Vitamix S50 review – Check why S50 will be the best pick for you!

Vitamix s50 is a Professional-Grade personal blender in the Vitamix family plus it comes with two pre-program settings. Vitamix s50 is one of the best innovative blenders,- this guide is going to share everything about this blender. Let’s drive into the discussion…

What is better than other personal Blender?

  • The 1st thing is S50 has two pre-program settings and 10 variable speed control to provide hassle-free blending. If you look at any other personal blender in the market you will see no one comes this kind of feature.
  • Its 40 oz container is enough bigger to make 2 single-serve smoothies or shakes at the same time and to 20 Oz to go cup allows you to take the drinks with you.

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  • Vitamix s50 comes with a portable container that is 20-oz plus a compact 40-oz container – the containers are BPA-free made.
  • It has two pre-programmed settings, smoothie and power blender recipes that come up with the walk-away convenience.
  • The blade is an interchangeable base that works flawlessly to both containers.
  • This is a great blender for chopping vegetables, herbs, also, good for grinding as well.
  • Vitamix s50 has a 5-year warranty.


  • This is a 12 pounds blender that is difficult for some people to handle the blender.

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Compare S50 with other popular Vitamix blenders

Vitamix s50 Vitamix s30  Vitamix s55
5.9 x 7.25 x 16.5 inches 5.9 x 5.9 x 14.55 inches 16.8 x 12.7 x 12 inches
790 watts  790 watts  790 watts 
Two program settings  No program settings Four program settings 
10-variable speed 10-variable speed 10-variable speed
Interchangeable Blade Interchangeable Blade Interchangeable Blade
20-oz and one 40-oz  container 20-oz and one 40-oz  container 20-oz and one 40-oz  container
BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic
Weight 11.77 pounds  Weight 5 pounds Weight 13.47 pounds
Color Black and Red  Color Black and Red  Color Black
5-year warranty 5-year warranty 5-year warranty
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Users opinion about the Vitamix S50 blender

Vitamix s50 is a personal blender in the family, so users who were looking for a personal blender from Vitamix are satisfied with this spiffy blender. The following are some of the real user’s opinions about the Vitamix s50, let’s read them –

  • Wow, I love my new Vitamix – this is an excellent blender, it does everything as advertised. Vitamix s50 is very strong plus durable and the seal is tight so there are no leaks. I can use the pitcher and cup – they gave me the perfect results every time. I’m planning to use this blender for many years to come.
  • Vitamix s50 is an awesome blender, this takes minimal space on my countertop. The power it generates shocks me, I would buy this again definitely. This thing is easy to use and clean. I love this Vitamix personal blender- I highly recommend others to consider purchasing this since this is a powerful little blender.
  • Vitamix s50 is perfect for tiny living, I’m glad that Vitamix produced a product like this. I would say this is better than my large Vitamix. Everything in this product comes apart which makes the cleaning very simple. Vitamix s50 is a perfect size blender, works perfectly, and an excellent purchase for me.
  • This blender is very useful – I use this 2 times a day. It’s just perfect for me plus a better option for a single-serve smoothie. Though sometimes the noise scares me but still a great quality blender with overall performance. I recommend others to purchase who want a personal blender.

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Features and Benefits of Vitamix s50 

Two Program Settings 

Power blend and smoothie – these are the program settings on this personal blender that offer walk-away convenience.

The program settings will give you the best convenience of use since this will save your time compared to your traditional blenders.

With its automatic shut-off feature (when a program is selected) the blender will shut off once the blending cycle is completed.

Container Capacity and Material 

It comes in two containers, 40-oz and 20-oz containers plus these two are made from BPA-free materials. The 20-oz container is a travel-friendly container that you can take with you.

The 40-oz container can be used for preparing any medium batch of the meal while the 20-oz is just perfect for smoothies or other drinks you love to eat.

Since the materials are BPA-free, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the food you are preparing.

Motor Power 

It generates 790 watts and the best thing about the motor is – when the blender is at the highest peak, it generates 840 watts. This power can properly blend any toughest items within a matter of time.

While the blender is overheating, this will shut off automatically. This is how the blender prolonged its life.

Interchangeable Blade 

Vitamix s50 is featured with an interchangeable blade that is made from the hardened stainless steel. The blade is perfect for both of the containers – virtually it can blend, grind, and chop any toughest items within a matter of time.

Handle the blade with care while cleaning since this is a laser-cut blade, so this is very sharp.

Speed Settings and Pulse function

It also has a 10-variable speed like other Vitamix on the market. While the blender is in use, the user can control the speed settings from 1 to 10. Usually, when blending any smooth items, you should keep the blender at a lower speed while for the toughest items speed up the blender.

Vitamix s50 has also a pulse feature that is used for fast blending. When you put anything tough in the container, press the pulse button. The pulse button will give you the consistency of your blend quickly than the variable speed.

Goodies that come with Vitamix s50 

You will get some of the best goodies with the Vitamix s50 as well which are very handy. The Vitamix s50 comes with –

  • a 20-oz container
  • 40-oz container
  • a tamper that is for the 40-oz container
  • personal blending cookbook, and
  • interchangeable blade base.

Simple to use and Clean 

Vitamix blenders are very simple when it comes to use and clean the blender. All the blender needs are – add ingredients to the container, attach the lid, screw the container to the motor base. Then set the speed, run the blender.

In terms of cleaning, Vitamix offers simple cleaning. You can use your top-rack dishwasher to clean the containers and lid (the blade is not dishwasher safe). Moreover, you can use any mild dish soap to clean the containers plus the blade as well.

Versatile Use of Vitamix personal blender 

Your personal Vitamix s50 is capable of blending anything you want from a single-serve smoothie to hot soups everything in between. If you have a baby then use this personal Vitamix to prepare food for your baby.

This blender can also be used to prepare food, as well as, this can chop raw vegetables or fruits for you. Besides, this can grind seeds or beans too – you don’t need to look for a grinder now.


Vitamix s50 is made from the best quality material, you can expect this blender to last for many years to come. Though it provides only 5-years of warranty if you take proper care and maintenance then this will be durable.

However, when you purchase this blender it comes with 30 days of the trial period. If you don’t like the blender, simply you can replace the blender.

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Investing in Vitamix s50 is worth it for the people seeking a personal blender from the Vitamix series. Though the Vitamix s50 is a personal blender yet this is a versatile machine.

This blender will create healthy smoothies or other drinks that you can take on the go. The program settings of the blender provide you the walk-away convenience.

I highly recommend you purchase the blender but you should do some research and give your personal preference the priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix s50

Does it come with a 7-year warranty?

No, Vitamix s50 provides a 5-year of warranty. But no worries, this personal Vitamix can last more than 5 years.

How many watts of this Vitamix s50? 

It has 790 watts of motor power and when the blender is at the peak, it generates 840 watts.

What is the container size for this blender?

Vitamix s50 comes with a 20-oz, and 40-oz container so you can prepare different recipes.

How many program settings does Vitamix s50 come with? 

The user gets walk-away convenience with two program settings, that are – smoothies and power blend.

Does this include a cookbook?

Yes, it comes with a cookbook along with a tamper.

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