Vitamix e310 Review – Check Why this Blender is so Popular!

Vitamix e310 ReviewVitamix e310 is an Explorian series blender that has some exclusive features like a 2.2hp motor, 48 oz container, 10 variable speeds, a cooling fan, and others, which make it one of the most popular blenders.

Features and Benefits of Vitamix e310!

  • Vitamix E310 has a Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system on the motor base to run it for a long time without heating.
  • The Explorian 310 has 10-variable speed settings that help you to make a perfect meal every time.
  • There is a pulse feature on this blender to churn any tough items or make food quickly.
  • Vitamix E310 comes with a 48-oz container, which is just perfect for making a small batch of foods for the family.

It is an affordable choice for people who are on a budget and looking for a high-end blender, and its  5-years full warranty ensures tension-free use.



  • 2 Hp motor with motor base
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • The self-cleaning provides hassle-free cleaning to its user.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • 10 Variable speed control
  • BPA-free plastic container.
  • 5-year long warranty.


  • Vitamix e310 comes with a high-powered motor so it makes a noise like other standard blenders

Comparison Between Vitamix E310 & Other Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix e310

Vitamix e320

Vitamix 5200
2 hp motor 2.2 hp motor Motor 2hp
1380 watts 1464 watts 1380 watts
48-oz container 64-oz container 64 oz Container
Explorian Series blender Explorian Series blender C series blender
11.5 lbs 13 lbs 13 lb Weight
Less expensive than Vitamix e320 It expensive than Vitamix e310  Almost the same as 310
5-years 7-years 7 year
Red, black, and slate Black and red Color Red, black and white
10 Variable speed control 10 Variable speed control 10 Variable speed control
Pulse feature Pulse feature Pulse feature
Self-cleaning Self-cleaning Self-cleaning
Stainless steel Blade Stainless steel Blade Stainless steel Blade
Check E310 Price Check E320 Price Check 5200 Price at Amazon
Check e310 price at Vitamix Check 5200 price at Vitamix.

Users Opinion about Vitamix E310 Blender

Users like Vitamix e310 for its blending power, ease of use, and cleaning. This blender is just perfect for a family, as its durability is really impressive. It is less expensive, that’s why people can have it without breaking their bank account. Let’s check out what are users’ opinions about Vitamix E310.

The following are some of the real user’s experiences of Vitamix E310 –

  • The users confirmed that this blender could make different types of foods like hot soup, shake, smoothie, peanut butter easily within a very short time.
  • A Vitamix blender can be used on a regular basis to make smoothies or any other protein shakes or soups. Users don’t have to be worried about cleaning as Vitamix is a dishwasher-safe blender.
  • Vitamix e310 has a 2.2-hp motor speed that is strong enough to make any recipes in no time. Even it can grind the nuts to make nut butter and in a few minutes. Hence, there is no chance of overheating as the blender base contains an adjusted cooling fan. For this, the blender lasts longer even if you use it continuously.
  • Vitamix also has a drawback – this blender makes noise while running at a high speed. But high-quality blenders usually make noises, so you can consider the noise level. It’s not possible to get a blender containing a high-powered motor with less noise.

Features and Benefits of Vitamix E310

Here are the best features of the Vitamix e310 blender. I hope you’ll get to know the details that will make your buying decision easier.

Motor power

Vitamix e310 owns a 2 horsepower motor that runs with 13 amps, which are powerful enough to blend virtually anything you want. Users liked the adjusted cooling fan features that provide endless blending for a few minutes without any heating issues.

Afterward, there is thermal protection on the motor. All those awesome features make Vitamix e310 the best of all the blenders.


The blade can handle any tough ingredients as it is made of hardened stainless steel aircraft grade. To churn or grind any tough items, the blade is sufficient, so you will always get the same quality of blending from first to last.

Also, like other blenders blades, you don’t need to replace the blade frequently since the blade is pretty durable. Be careful while handling the blade as it is quite sharp.

Variable speed control

You will get perfect results every time you make it with the e310 Vitamix, where the 10-variable speed control help in this regard. To get the perfect consistency or texture, you just need to utilize variable speeds while blending your things. This feature makes this blender very convenient.

Pulse feature

With the pulse button of the blender, you can quickly grind or churn any hard elements. Surprisingly, when you are in a hurry to make any recipe, just put your items into the jar and press the pulse button. Your recipe will be done in seconds. The pulse feature is very helpful for crushing any tough items.

Multi functioned

Vitamix blenders are the best for their versatile performances. You can make smoothies, soups, baby food – anything you want through Vitamix 310 blender.

Even for making frozen desserts, the e310 Vitamix is unparalleled. In terms of frozen desserts, you just need to add the ingredients and then run the blender, and you will be rewarded with fine outcomes within a few minutes.

Vitamix helps you to make hot soup without a stove as the blade is very sharp and creates high speeds. Add the soup ingredients to the container, turn the blender on and run this for seven minutes. You will see your soup is ready! Especially on a winter morning or evening, the warm soup will be an excellent gift to you.

With the Vitamix 310, it’s pretty simple to make a batter, dough, nut butter, smoothies, purees, sauces, dips, dressings, etc. To make your favorite food in no time, this blender is the best option without any doubt.

The accessories

Vitamix 310 contains some exciting accessories just like other Vitamix blenders. It comes with a cookbook, tamper stick, 48-oz container, and a motor base. The cookbook contains many recipes, and you can try those recipes with this e310.

The tamper is very handy when you need to push any ingredients down the blade, and the tamper presents safe blending where you will be completely risk-free.


In the container of your blender, add a few drops of the dishwasher and fill it with warm water and run the blender at a high speed. Cleaning the Vitamix is that easy, don’t you think so?

The self-cleaning feature of Vitamix provides hassle-free cleaning to the users. Especially this feature is ideal for people who find cleaning a blender a tough thing to do.


Vitamix 310 Explorian series blender comes with a 5-years of warranty. From user experience, it is seen that Vitamix e310 usually lasts for many years. Use the blender regularly, and make sure to take care of the blender properly. It can last more than a decade.


When you compare other Vitamix blenders to this, then you will see this is less expensive. And this is another reason that’s why people like the Vitamix e310. It is less expensive, but the quality of this blender is like other Vitamix blenders, so you shouldn’t be worried about quality while thinking about buying this blender.

Things to consider before buying the Vitamix E310 Blender

There are some facts that you should consider before buying this Vitamix model. Vitamix e310 is 11.5 lbs and a little bit heavier. That’s why it is not portable. If you need to move your blender very often, then you should consider the weight.

The noise level of a blender is another thing to consider, and Vitamix e310 is noisy, like other standard blenders in the industry. Some people have hearing issues, and for them, this blender is not an ideal choice. And if you think you can adjust the noise level, then buy this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamix 310 Blender

How much loud is the Vitamix e310?

When the blender runs at a high speed, it makes a very loud noise. So you need to consider the noise level of this Vitamix.

Can I use the 64-oz container in this?

Yes, you can use the 64-oz container, and it will easily fit the Vitamix e310 blender.

Does this blender grind beans or nuts?

Yes, it does. It takes a few minutes to grind any tough or dry items as the blender has a very sharp and powerful blade.

Can I make nut butter with the Vitamix e310?

Yes, you can. Making nut butter is very simple with any Vitamix blenders, so you can make your favorite food items.

Does this come with a tamper and other containers?

You’ll get a low-profile tamper with this Vitamix blender. But Vitamix e310 only comes with one container that is 48-oz.

Final Words

You read the best features of the Vitamix 310 that is an Explorian series blender. Also, I cover the difference between Vitamix 310 and the Vitamix 5200 and e320 blenders. They both provide almost the same features, so it may be tough for you to pick one. Though they have almost the same price, the Vitamix 5200 has a 7-year of warranty, and the Vitamix e320 has 10-years of warranty, even they are a little bit pricey compared to Vitamix 310.

And I’d suggest you choose the Vitamix 310 that’s because Vitamix 5200 and e320 belong to the same features as e310. Finally, it would be wise to buy Vitamix e310.

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