Vitamix a3500 vs 750 – Check to know which one to pick!

Vitamix a3500 vs 750Vitamix a3500 is ascent series smart blender, and Vitamix 750 is a professional series blender. Between these two blenders, Vitamix a3500 would be the best because of its advanced facilities.

Why Vitamix A3500 is Best?

  • Vitamix a3500 motor base can detect the container size. It will automatically set program settings and maximum blending times accordingly to the container size. But Vitamix 750 doesn’t have any features like this.
  • You can control Vitamix a3500 from Vitamix perfect blending app, and you will get more than 17 pre-program settings and 500+ recipes on the app. In contrast, you can’t control 750 from the app.
  • A3500 has a Programmable Timer system that helps to Set the timer to the length of your blend for different custom recipes, and it will turn the machine off automatically, but the programmable timer isn’t available on Vitamix 750.
  • Vitamix a3500 comes with a 10-year warranty, but the Vitamix 750 has only a 7-year warranty.
  • One last thing, Though the Vitamix a3500 has these upgraded features, yet it is less expensive than Vitamix 750.

These are the main differences that made Vitamix a3500 the best blender. Even, you are getting an upgraded machine with extra features at a low cost.


Similar Features

  • Vitamix a3500 and 750 blenders have 5 presets that provide walk-away convenience and consistent results every time.
  • They have Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature. So, you can manually blend the texture of any recipe.
  • These blenders come with a low-profile 64 oz. container which easily fits under most of the countertop.

You are gonna enjoy these similar functions with Vitamix 750 and a3500. But if you want the best performance with improved features then you have to pick Vitamix 13500.

Comparison Chart: Vitamix a3500 vs 750

SpecificationsVitamix a3500Vitamix 750
Dimension11 x 8 x 17 inches7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 inches
Weight14.92 lbs12.46 lbs
Touch screenYesNo
Digital TimerYesNo
ColorBlack, White, Red, Copper Metal Finish, Black Stainless Metal Finish, and Brushed Stainless Metal FinishBlack and Pearl Gray
Bluetooth enabledYesNo
iOS/Android appsYesNo
Self-detect containerYesNo
Warranty10 years7 years
PriceLess expensive than Vitamix 750Expensive than Vitamix a3500
Variable speed settingsYesYes
5-preset buttonsYesYes
Motor2.2-peak HP2.2-peak HP

Differences and Similarities – Vitamix pro 750 vs a3500

Touch Screen and Digital Timer

The ascent series of the Vitamix a3500 provides a touch screen on its blender. And like older Vitamix series blenders, you do not need to press the button. To make a recipe, just touch the screen, and it will make the recipe.

Also, it has a digital timer setting on the blender base. You can set the timer while making a recipe. The timer provides you to get the perfect texture of the recipe.

On the other hand, the Vitamix 750 doesn’t have a touch screen or digital timer function. It provides 10-variable speed settings like other standard Vitamix. There is a pulse button on both of the Vitamix a3500 and 750 blenders. The pulse function helps to make a recipe quickly.

Between these two Vitamix models, the touch screen and the digital timer is the main difference.

Bluetooth and Android/iOS apps 

Bluetooth enabled, and apps take Vitamix a3500 next level. You can now control the blender right from your smartphone. Also, you can keep track of the nutrition of the food you make. With the android/iOS app, you can unlock the blender easily.

Bluetooth and the smartphone app make the difference between these two blenders, as the Vitamix 750 doesn’t have this feature.


You’ll not buy a blender very often, so a blender’s warranty is a significant thing to consider. A blender should be durable enough so that it can be used for many years to come. You’ll get a 10-year warranty with the Vitamix a3500, and the Vitamix 750 has a 7-year of warranty.

These two blenders can last for more than a decade with proper care and maintenance. If you’re looking for a very durable Vitamix blender, then choose the Vitamix a3500.

Self-detect container

Vitamix a3500 has a self-detect function, and when you attach a container to the blender, it will detect the container, and according to the container size, it will set the timer as the blender is smart. And it also maximizes the blending timer. While the Vitamix 750 doesn’t have the self-detect container.

Preset buttons

Both of them have 5-preset buttons that make your recipe easy to make. Vitamix a3500 preset buttons are – smoothie, dips & spreads, hot soups, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. And the Vitamix 750 preset buttons are – smoothie, soup, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning.

If you want to make soup on the Vitamix a3500, add the ingredients to the container and then just touch the soup preset buttons on the touch screen and set it. This will make the soup according to your timer, and once the soup making is done, the machine will automatically turn off.

So when it comes to making soup, the Vitamix a3500 is the best rather than the Vitamix 750.


You have many color options to choose from on the Vitamix a3500 blender. It has black, white, red, copper metal, black stainless steel metal, and brushed stainless metal – 5 color options. Vitamix 750 has only two colors – black and pearl gray.

Keep in mind one thing – depending on the blender color, the price varies.

Powerful motor

Vitamix a3500 and Vitamix 750, both blenders, provide a 2.2-peak hp motor, which is 1380 watts and runs at 120V. The motor base provides the blender runs at a high speed without any issue. Also, they both are less noisy during the blender is in use.


With these two Vitamix models, you’ll have some handy accessories in the box. Vitamix a3500 has – a cookbook that contains many recipes you can try, a low-profile classic tamper, a 64-oz container, and a motor base.

In the box of Vitamix 750, it has – a getting started guide, a recipe book, a low-profile tamper, a low-profile 64-oz container, and a motor base.


Blending, grinding, chopping – you can do anything with the Vitamix. And for the versatile purpose usually, Vitamix blenders are favorite to the people. With Vitamix a3500, you can make more than 600 recipes. On the other hand, also with the Vitamix 750, you can make recipes easily.

Nut butter, sauces, frozen desserts, smoothies, soups, baby food, dough, batter, and many more recipes you can make with these two Vitamix models.


This is another thing you need to consider before buying a blender. However, compared to the Vitamix professional series blender, the ascent series blender is less expensive. In the blending power, both of these two blenders work great.


Vitamix a3500 and Vitamix 750 – these two are wonderful blenders in the Vitamix series. Vitamix ascent series blenders are very upgraded blenders. Also, the professional series blenders are good enough. If you want a smart blender, choose the Vitamix a3500, and if you like the professional series, then Vitamix 750 is the best.

FAQ about Vitamix Professional Series 750 vs a3500

Q. What is the difference between the Vitamix a3500 and 750?

The touch screen of the Vitamix a3500 makes the main difference between these two Vitamix models. The digital timer, self-detect container, and the Vitamix app of the a3500 series are other differences.

Q. What is the warranty of Vitamix a3500 and 750 blenders?

Vitamix a3500 series blender comes with a 10-year warranty, while the Vitamix 750 has a 7-year warranty. When it comes to warranty, Vitamix a3500 is the best choice.

Q. How to clean the Vitamix a3500?

It is a self-cleaning blender that can clean itself, and it has a self-cleaning button. You just need to add the dishwasher and fill the blender halfway, and then press the button. That’s it! Also, the cleaning process is the same for the Vitamix 750.

Q. Do they work at 220V?

No! Both Vitamix a3500 and Vitamix 750 are recommended to use at 120V.

Q. What can I make with the Vitamix 750 blender?
Virtually you can make anything you want with the Vitamix 750 blender, from a glass of smoothie to baby food anything you want.

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