Vitamix a2300 vs 7500 – Check Why You Should Grab A2300!

Vitamix a2300 vs 7500Vitamix a2300 contains smart functions that make it better than the next generation blender Vitamix 7500. All those improved features prove that a2300 would be the best pick.

What Features Made Vitamix a2300 Better? 

  • Vitamix a2300’s motor base is smarter than Vitamix 7500. Thus, it can read the container size that is attached to the motor base and build the customized blending for you. On the other hand, Vitamix 7500 does not have this handy feature.
  • You will get the digital timer on the Vitamix a2300 blender, which removes the guesswork for the recipe you are preparing. Also, it provides the texture you want as you can check the time, but you cannot set the time on Vitamix 7500. The machine is also compatible with the Vitamix perfect app so that you can control the machine right from your smartphone.
  • Warranty is a big thing to consider when it comes to purchasing a blender, and Vitamix’s a2300 warranty makes it stand out from Vitamix 7500. It has a 10-year of warranty while the 7500 has a 7-years.

Here smart motor base, the digital timer, huge warranty period make Vitamix a2300 better than the classic Vitamix. Hope you realized why we recommend this blender.


Quick Comparison: Vitamix a2300 vs 7500

Specifications Vitamix a2300  Vitamix 7500 
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.2 out of 5
Dimension 11 x 8 x 17 inches 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches
Blender Platform Ascent Classic
Motor Power 2.2-peak HP 2.2-peak HP
Wireless Connectivity Yes No
Container Low-profile 64-oz Low-profile 64-oz
Tamper Yes Yes
Digital Timer Yes No
Variable Speed 10-variable speed 10-variable speed
Weight 11lbs 13 lbs
Self-cleaning Yes Yes
Vitamix App Yes No
Cookbook Yes Yes
Warranty 10-years full 7-years full

Differences and Similarities Between Vitamix a2300 and 7500 

Self-detect Feature 

Vitamix a2300 has a self-detect function that makes it easier for you to use the blender since the motor base can read the container size to adjust the speed volume plus the time.

Moreover, it can stop the blender when your recipe is done. Vitamix 7500 does not have this function. Instead, you need to adjust the speed level here for your recipe.

Powerful Blending 

They have a 2.2-peak hp motor that is heat-resistant. The motor contains a cooling fan, including a thermal protection system to keep the machine cool. And you can use them for more than 7 minutes without heating the motor base.

Both Vitamix contains laser-cut stainless steel blades that serve the same quality results from the first blending to last. The blades are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, so you do not need to replace the blades.

Digital Timer 

Vitamix a2300 is a built-in digital timer function, while the Vitamix 7500 is not. When you prepare any recipe, the a2300 display shows the time so that you achieve the perfect texture.

Usually, it reduces your guesswork and finely offers you to blend your recipes.

Vitamix App 

The smart Vitamix allows you to unlock your machine from your Android or iOS. Vitamix 7500 is not compatible with the app. You’ve to choose the a2300 to get the App function.

However, the app contains 17 programs with more than 500 recipes. Also, the app allows you to add your custom recipes. The next time blender will remember the recipe and adjust the setting by itself.


They come with a low-profile 64-oz container that comfortably fits under most of the countertop. It is made from BPA-free material that makes it toxic-free.

Both containers can prepare smoothies or other beverages for the whole family. It can be used as a food processor jar as well whenever you need it.

And cleaning is very simple, but it is not recommended to put the container into the dishwasher. Just add a few drops of the dish soap into the warm water at the machine’s highest speed. Run the machine for a few seconds and watch it self-cleaning.

Variable Speed 

Vitamix a2300 and 7500 have a 10-variable speed on the knob, including a pulse button. The speed level offers you to get the precise blending. Also, it can be rotated from low-high during the machine in use.

On the other hand, the pulse button can create powerful bursts to blend or grind any ingredients within a matter of time.


In terms of goodies, Vitamix a2300 and 7500 are very similar. They both come with a user manual (must read before using the machine), a motor base, a container, a tamper, and a cookbook.

You can follow the cookbook recipe to prepare in the blender, and the tamper is made from BPA-free plastic. And it is safe to use during the machine in use.


Vitamix a2300 serves a 10-year full warranty. On the other hand, Vitamix 7500 is 7-years. Vitamix Ascent warranty makes it different from the Vitamix 7500, and it would be a great blender to choose from

Though the warranty makes them different, both machines will last more than the warranty cycle. Just always make sure you take proper care of them, and they will be with you with zero issues.


Vitamix a2300 is undoubtedly the best compared to the Vitamix 7500. This machine is built to last plus has some outstanding functions.

Vitamix 7500 is a classic series blender, so it does not contain these smart features. You can select the Vitamix 7500 but remember the lacking of its functions.

I highly recommend you go with the Vitamix a2300 as investing in a blender should be worth your every penny. And Vitamix a2300 well worth your investment. Moreover, the machine will make your blending experience better.

Frequently Asked Questions About a2300 and 7500 

Does Vitamix a2300 provide program settings?

No, the a2300 Ascent model doesn’t contain program settings. It just provides the 10-speed volume.

Can I set a timer on Vitamix a2300?

No, the digital timer only shows the time left for your recipe, and you cannot change it.

Can I prepare nut butter on Vitamix 7500?

Yes, you can prepare nut butter – add some roasted nuts to the blender, then run the machine for a few minutes. Or until your butter comes to the texture you want.

Is Vitamix a2300’s container dishwasher safe?

No, Vitamix containers are not dishwasher safe. They have self-cleaning properties. Never put your Vitamix a2300 container into the dishwasher.

Will I get a tamper with Vitamix?

Yes, both Vitamix a2300 and 7500 come with a low-profile tamper – the tamper is made from BPA-free plastic.

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