Vitamix v1200 Vs a3500 – Check why A3500 is better than V1200?

Vitamix v1200 Vs a3500Vitamix Venturist and Ascent are smart and amazing blenders for any professional or home use. If your priority is a powerful and easily operated blender, then Vitamix a3500 would be a great choice for you. 

Why Vitamix a3500 is the best?

  • Vitamix a3500 has a touch interface that is very simple to use, and you can use the machine with a wet hand. While Vitamix v1200 has a button interface.
  • The Vitamix Ascent has five program settings for hot soups, smoothies, puree, frozen dessert, and self-cleaning, but the v1200 provides standard variable-speed, including a pulse button.
  • Vitamix a3500 is paired with the Vitamix app so you can unlock and control the machine directly from your Android or iOS. But V1200 doesn’t.
  • Another thing about the Vitamix a500 is that it has a metal base that makes sure the blender is less noisy than the Vitamix v1200.

You will get those impressive features on the Vitamix a3500 that are not available on the other one. If you wanna take your blending experience to the next level, this would be your best pick.


Quick Comparison

Specifications Vitamix v1200 Vitamix a3500
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Dimension 10.5 x 8 x 17 in 11 x 8 x 17 in
Motor Power 2.2-peak 2.2-peak
Self-detect Container Yes Yes
Smoothie Cup Yes No
Bowl Yes No
Presets No Yes
Timer Function Yes Yes
Container Size 64-ounce 64-ounce
Variable Speed Yes Yes
Pulse Yes Yes
Vitamix App No Yes
Blade scraper Yes No
Tamper Yes Yes
Tamper holder Yes No
Warranty 10-years full 10-years full

Differences and Similarities Between Vitamix v1200 and a3500


The presets or program settings are the main difference between these two amazing blenders that provide walk-away convenience.

Vitamix a3500 contains five program settings for hot soups, puree, frozen desserts, smoothies, and self-cleaning. But the Vitamix v1200 doesn’t have these settings.

Once you press a button, you can do other households or whatever you want. And the machine will stop blending itself.

But you will get consistent results from the presets every time.

Speed Control 

Both Vitamix contains 10-variable speeds on the knob, and you are in control of what you are blending. The speed volume can be used at any point when the machine is in use.

You can achieve the texture or consistency of your recipe by setting the variable speed. Also, they contain a pulse button. The pulse button lets you grind any toughest items within seconds, such as – nuts or coffee beans.

Moreover, the speed volume and pulse button can give you finely chopped vegetables or fruits. You can also grind the hardest items by using the highest speed or pulsing the blender.

Motor Power

Vitamix Venturist and Ascent both come with the same 2.2-peak hp professional motor. But the Ascent motor is a little better than the Venturist as it is less noisy.

However, the motor base contains a radial cooling fan, including thermal protection. These things keep the motor base cool during the blender is operated.

And if the motor base gets hot, the thermal protection system stops the blender automatically. Also, these two contain stainless steel blades that are very sharp and durable. You don’t need to replace or sharpen the blade often like other standard blenders.

Wireless Connectivity 

Both Vitamix v1200 and the a3500 motor base are smart, so they recognize the container size you attach. Also, they adjust the speed level and maximize the highest speed volume for the recipe.

The best thing about wireless connectivity is – you don’t need to adjust the speed volume as the machine will do it for you!

Though they two have this amazing feature yet, I’d say you should consider the Vitamix a3500.

Digital Timer 

A digital timer function allows you to set the time for the recipe you want to blend. Fortunately, both Vitamix v1200 and a3500 contain digital timer functions, so just set the time as per your recipe, and say goodbye to the guesswork.

Since Vitamix v1200 has the timer function, you will get the walk-away convenience from this blender. Though it doesn’t contain the presets yet, the timer provides you this benefit.


Both Vitamix v1200 and Vitamix a3500 come with a 64-oz low-profile container, which is perfect for preparing the family meal. Also, Vitamix v1200 also provides a 20-oz smoothie cup and an 8-oz bowl. You can take the smoothie cup with you once you prepare your drinks.

The container is made of BPA-free plastic and contains measurement scales for ease of use.

And the container can prepare anything you want to make, from nut butter to smoothies to hot soups to pancake batter to salsa, salad, baby food, and everything in between.


When it comes to goodies, Vitamix v1200 is better than Vitamix a3500 that’s because it provides some extra goodies.

So the Vitamix v1200 comes with – a motor base, a 64-oz container, a cookbook, a user manual, a tamper, a blade base, a blade scraper, a 20-oz self-detect container, a self-detect 8-oz bowl, and a tamper holder.

Vitamix a3500 provides – a motor base, a 64-oz container, a low-profile container, and a cookbook.

If you want more goodies, then you can select the Vitamix v1200 for your countertop.


Vitamix a3500 is easier to clean than Vitamix v1200 as it contains a self-cleaning preset. Once you add warm water and dish soap, you need to press the preset, and the machine will clean and stop itself.

And for the Vitamix v1200, you can use the pulse button and run the machine for a few seconds. Also, make sure you wipe clean the motor base.


Vitamix v1200 and a3500 come with a 10-year warranty, and it is a full warranty. If you find any manufacturer issues, then they will bear the full cost for it.

You can also use a Vitamix for more than 12 years as they are made from the best quality materials. You can choose either the Vitamix v1200 or a3500 since they come with the same warranty, plus these two are very durable.


Vitamix a3500 provides some advanced technology that Vitamix v1200 doesn’t have. And Vitamix a3500 would be your best bet if you want a convenience blender.

Vitamix v1200 has a timer function but doesn’t provide the presets, but it also a quality blender. If you have a budget issue or think you will be okay without presets, choose the Vitamix v1200.

Still, I’d suggest you select the Vitamix a3500.

Frequently Asked Questions of Vitamix v1200 and a3500.

 What are the presets of Vitamix a3500?

The presets of Vitamix a3500 are hot soups, frozen desserts, puree, smoothies, and self-cleaning.

Does Vitamix v1200 provide a Vitamix app?

No, it is not compatible with the Vitamix app, but it has wireless connectivity features.

What is the warranty for the Vitamix a3500?

No, Vitamix a3500 provides a 10-year warranty. Also, Vitamix v1200 provides the same warranty.

Will I get a smoothie cup with the a3500?

No, it doesn’t provide any smoothie cup, but the Vitamix v1200 comes with a smoothie cup, including a bowl.

Is the container low-profile?

Yes, the container is low-profile, and it’s 64-oz.

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