Vitamix 780 vs a3500 – Check why you should pick Vitamix A3500?

Vitamix 780 vs a3500Vitamix a3500 and 780 are two great blenders from this brand, but which one should you pick?

Well, Vitamix a3500 provides more convenience of use compared to Vitamix 780 model, and this one would be a better choice. Let’s see why A3500 is better than 780.

Why Vitamix a3500 is the Better Choice?

  • Vitamix a3500 has a customizable timer system that allows you to set time for different custom recipes, but 780 doesn’t have any feature like this.
  • The motor base of a3500 has self container detect technology, which can Auto adjusts blending times and speeds for the specific container used and stops when complete. Vitamix 780 doesn’t have this feature.
  • Both of them have 5 pre-program settings, but you can control the a3500 from the perfect blending app, and you will get 17 more pre-program on the app, but you can’t control the 780 from the app.
  • Vitamix a3500 is 40% quieter than Vitamix 780 since this blender has the next-gen motor.
  • Vitamix a3500 blender built to last, also this ascent blender comes with 10 years of the warranty, but 780 has a 7-year warranty.

These features made the Vitamix a3500 the best blender compared to Vitamix 780 model. I hope this comparison will help you to make the right decision.


Specifications of Vitamix 780 and a3500 

Specifications Vitamix 780  Vitamix a3500 
Editor’s Rating 4.6 4.9
Dimension 8.8 x 9 x 17.2 inches 11 x 8 x 17 inches
Motor 2.2-peak HP 2.2-peak HP
Watts 1380 watts 1400 watts
Weight 12.5 pounds 14.92 pounds
Programmable Timer No Yes
Program Settings 5-program settings 5-program settings
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Pulse feature Yes Yes
Variable Speed Yes Yes
Vitamix App No Yes
Wireless Connectivity No Yes
Container 64 ounce low-profile 64 ounce low-profile
Self-cleaning Yes Yes
DVD and Cookbook Only Cookbook Yes
Warranty 7-years 10-years

Differences and Similarities Between Vitamix 780 and a3500 

Both of the Vitamix have elegant, modern aesthetic and beautiful touch screen design. The touchscreen control interface gives these two blenders the best convenience of use.

If you are still not sure which Vitamix should be on your countertop, then read the details of the features and the benefits of these two blenders. Hopefully, after reading the whole guide, you will be able to choose the best one for your countertop.

The differences 

Motor Power 

Vitamix 780 and a3500 have 2.2-peak HP motor power, but they have different wattages. Vitamix 780 generates 1380 watts, while Vitamix a3500 generates 1400 watts of power. So the a3500 model is a little powerful in terms of motor power.

However, the 2.2-peak hp is a very impressive power to provides the user best blending output. For the impressive motor power, Vitamix blenders are famous to the people.

This two blender contains cooling fan on the motor base so that the motor doesn’t get hot. Also, the motor has a thermal protection system and if the motor gets hot, the blender will shut off automatically.

Wireless Connectivity 

The benefit of wireless connectivity is that you don’t need to manually set the blender’s speed settings. The blender will do this for you right after you attach the container to the motor base. This will automatically set the highest speed plus the timer for the container you attach.

Vitamix a3500 has the wireless connectivity feature, plus this has the Vitamix app. SO you can control your ascent Vitamix from your phone. But in Vitamix 780 blender, you’ve to manually set the speed settings, and there’s no app for the 780 models.

Self-detect Technology

Vitamix ascent series self-detect technology makes this blender an impressive one than the 780 models. When the user places the container on the motor base, this technology will recognize the container type, and this will adjust the blending for the different containers you attach.

The self-detect feature is safe since this will not turn on the blender until the user doesn’t lock the lid properly.

Vitamix 780 does not provide the self-detect feature. To get the best convenience of use, you can choose the Vitamix a3500.


Vitamix 780 has 12.5 pounds, and Vitamix a3500 has 14.92 pounds. Since Vitamix a3500 is a little heavier than Vitamix 780 so this is a little tough to move the blender. Vitamix 780 is easy to take from one place to another than Vitamix a3500, which is great for the people who need to move the blender from one place to another.

Digital Timer 

Vitamix 780 doesn’t have the digital timer cool feature, but Vitamix a3500 has. With the digital timer, you can see how long your recipe is blending. If the 780 also has this feature, this would be easier. I thought the Vitamix 780 is the first touchscreen blender in the Vitamix, but the timer feature is missing in this blender.

Noise Level 

Ascent Vitamix has the next-gen motor, while Vitamix 780 has a standard motor. The next-gen motors are 40% less noisy than the standard motor, which is great for people looking for a less noisy blender.

Vitamix is a high-end blender, so it will be noisy. This is normal, yet if noise is an issue for you or any hearing issue, choose the Vitamix a3500 model.

But if you are okay with the noise level, then Vitamix 780 would be your choice.


When it comes to purchasing a blender, people are looking for the best warranty. If you are also looking for a blender with a quality warranty, then go for the Vitamix a3500 instead of 780 models.

Vitamix a3500 has a 10-years of warranty, while Vitamix 780 has a 7-year of warranty. Though they have different warranties, yet the users can use these two Vitamix for more than a decade.


Vitamix a3500 has advanced features and provides the best functions rather than Vitamix 780. And for the advanced features, the a3500 model is a little pricey than the Vitamix 780.

The price is worth paying for the Vitamix a3500 – if you can afford then purchase the a3500 Vitamix model. If you are under a tight budget, then check the Vitamix 780 for your countertop.

The Similarities 

Variable Speed and Pulse

Like other Vitamix models, these two Vitamix also has 10-variable speed and pulse feature on the motor base. You can set the speed while the blender in use, and this is safe. When making a recipe, first set the variable 1, and then slowly, you can increase the speed level to 10.

And when you want to blend or grind the hardest items, just press the pulse button. The pulse button is a great addition to the Vitamix blenders as this helps you get the fast blending.

Program Settings 

Pre-program settings of the Vitamix provide the user walk-away convenience. Fortunately, these two Vitamix models have five program settings on the motor base.

To use the program, add the ingredients, then press your desired button and start the machine and forget the blender. Once the blender will do blending, this will stop the blender automatically.


Vitamix 780 and a3500 come with a low-profile 64-oz container, which is wide enough to prepare sufficient smoothies or juice for the family. The container is BPA-free plus the container is easy to fit under most of the kitchen cabinet.


Vitamix blenders mean versatile blenders, and Vitamix 780 and a3500 both can also be used as a versatile blender. Use the blender to prepare anything you desired to eat, from hot soup to smoothies to nut butter.

Vitamix blenders can also be used as a food processor – this two blender is capable of chopping, grinding, and crushing. Add the ingredients into the container and run the blender – you will get your item done within seconds.

Ease of clean 

Vitamix 780 and a3500 have the self-cleaning properties that make the cleaning is a breeze. Once you finish using the blender, fill up the blender with warm water and dish soap, then run the blender for a few seconds – the cleaning is done, then rinse the blender with water.


From the above discussion, it is clear that Vitamix a3500 is more convenient than Vitamix 780. Vitamix a3500 comes with advanced technology that eliminates your stress from kitchen work.

I’d recommend you purchase the Vitamix a3500 and make this your best friend for the kitchen. But if you have any budget issues, then go ahead with the Vitamix 780, and this would be your friend in need.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix 780 and a3500.

What is the Voltage for this two Vitamix?

Vitamix 780 and a3500 blenders are made of the USA and Canadian electrical standards, so they run at 120V.

Do these two Units come with a tamper and cookbook?

Yes, these two Vitamix provide a tamper and cookbook with the blender.

Are they dishwasher safe?

Yes, Vitamix 780 and a3500 – both are dishwasher safe blender in the Vitamix series that is great for the people think cleaning is a hassle.

Is the container low-profile?

Yes, the 64-oz container is low-profile, and the material for the container is BPA-free.

Can I prepare nut butter in the Vitamix 780?

Vitamix 780 is a high-end blender that lets you blend anything you want. So you can prepare your nut butter as well in this Vitamix model within a few minutes.

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