

On the other hand, the Vitamix 5300 model does not have this function, yet you can choose this, but you’ll not get the preset functions. Before buying a blender, you should consider the price, blender functions, etc. This will make you buy easier. I hope, after reading this whole guide, already you made your decision about which one to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamix 5300 vs 750

Which one is pricey between the Vitamix 5300 and 750 models?

The Vitamix 750 is pricey than the Vitamix 5300 model. That’s because the Vitamix 750 has the 5-preset buttons on the blander, and it is the next-generation blender that makes less noise.

What are the 5-preset function buttons on the Vitamix 750?

The 5-preset buttons on the Vitamix blender are – smoothie, soup, puree, frozen dessert, and cleaning.

In the Vitamix 5300 blender, can I grind coffee?

Yes, you can grind coffee. In fact, you can grind nuts, seeds, or any toughest ingredients with this blender.

Is the Vitamix 5300 and 750 container BPA-free?

Yes. Both the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 750 models are BPA-free plastic made.

Do the low-profile container of the Vitamix 5300, and Vitamix 750 is good?

These are amazing! They can perfectly crush your ice within 2 seconds, and it looks like snow.

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