Vitamix e310 vs 5300 – Check Why We Suggest Vitamix 5300!

vitamix-5300-vs-e310Both are top-rated blenders from Vitamix, but in my opinion, Vitamix 5300 is the best.

It provides slightly better features than the Vitamix e310. The following section will tell you why the Vitamix 5300 is the best.

Why Vitamix 5300 is Best?

  • Vitamix 5300 has a 2.2-peak hp motor, while the Vitamix e310 contains a 2-peak hp motor. A 2.2-peak hp motor is slightly powerful to blend any toughest items.
  • You will get a 64-oz low-profile container with Vitamix 5300, which is big enough to prepare a meal for a large family. Vitamix e310 comes with a 48-oz container: if you are a single person or have a small family, then this container would be ideal for you.
  • Finally, the warranty matters when it comes to purchasing a blender. Vitamix e310 offers a 5-year warranty. On the other hand, Vitamix 5300 has a 7-year standard Vitamix warranty.

These three things make the Vitamix 5300 better than the Vitamix e310. I’d suggest you select the Classic Vitamix 5300 blender if you are looking for a blender for your personal and family use.


Specifications Chart: Vitamix e310 vs Vitamix 5300 

Specifications  Vitamix e310  Vitamix 5300 
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Dimension 11 x 8 x 18 in. 17.25 x 8.75 x 7.25 in
Motor Power 2-peak HP 2.2-peak HP
Blade 3 inches diameter 4 inches diameter
Weight 10.5 lbs 11.95 lbs
Container 48-oz 64-oz
Speed Settings 10-variable speed 10-variable speed
Pulse Button Yes Yes
Color Black, Slate, and Red Black
Tamper Yes Yes
Cookbook Yes Yes
Warranty 5-years 7-years

Differences & Similarities: Vitamix e310 vs 5300

Vitamix e310 and Vitamix 5300 have many similarities and a few differences. Let’s read about them in detail.

Motor Power 

Here comes the first difference: in terms of motor power, Vitamix e310 and 5300 are different. Vitamix e310 has 2-peak motor power, while Vitamix 5300 has a 2.2-peak hp motor power. Vitamix 5300 is slightly better at blending or grinding any items.

But there is a thermal protection system, and a radial cooling fan is available that keeps the motor base cool during the blender in use and makes sure you can use the blender for a few minutes.


These two blenders provide a laser-cut stainless steel blade which is very sharp and durable. You don’t need to replace the blade since Vitamix provides a high-end blade as well. When cleaning or pouring ingredients into the container, handle the blade with care. Or else it may cut your finger.

Easy to Use and Clean 

Both Vitamix is easy to use, as well as clean. All you need to do is – add ingredients to the container, then attach it to the motor base. Next, start and set up the speed.

Cleaning is a breeze for the Vitamix blender – it needs warm water and a dishwasher to clean the container. You can wipe clean the motor base.

Speed Control 

Vitamix Explorian and Vitamix Classic have 10-variable speed control with the pulse button. The speed control can be used while the blender in operation provides you with the texture or consistency of the recipe you want. Vitamix also contains a pulse button that lets the user blend or grind the toughest items within seconds.


The containers of these two blenders are different – if you have a small family or a single person, Vitamix e310 would definitely be the best choice since it has a 48-oz container that is BPA-free.

On the other hand, Vitamix 5300 provides a 64-oz container, which is large enough to prepare a large family meal. If yours is a little family, then the Vitamix e310 container could be your choice, or else go with the Vitamix 5300 if you have a large family.

Noise Level 

Vitamix e310 and 5300 are high-end blenders, so while the blenders are in use, they are a little noisy. For people who do not like the noise level, Vitamix e310 and 5300 will not be a good choice for you.

But there are not blenders available that are noiseless. Vitamix blenders are high-quality blenders, so these will be noisy.

Versatile Blender 

Both Vitamix e310 and Vitamix 5300 can prepare hot soups and smoothies to freeze everything in between. That’s why Vitamix is a popular blender name for its versatility.

You can virtually prepare pizza dough, batter for cake, ice cream, nut butter, and so on. Also, Vitamix e310 and 5300 can be used as a mini food processor – this will help reduce stress from cooking.

Moreover, you can chop vegetables or fruits and crush ice in the Vitamix within seconds.


Vitamix provides some fancy goodies with the blender so that the operating would be easier for you. Vitamix e310 comes with: a motor base, a 48-oz container, a mini tamper, and a cookbook.

Vitamix 5300 provides a low-profile 64-oz container, a low-profile tamper, a motor base, and a getting started guide, including the recipe.


Vitamix 5300 has a 7-year standard warranty, while Vitamix e310 has a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you are conscious of the blender warranty, then Vitamix 5300 would be an ideal choice.

Or you can go ahead with Vitamix e310 and expand the warranty level. For this, you need to pay an extra $$. If you want, you can expand the Vitamix 5300 warranty as well. However, instead of expanding the warranty, I’d say go and purchase the Vitamix 5300 since it is the best between them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamix e310 and 5300 

Can I use a 64-oz low-profile container with the Vitamix e310? 

Yes, the 64-oz container is compatible with the Vitamix e310 blender, so that you can use it.

Is it possible to expand the warranty for the Vitamix e310?

Yes, there is a warranty expand option available – you can extend the warranty for 3 years, and you have to pay a little for that.

Is the Vitamix 5300 container BPA-free?

Yes, the container is made of Tritan material, which is BPA-free. Also, the Vitamix e310 container is BPA-free.

Can I grind coffee beans in a Vitamix Classic 5300 blender?

Sure, the Vitamix Classic blender blade is laser-cut stainless steel that can grind coffee beans, including any toughest items.

Does Vitamix e310 provide a tamper? 

Yes, you will get a mini low-profile tamper with the Vitamix e310 blender.


After reviewing the Vitamix e310 and Vitamix 5300, my vote will go for the Vitamix 5300. It has a 7-year warranty, a larger container than Vitamix e310, and a powerful motor base.

I’d recommend Vitamix 5300 for the large family, and remember, Vitamix 5300 is a little pricey. And the price is worth paying for it as you will get a powerful motor and more warranty.

Vitamix e310 may have slightly less motor power, but this also can prepare a great meal that can be used for different purposes. I’d suggest selecting the Vitamix e310 if yours is a small family and have a strict budget.

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