Vitamix 7500 review and comparison 2020

Vitamix7500 reviewIt randomly comes with some questions that which blender can be good kitchenware. On the other hand, different people suggest different blenders according to their experience. Interestingly none of them are wanted to know about the need of you guys. But trust me, you’re gonna get something different in this Vitamix 7500 review.

Overview at a glance

  • Size: 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches
  • Motor Power: 2.2 horsepower
  • Watts: 1440
  • Container: low-profile 64-oz
  • Speed settings: 10-variable speed
  • Jar Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Blade: Hardened stainless steel
  • Color: Three colors available
  • Warranty: 7-years full coverage.
  • Editors Review: 4.7 out of 5

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Vitamix 7500 Reviews – know every single thing

  • Breaks down leaves and seeds and leaves no pluck when making smoothies.
  •  No issue about smoothies, shakes, hot soup and frozen drinks in my Vitamix 7500.
  • Not loud at all in comparison to the smaller blenders and Easy understanding instructions and the great recipe book.
  • No smoke observed during using where others suffer a lot
  • Its blades are made from stainless steel that’s why it’s capable to blend hard food ingredients.
  • variable speed control system it permits users to take control of the blending process for best and desired outcomes
  • Capable for both or hot and cold blending.


  • Some parts of the blender are made from plastic but its BPA free.
  • A little bit expensive but it gonna Worth every penny.

Vitamix 7500 review

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What Users Say about Vitamix 7500 blender

Vitamix 7500 blender is very popular among users for some pretty good reasons. The great blending power, self-cleaning properties, cookbook accessories, the durability of the machine, etc. makes it famous to its users. You will get some of the impressive features that other standard blenders do not provide. The following are some of the user’s opinions about this blender.

  • When I was using this blender I saw that it can chew anything in a matter of seconds. This machine has a 2.2-peak horsepower motor and you can add any hardest items to the machine and the machine will give you a great blending recipe. Another awesome thing about this machine is, you can add the whole vegetables or fruits to it. 
  • I use Vitamix 7500 to make my daily morning smoothie and every time I get a chunk-free and full nutritious smoothie. It takes only 35 to 40 seconds only!
  • Under any kitchen cabinet, this Vitamix model will easily be adjusted. It has a low-profile container, and low-profile containers are not too tall. They are wide enough. Also, the users of Vitamix have been using this blender for many years. 
  • Vitamix 7500 is a little pricey than other blenders on the market, but you can consider the price. Remember, you are paying for the quality of the machine also, you will get the best features and benefits. So the price is not a big deal.

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A short summary of what you gonna get in this review :

Bestowed Features of Vitamix 7500 and Its Amazing Benefits

Powerful motor

Every morning when you go to make your first smoothie, which thing makes you annoyed? Of course, it is the noise of blender. But this Vitamix blender comes with 2.2HP motor which generates less noise and works faster. It also has the functionality to control the blender motor with different modes. With those features, you can easily process spice even at a low speed.

Desired blade

A blender can’t be premium without a perfect blade. As the propeller of the blender, there used a stainless steel blade. After counting the inner space and proper management they use 4” blade. And notably, it is a laser-cut sharp propeller. The specialty of the laser cut product is, it can sharpening and design with an accurate function. Even the smoothness of laser-cut will be thousand times perfect than human cut things. That’s why it has more work-ability and it can perform better even after future sharpening.

Long warranty

No matter how good your product is, it can be hampered by electricity or mechanical error anyway. That’s why a warranty is important for any electrical device. Vitamix 7500 is offering a 7-year warranty which will ensure your comfort for a long period.

Spacious Built quality

This Vitamix C series blender is indeed built from the plastic element. But you will get no chance to say that it does have any poorly built issues. From the first impression of the blender, it will make you pleased by its strong physical built. Even from the corner of the outlook, it can sink with your kitchen easily. The 5.90 kg machine have 44.45 x 19.56 x 23.88 cm dimension.

Developed Mechanical portion

Many sustainable circuit boards and electronic components are used here. To prevent unexpected short circuit, there Vitamix uses the latest resistance and fuse. Even nowadays people have a common question about whether the plastic made product is good for health or not. You will be happy to know that this blender is made with BPA free materials that ensure your health security.

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Why Vitamix 7500 blender is Best 

In the same price range, you’ll be able to find some other products on the market. Even a few companies offer a lucky coupon or other gift hamper to draw the customers’ attention. But, I’m discussing some special reasons below which will clear the confusion about why you should buy Vitamix 7500.

Every morning when you are in a hurry, the blender will save your time by making your smoothie in a while. Its 2.2HP powerful motor will also perform well to blend any type of juices, fruits, and other foods.

Another positive thing is, the user will never suffer from its blade. Because the blade is made with 4.4-inch stainless steel metal which is durable. At the same time, the blade is sharpening with laser, and for this reason, it does not lose its sharpness in a short time.

Its large connection wire will give you the freedom to install it anywhere. Moreover, all the sensitive parts, wire, and wire connections also protected by safety guards that will ensure your safety.

Must consider before you buy Vitamix 7500

This blender has 5.90 kg weight, which is pretty heavy. So it will be a little tough if you think to carry it with you.  The best way to use it is to fix a place for it and don’t move unless necessary.

There is no dedicated blade protection of the blender. That can be a reason of danger. But it also has a solution. Keep it in a safe and dry place.

According to the capacity of a blender, there are a lot of blenders in the market with less expense. I mean it is not cheaper like other products. But as Vitamix 7500 charges a little higher than other blenders, it will satisfy you with a super performance.

This model does not come with a tamper stick which is used to check the blending level. Most of the other models of Vitamix are comes with a tamper stick. But it’s not a big concern you can get a temper from here

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Comparison with other Vitamix models

Comparison is another good thing while buying a new product, that’s why here in Vitamix comparison I’m comparing 7500 with some other models of Vitamix. Thus, I’m describing every possible feature so that you can see what is the actual difference between Vitamix 7500 and other models to realize why 7500 is the best option for you.

Vitamix 7500 VS 5200

Specification Vitamix 7500 Vitamix 5200 
Dimension  44.45 x 19.56 x 23.88 cm 52.07 x 18.42 x 22.22 cm 
Weight 5.90 kg 5.95 kg 
Number of speed 10 10 
Height  17.5 inch 20.5 inch 
Ice crushing function Yes Yes 
Materials Plastic Plastic 
Warranty  7 years 7 years

As we said before Motor is the heart of a blender. The Vitamix 7500 has 12 amps motor where 5200 have 11.5 motors. But both of them have 2.2HP motor where Vitamix 7500 can perform better for more amps. In spite of having pretty the same containing capacity, 5200 is heavier than 7500.

If you look at the pricing section of either machine, the Vitamix 7500 worth $558 and 5200 is $450. Here Vitamix 5200 has only a white color variant in the market. But Vitamix 7500 has three different colors like the black, red and white versions in the market. All the possible preset are added in 7500.

Vitamix 7500 VS 5300

Specification Vitamix 7500 Vitamix 5300 
Dimension  44.45 x 19.56 x 23.88 cm 18.42 x 22.22 x 43.82 cm 
Weight 5.90 kg 5.44 kg 
Number of speed 10 10 
Height  17.5 inch 7.25 inch 
Ice crushing function Yes Yes 
Materials Plastic BPA passed plastic 
Warranty  7 years 7 years

Most of the time price has become the first matter of thought for everyone. If we look at the price of Vitamix 7500 is expensive then Vitamix 5300. Here the price shouldn’t be the priority as there are no variable preset in Vitamix 5300. On the contrary, everything is given in Vitamix 7500. Even it has more liquid capacity.

One more clear distinction can be figured out. Vitamix 7500 has various color variants where 5300 does have only red and black versions.

Vitamix 7500 VS 6300

Specification Vitamix 7500 Vitamix 6300 
Dimension  44.45 x 19.56 x 23.88 cm 43.18 x 33.02 x 33.02 cm 
Weight 5.90 kg 4.99 kg 
Number of speed 10 10 
Height  17.5 inch 17 inch 
Ice crushing function Yes Yes 
Materials Plastic Tritan 
Warranty  7 years 7 year  

Usually, the first difference between the two blenders is the price. The price of Vitamix 6300 is $600 which is much higher than the 7500’s price. On the other hand, 6300 is built with Tritan which is pretty much durable. But if we look at the performance and liquid capacity then you have to confess that, both of them have the same ability.

Vitamix 7500 is pretty heavier than Vitamix 6300. Again, Vitamix 6300 has 2 peaks HP motor which is powerful than 7500.

Vitamix 750 VS 7500 

Specification Vitamix 7500 Vitamix 750 
Dimension  44.45 x 19.56 x 23.88 cm 44.45 x 19.56 x 23.88 cm 
Weight 5.90 kg 5.90 kg 
Number of speed 10 10 
Height  17.5 inch 17.5 inch 
Ice crushing function Yes Yes 
Materials Plastic BPA passed plastic 
Warranty  7 years 7 year 

Three different colors of Vitamix 7500 are available where Vitamix 750 has only one regular color. Here one interesting thing is, black version of both blenders looks pretty similar. Both blenders have dissimilarities regarding price. The price of the Vitamix 7500 is higher than 750.

Preset mode, large container, and all the things are available on Vitamix 7500, where few of those are not installed in 750. There is no built-in timer in Vitamix 750, but 7500 contains that function.

Among all the things, one thing I discovered that 7500 can be the Best Blender for Protein Shakes and other use. In spite of having a budget issue if anyone can afford the 7500 Vitamix prices, then I must suggest taking this one. Because it will give you the best performance of many yearlong.

On the other hand, you may get various blenders from different brands in the market which will worth $500 or less. But none of those will give you performance and durability like 7500. After considering all the noticeable characteristics, you can get this one as your kitchenware.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamix 7500

You can make a better decision by reading some frequently asked questions with the answer. Even if you have any inquiries or confusion about Vitamix 7500 you will get a genuine answer here in this FAQ section.

“Is the Vitamix 7500 Quieter?”

Yes, it is comparatively quieter. 7500 blender makes 40% less sound than the older Vitamix models. In spite of having a powerful motor, it doesn’t produce much sound at high speeds while blending.

Is Vitamix 7500 is the best blender for smoothies?

Yes, but other Vitamix blenders are also good for smoothies like Vitamix 75o, Vitamix e320, Vitamix 6500

“Will the VitaMix pulverize all berry seeds such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries?”

Despite its gigantic power, a few seeds may remain present, but most get crushed up in the blending process. If you use 7500 with strawberries you might have a couple of seeds but not many.

“Does the 7500 crush ice well ?”

Yes, as it has wide container so the 7500 is excellent at crushing ice.

“Do Vitamix blades get dull?”

It depends on what are you using the blades for. If you use the blades to break the ice then they gradually get dull. In most cases, Vitamix blades work by pulverizing, not cutting that’s why blades don’t get dull frequently.

“Does it have any problems or issues with making a small single smoothie (~16oz) or does it need to make a larger smoothie batch?”

It is possible to make a single smoothie by Vitamix with no issues.

“How many watts is Vitamix 7500?”

Vitamix 7500 operates at 1440 watts or 120 volts and 12 amps. At the same time, it also comes with a 2.2 HP motor which allows quick blending.

“Does this not come with the manufacturer’s warranty?”

It actually depends on who you buy it from. As there are several sellers on Amazon that’s why you need to make sure if the seller is an authorized Vitamix retailer. Check directly with the Amazon seller before you buy it.

“Can the Vitamix be used for mixing, thereby replacing my kitchen-aid mixer?”

Probably you can use but you won’t get the proper result as each particular blender is the super best at doing their own thing. If you can only afford one, use the one that specializes in what you wanna do most.

“Is the container dishwasher safe?”

It’s usually not recommended. So, never put the container or the top in the dishwasher, it will warp. It takes 2 minutes and very simple to rinse it out.

“Can this model grind bone for making a raw pet food?”

It is better not to use grinding bone.

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Final Verdict

Now you are well-informed about this super versatile blender. After reading the reviews and comparison it would not be much tough to decide what to do. Undoubtedly, it will be a great purchase with no regrets if you decide to pick this blender. The reputation of Vitamix quality is known to every blender enthusiast. Even, you can compare Vitamix models with other blenders if you have any confusion about its capability. Hence, if you want to hear something from me then I would just say that buying Vitamix 7500 is a wise investment in one’s health and lifestyle.

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