Vitamix 750 Review – Check Why Vitamix 750 is Best!

Vitamix-750-reviewVitamix 750 is a professional series blender, but it is an effective choice for household use. The machine has a 2.2-peak hp motor, including some incredible features. I’ve explained the main features and benefits of this awesome blender here.

Features and Benefits of Vitamix 750!

  • You will get an automatic blending feature since it has five pre-programmed settings that enable you the walk-away convenience; simultaneously, you will get a consistent result.
  • It has a 10-variable speed, so you are fully in control of what you are making.
  • The 64-oz container lets you prepare large batches of meals for the whole family; also, it will fit under most of the countertop.
  • The container can clean itself within a minute with a drop of dish soap and water.
  • It provides a 7-year full warranty, so you can be worry-free; moreover, Vitamix 750 is made with high-end material, so you don’t need a blender for years.

So these were the main features and benefits of the Vitamix 750 made it an amazing blender. Now that you know those features made Vitamix 750 the best here.


  • 2.2-peak hp motor.
  • Five program settings.
  • Low-profile 64-oz container.
  • Aircraft-grade blade.
  • Variable speed & Pulse.
  • Versatile Blending.
  • 7-years full warranty


  • Slightly noisy when in use.

Comparison Among Vitamix 750 vs Vitamix a2300 vs Vitamix s50.

Vitamix 750 Vitamix a2300 Vitamix s50
8.5 x 17.25 x 8.5 inches 11 x 8 x 17 inches 8.34 x 5.9 x 14.55 inches
2.2-peak motor 2.2-peak motor 1 hp
13 pounds 11 pounds 12.6 lbs
Five Pre-Program Settings No Two Pre-Program Settings
Ten Variable Speed Ten Variable Speed Ten Variable Speed
Pulse Button Pulse Button Pulse Button
No Wireless Connectivity Wireless Connectivity No Wireless Connectivity
No Digital Timer Digital Timer No Digital Timer
Professional 64-OZ Container 64-OZ Container 40-OZ Container
Low-profile tamper Low-profile tamper Low-profile tamper
Self-cleaning Self-cleaning Self-cleaning
7 years full warranty 7 years full warranty 5 years full warranty

Users Opinion About the Vitamix 750 

  • When my old blender broke, I decided to up my game and get the Vitamix 750 after a lot of research. The Vitamix blows me away, and it has so much power that it grinds ice cubes. Also, I love the automated modes that really work great. Worth the price, and it really does everything to my expectations. If you are seeking a Vitamix blender, this could be your best choice.
  • Vitamix 750 is very efficient, and now I can have smoothies 2-3 times a day, which is helping me lose weight. The price is worth it for the self-cleaning and powerful motor base. If you are looking for an easy-to-use convenient Vitamix product, then I strongly suggest the Vitamix 750 for you.
  • This is a wonderful and effective kitchen appliance for me. I can assure you the Vitamix 750 is the top choice rather than any blender on the market. It’s helping me learn new recipes, and I love to see this sit on my countertop. It has its own cleaning cycle; all you need is to add soapy water and sit back to watch the machine self-cleaning. I love this machine more than other blenders and highly suggest it.
  • It is a workhorse for me, and I wanted to have a Vitamix for me; finally, I got this one. I use it very often; it’s so nice and can blend anything you want to make. The slight downside of this blender is its noise level, but it’s okay since every machine makes noise when in use. And I adjust with it, and you can also consider the 750 for your kitchen.

Features and Benefits of Vitamix 750  


Vitamix 750 looks smart and comes in a sleek black and pearl gray color. You can choose the color you love; however, this will fit any countertop. It is built with pre-program settings, also provides the variable speed and pulse switch on the control panel. You will get a 64-oz container, which is professional. The dimension and weight of the 750 is 8.5 x 17.25 x 8.5 inch and 13 pounds respectively. It has a 6ft long cord, and the electrical rating is 120 V.

Five Program Settings 

The blender has five program settings that offer the user walk-away convenience; at the same time, it ensures you get consistent results for your favorite blends. To get the walk-away comfort, all you just need is to press the desired button; once the recipe is done, Vitamix 750 will stop working. And the five program settings are hot soups, cleaning, smoothies, frozen desserts, and puree recipe. The program settings are blessings since it allows the user to concentrate on other households.

Blending Power 

Vitamix 750 has a 2.2-peak horsepower motor, which is powerful to blend any toughest items in seconds. The motor base has a built-in cooling fan that allows you to run the blender as long as you want. And the motor base will be cool while other traditional blenders cannot run for a long time, or else it will harm the motor base. The toughest blending power will grind and blend any item into a smooth recipe you want.

Speed Settings 

It has a 10-variable speed, including a pulse switch; you can change the speed volume when the machine is in use. You will get the perfect consistency of the recipe you are preparing, plus if you want a quick recipe, press the pulse button. The pulse button is very helpful since it lets you grind, blend any toughest items in seconds.


Compared to other blenders, Vitamix uses a hardened stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to blend vegetables or meat or coffee beans in no time. The blade creates friction heat and makes any cold ingredients hot. So, you can prepare hot soup without a stove in the Vitamix 750. The blade is also made with high-end material that is rust and bend resistant, and you do not need to replace the blade.

Professional Grade Container 

It comes with a 64-oz low-profile container; it will fit on any countertop. The container allows you to prepare meals for the whole family; moreover, it lets you prepare small batches as well. It’s just not a container, and it is a food processor. The container is perfect for grinding beans, seeds, or nuts, also allows you to chop vegetables and prepare any type of food you want.


The container has a self-cleaning function, and you do not need to clean it manually. When your blending is done, pour some water with a drop of dish soap and run it at the highest speed. The Vitamix takes a few seconds to clean properly.


Vitamix 750 comes up with a low-profile tamper, a low-profile container, a motor base, and a cookbook. The cookbook includes a lot of recipes that you can make in the blender. It will provide you with a user manual; before you start using the blender, read the manual properly.

Built to Last 

You will get a 7-year full warranty with this like the previous Vitamix blenders. The warranty will cover the labor, any manufacturer defects in the device. Vitamix 750 is built with the best quality material, and you can use it for many years to come.


Vitamix 750 is a professional blender that is perfectly fit for any home. It is built with convenient features to make your blending experience more straightforward than ever. The blender has five program settings, including other Vitamix control features. Since the machine is very straightforward to use and can give you the best result every time, you can consider the 750 for your countertop.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vitamix 750  

Does Vitamix 750 come with a tamper?

Yes, the 750 comes with a low-profile tamper that can be used while the blender is in use.

What are the preset buttons of this blender?

It comes with five different presets puree recipes, soup, smoothie, frozen dessert, and self-cleaning.

Will I get a full warranty?

Yes, if you purchase the machine from the authorized retailer, you will get the full 7-year warranty.

Can I use this outside the USA?

You can use it, and if your country does not have the 110v electrical voltage, you also need to purchase an adapter. Also, the warranty is not valid outside the USA.

Can I grind nuts in the 750?

Yes, the Vitamix blender is very powerful and allows you to grind nuts and prepare butter as well.

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