Vitamix v1200 Review – Check what it will offer you?

Vitamix v1200 ReviewVitamix V1200 comes from the Venturist family that lets you create meals for the whole family with its 64-oz low-profile container or prepare small batches of drinks with the 20-ounce cup. Also, it provides more unique features, so let’s explore all of its amazing features and benefits you will get from the V1200.

Features and Benefits of Vitamix v1200 

  • It has a built-in digital timer feature that enables you to achieve the perfect texture every time.
  • Vitamix V1200 motor base is smart, and it will automatically adjust the maximum blending times according to the container size you attach.
  • You will get a 20-oz self-detect blending container, including an 8-ounce blending bowl.
  • It is equipped with aircraft-grade stainless steel blades that reach the fastest speed to create friction heat to bring any cold ingredients to steaming hot within six minutes.
  • The V1200 comes with a tamper that smashes foodstuff down from the top of the lid, also provides a tamper holder.
  • You can control this unit from the Vitamix App; also, it gives you a Bluetooth connection.
  • The Venturist 1200 has a 10-year full warranty covering two-way shipping, labor, performance, and covers all parts.

These were the incredible features of the V1200 and their benefits. Hopefully, this helps you, and if you want to know the price of the Vitamix V1200, simply press the button below.



  • 2.2-peak hp motor.
  • 64-oz container; 20-oz smoothie cup. And 8-oz self-detect bowl.
  • 10-variable speed, including pulse function.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity.
  • Digital timer.
  • 10-years full warranty.


  • It makes noise when in use as any traditional blender.
  • A little bit pricey but worth it.

Compare Vitamix V1200 Vs Vitamix 5200 Vs Vitamix E310

Vitamix v1200 Vitamix 5200 Vitamix e310
10.5 x 8 x 17 inches 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches 11 x 8 x 18 inches
19.4 pounds 10.56 pounds 11.5 pounds
Digital Timer No No
2.2-peak motor 2-peak motor 2-peak motor
64-oz container 64-oz container 48-oz container
Self-detect containers No No
Wireless Connectivity No No
10-variable Speed 10-variable Speed 10-variable Speed
Pulse Button Pulse Button Pulse Button
Low-profile tamper & Tamper holder Low-profile tamper Low-profile tamper
BPA-free BPA-free BPA-free
Blade Scrapper No No
10-years full warranty 7-years full warranty 7-years full warranty

Users Opinion About the Vitamix V1200

  • This unit’s design is pretty minimalist; it has a speed dial (1-10) with a pulse switch. And I can pair the timer of this blender. It also provides Bluetooth features so that you can set blend time for your recipe. Vitamix v1200 is an outstanding blender and well worth the money. If you intend to use your blender a lot, then you can consider this one.
  • I was looking for a well-built, durable blender, and I’m very impressed with the Vitamix v1200. It is an excellent blender with a huge 64-oz container with an extra 20 oz cup and 8 oz bowl. I can now make my favorite milkshake and different frozen fruit smoothies in no time with this blender. I’m quite satisfied with this unit and suggest you consider this too.
  • This is a solid quality blender, so if you wanted one, this is totally worthwhile. The blade can do everything you throw into the container. Vitamix v1200 is fantastic, easy to use, and a versatile blender machine that is working great so far for me. If you want to get a Vitamix, you should check this one once.
  • It was an excellent deal for me and did everything for me. I love everything about this blender, apart from its noise. This unit makes noise like a construction unit, which is not pleasant for me. Yet I’m pleased with this and suggest the v1200 to the people seeking a great blender.

 Features and Benefits of Vitamix V1200


The Vitamix v1200 is built with BPA-free plastic material that is very durable. It has ten different speed controls, including a pulse button on the left side of the faceplate. You will also get a digital timer function, and it will provide you the texture of the recipe you expect every time. The blender is Bluetooth compatible, so you can easily control it.

Variable Speed & Pulse

Like other traditional Vitamix, this also comes up with a 10-variable speed, including a pulse switch. You can change the speed volume while blending a recipe, which helps you to get the perfect texture every time. The pulse switch is very convenient since it allows you to grind or blend any toughest items that other blenders cannot offer.

Motor Base 

It comes with a 2.2-peak hp motor base; it is mighty, as well as smart. You can run the machine for a long time, but the machine will be cool as it has a cooling fan. The powerful motor helps to prepare a recipe in no time. The Vitamix v1200 motor base is smart, and it can recognize the container you attach and then adjust the speed level. Doing this saves you time, which is excellent for people who are always in a hurry.


The blender has a laser-cut stainless steel blade, which is specially designed to deliver quality results. The blade is dull or bending resistant and fast enough to create friction heat and bring the cold ingredients to steaming hot within seven minutes. So now you can prepare your favorite hot soup in the Vitamix v1200 for the cold days.


Vitamix v1200 provides you a 64-oz container, including a 20-oz to-go smoothie cup and an 8-oz bowl. The cup and bowl have a self-detect function, and you do not need to adjust the speed level manually; the blender will do it for you. However, the 64-oz container allows you to prepare a recipe for the whole family; simultaneously, the 8-oz bowl lets you prepare small batches as well. And if you are a smoothie lover, you can take the cup on the go right after you prepare your drink. The container has a self-cleaning feature, just dropping a dish soap and blending at the machine’s highest speed. It will take only one minute to clean your container.

Digital Timer 

Vitamix v1200 built with a digital timer feature that helps remove your guesswork for the recipe you want to prepare. To use the digital timer, you need to add ingredients into the container and then set the timer to the recipe’s length, and you can walk away. When the recipe is done, the unit will be stopped working itself. The digital timer is an incredible feature of the Vitamix v1200 that makes the blending experience more straightforward than ever.


You can prepare any recipe you want in the v1200 since it is a versatile blender. The blender is capable of blending any toughest ingredients you add to the container. You can ground coffee beans in it, prepare nut butter, frozen drinks, to everything in between. This incredible machine allows you to explore any recipe you want, from salad to prepare salsa to make frozen drinks, and so on.


The Venturist 1200 comes with some handy accessories so that you can smoothly use it. You will get a recipe book, blade scraper, blade base, a low-profile tamper and a tamper holder, an 8-ounce bowl and 20-ounce container cup, a 64-oz low-profile container, and the motor base.


It offers a full of 10-years warranty that covers everything you need. It covers all parts, two-way shipping costs, labor, and performance. If your blender has any manufacturing issues while operating within the warranty period, contact Vitamix, and they will repair it for you. But remember, if any parts are broken due to use, then a warranty will not be applicable; also, if you live outside of the USA, you will not get this advantage.


As you can see, the Vitamix v1200 is a very amazing blender that will meet all your blending needs. You can prepare any recipe within a matter of time in the v1200. It makes a noise like any blender, which is the only drawback of this machine, but it can be considered. And the v1200 provides a 10-year full warranty, so consider all its smart and unique features like wireless connectivity, self-detect function, and other things to make a wise buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix V1200

What is the warranty for this unit?

Vitamix v1200 unit comes with a 10-year full warranty and can last more than a decade.

What is the material of the container?

The material of the Vitamix v1200 is made with heavy-duty BPA-free plastic.

How will the 20oz cup work?

First, you need to screw the blade onto the cup, and then some arrows will line up to activate it. And then just fill the cup and run it.

Can I slow the speed to make salsa?

Yes, the unit provides 10-different variable speeds, so you control the speed level while making a recipe.

Can Vitamix v1200 grind meat?

Yes, the Vitamix v1200 can grind the meat for you since it is built with the toughest stainless steel blade.

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