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Vitamix 780 reviewVitamix 780 is a great blender. It comes with a touch screen control panel that is made of glass, which made this blender more attractive. Compared to other Vitamix blenders, 780 is 40% less noisy. It has some more features and benefits, which made it one of the best Vitamix to choose. Below I have shared those features and benefits.

Features and Benefits of  Vitamix 780?

  • The blender includes five program settings that make it very simple to use: the program offers consistent results for hot soups, puree, frozen desserts, and smoothies as well.
  • The built-in touch screen control panel is scratch and crack-resistant, so you don’t need to worry.  Moreover, the blender will be activated only with a touch.
  • Its 10-variable speeds let you change the speed at any point when the blender is in use so that you prepare the recipe perfectly you want.
  • It has a 64-ounce low-profile container. You can prepare large batch meals for the family.


  • 2.2-peak hp motor (next-gen motor)
  • Touch Interface with Five Program settings
  • 10 variable speed & Pulse
  • 7-years full warranty


  • The price is a bit high but worth paying for its build quality.

Compare Vitamix 780 Vs 750, Vitamix 780 Vs 7500 

Vitamix 780 Vitamix 750  Vitamix 7500
Dimension: 8.8 x 9 x 17.2 inches Dimension: 7.72 x 9.41 x 17.40 inches Dimensions: 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches
2.2-peak hp motor 2.2-peak hp motor 2.2-peak hp motor
12.5 pounds 12.46 pounds 13 pounds
Touch Interface No No
40% quieter Noisy than Vitamix 780 Noisy than Vitamix 780
64-oz low-profile 64-oz low-profile 64-oz low-profile
Five program settings Five program settings No
10-variable speed 10-variable speed 10-variable speed
Cookbook Cookbook Cookbook
Tamper Tamper Tamper
7 years 7 years 7 years
Check 780 price Check 750 price Check 7500 price

Users Opinion About Vitamix 780 Blender 

Let’s discuss what real users are saying about this blender –

  • Vitamix 780 is becoming my family member day by day. The key to eating clean and living well is Vitamix 780 for me. This blender can make ice cream, hot soups, nut butter, and a lot more. My investment is worth this Vitamix. I like it so much that I bought 2 of the Vitamix 780!
  • This blender has an outstanding price – it is so easy to easy and clean. I love the soup feature of Vitamix 780 since I’m a soup lover. It is absolutely the best blender, and I love the touch screen – it is a very user-friendly blender. I recommend others to purchase this Vitamix.
  • I love the program settings of this powerful blender. My favorite smoothie is extremely well blended, and the self-cleaning setting is my other favorite thing. This is a nice quiet blender – highly recommending others who are seeking a high-end blender.
  • It has unbelievable power that transforms food completely. Vitamix 780 has elevated my cooking stress. But the tamper is disappointing. It looks like my toddler’s plastic bat. Otherwise, Vitamix 780 is a well-built blender that’s built to last.

Features and Benefits of Vitamix 780 Blender 

Touchscreen Control Panel 

Vitamix 780 is equipped with the touch screen feature, and this gives the blender a sleek design. This is the first blender in the Vitamix family that comes with this feature. The touchscreen is made of LCD, which is glass made, plus this is crack and scratch-resistant.

The blender only activates when you touch the start menu, and then you can use the blender according to your need.

Next-gen Motor 

This is a G-series blender in the Vitamix family that contains the next-gen motor, which has 2.2-peak hp. Usually, next-gen motor base blenders are less noisy than other blenders – if you seek a blender like this, this could be your choice.

However, the blender has a hardened stainless steel blade that is a laser-cut design and very sharp. The 2.2 peak motor power and stainless steel blade together can blend any toughest items, slice or chop vegetables, and much more.


Vitamix 780 is easy to fit under most of the countertop, which takes less space. Yet you should consider the size of the blender if it would fit your countertop or not.

Also, consider the weight of the blender as this is important if you need to carry the blender from one place to another in the house.

Automated Program Settings 

Vitamix 780 provides a simple blending system – it has five program settings, including 10-variable speed and a pulse feature. The 780 Vitamix model is popular for its program settings since it lets users use the best convenience.

You can choose any program from the hot soup, smoothies, puree, frozen desserts, or self-cleaning that you need. Add your desired items into the container, then set the preset and run the blender.

The blender will automatically stop working once this is done the blending for you. Vitamix 780 also has a pulse feature so that you can chop, grind, or do another blending you need. The pulse feature is especially helpful when it comes to preparing salsa or thick veggie soup.

64-oz Container 

The container is BPA-free plastic plus the blender lets the user blend versatile items for the whole family. It is low-profile and wide enough to make a large batch of meals within a matter of time. You can easily store the blender under your kitchen cabinet, so don’t worry about the storage.

Multi-functional Blender 

Vitamix provides versatile blending properties – you can prepare nut butter, hot soup, pizza dough to anything. When needed, the Vitamix 780 can also be used to prepare food, which means the blender also works as a food processor.

You can chop fruits or vegetables, grind or crush spices or other toughest items, and many more things.

Noise level

It contains the next-gen motor that is quieter than other Vitamix. For people who are looking for a less noisy blender for them, the Vitamix 780 would be an ideal option to choose from.

Self-cleaning Properties

If you think cleaning is not your thing to do, Vitamix 780 is worth investing in. This blender has a self-cleaning preset – add a little warm water and dishwasher into the container, next press the self-cleaning button.

The blender will clean itself within a few seconds – very simple and convenient, isn’t it?


Vitamix 780 has some accessories that include in the blender box. Some people seek the goodies with the blender, so consider the accessories as well. The set of Vitamix 780 includes –

  • 2.2-peak motor base
  • 64-oz container
  • Low-profile tamper
  • User manual, and
  • Cookbook

7-years of Warranty 

Vitamix 780 comes with 7 years full warranty – this covers everything from the shipping charge to the blender parts. Besides, the blender is made from durable material, so the user can use this blender for many years to come. And the price is affordable for this Vitamix, and you should give a thought of purchasing the Vitamix 780.


Vitamix 780 is rich in the best feature that is an upgraded blender. This is quieter while use plus provides a touch screen with five program settings, and the settings give the walk-away convenience of use.

If you want to invest in the best Vitamix blender, the Vitamix 780 blender is worth a try. Vitamix 780 comes with the latest feature that will also make your kitchen modern.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix 780

What is the Voltage for Vitamix 780 blender?

Vitamix 780 is made of the USA and Canadian standard, so the voltage is 110V – if you live outside of these two-country, then you can purchase an adapter, and you can use this at 220v as well.

Does this unit provide a cookbook and tamper?

Yes, you don’t need to purchase a cookbook or tamper since this comes with these two things.

Is Vitamix 780 dishwasher safe?

Yes, Vitamix 780 is a top-shelf rack dishwasher safe, so you can keep this in your dishwasher.

How loud is this unit?

Vitamix 780 is 40% less noisy compared to other Vitamix blenders since this has a next-gen motor.

Does Vitamix 780 have a glass jar?

No, Vitamix 780 is a professional blender, while professional blenders don’t use a glass jar.

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