Vitamix v1200 vs e320 – Check Why You Should Grab V1200!

Vitamix-v1200-vs-e320Both Vitamix v1200 and e320 blenders are two great addition to Vitamix, no doubt about this. After comparing these two, we found Vitamix v1200 is the best option here.

Why Vitamix v1200 is Best?

  • Firstly, Vitamix v1200 is built with a programable timer system that allows you to set the time as you want for different recipes. But Vitamix e320 doesn’t have any timer system with it.
  • The motor base is able to detect the container size, and it will set the highest blending time for different container sizes to give you perfect blending. In contrast, you won’t get container size to detect technology in Vitamix e320.
  • A self-detect 20-oz cup comes with Vitamix v1200, which lets you blend a small batch of drinks into it and take it with you wherever you go. On the other hand, Vitamix e320 doesn’t have any small cup to go or blend.
  • Vitamix v1200 comes with a 5-year full warranty, while Vitamix e320 has a standard Vitamix 3-year warranty only.

While these two have many similar features but the Vitamix e320 doesn’t include the above-mentioned features. That’s the reason the Vitamix v1200 is the best overall.

Quick Comparison: Vitamix v1200 vs e320

Specifications  Vitamix v1200  Vitamix e320 
Editor’s Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Dimension 10.5 x 8 x 17 inches 11 x 8 x 18 inches
Blender Series Venturist Explorian-Series
Motor 2.2-peak HP 2.2-peak HP
Weight 11.98 lbs 10.5 lbs
Color Four Colors Two Colors
Self-detect container Yes No
Speed Settings 10-variable speed 10-variable speed
Digital Timer Yes No
Smoothie Cup Yes, 20 oz. No
Wireless Connectivity Yes No
Blade Scraper Yes No
Tamper Yes Yes
Tamper Holder Yes No
Material BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic
Warranty 10-years 7-years

Differences & Similarities of Vitamix V1200 and E320

You already know the differences as well as the similarities of Vitamix Venturist and Explorian series blenders. Yet, in this guide’s following, I’ve shared the details of the main differences and similarities. Read on if you still cannot decide which blender to go ahead with.

2.2-Peak Motor 

The Vitamix horsepower motor won’t disappoint you – these two come with a 2.2-peak motor. It can virtually blend any items you put into the container.

Both blender’s motor base contains a radial cooling fan so that the motor base doesn’t get hot. Vitamix v1200 and e320 can be used for several minutes, yet you can use them for years to come.

Blender Interface 

These two blenders are a little bit different in the interface. Compared to the Vitamix e320, Vitamix v1200 has some extra features. They have the same variable speed, including the pulse feature. But the difference is – Vitamix v1200 has a digital timer feature and attached tamper holder.


Vitamix provides 64-ounce containers. These two also come with the same container. You can prepare a large batch of smoothies or dessert or frozen treats in the container. The material is BPA-free Tritan that is healthy – the user can use the container without any issue.

Self-detect Bowl and Smoothie Cup 

Vitamix e320 doesn’t provide a self-detect bowl or smoothie cup, but you will get them with Vitamix v1200.

The bowl is ideal for preparing small-batch meals since this is 8-ounce, and for a small batch of smoothies or drinks, the smoothie cup is perfect. It has a 20-ounce smoothie cup. You can take the cup on the go.

The best thing about the self-detect feature is – once you attach the cup to the motor base, the motor will automatically adjust the speed level.

Speed Control 

Vitamix v1200 and Vitamix e320 come with a 10-variable speed that lets you control the machine while it’s in use. Usually, use the blender at a lower speed at first and then increase the speed level. Also, the speed level includes the pulse feature that is great in blending the toughest item or grind.

Wireless Connectivity 

Vitamix v1200 has a wireless connectivity feature. When you add a container to the motor base, it will detect the container size and adjust the maximum blending time.

While Vitamix e320 doesn’t provide this feature, you need to manually adjust the speed level. If you want to get the convenience of use, then go ahead with the Vitamix v1200.

Easy to Use and Clean 

Vitamix blenders mean easy-to-clean blenders. Operating these two is very simple. Actually, Vitamix v1200 is simpler than Vitamix e320. Add the ingredients into the container, then attach this to the motor base. The Vitamix v1200 will detect the container size and adjust the speed level.

But on the Vitamix e320, you need to adjust the speed level. When it comes to cleaning, these two have self-cleaning properties. Just add warm water and a dishwasher, then run the blender at the highest speed. Rinse and store the blender – isn’t it very simple?

Digital Timer 

The digital timer will allow you to get the perfect texture every time you prepare a recipe. You can set the required time in the blender, and when the blender reaches its time, the blender will stop automatically. That means you will get the walk-away convenience. Vitamix v1200 has the digital timer feature, and this makes the difference with the e320 model.

Tamper Holder

Vitamix v1200 and e320 both come with a low-profile tamper. A tamper is very handy in terms of pushing the ingredients to the motor base.

Vitamix blenders let you use the tamper when the blender is operating. Talking about the tamper holder that makes the difference between these blenders – Vitamix v1200 has a tamper holder.

You will not get a tamper holder with the Vitamix e320. A tamper holder is very convenient  – it is attached to the motor base so that you can easily access the tamper.


Every Vitamix comes with some accessories, so you will get some goodies as well with these two. But there is a little difference in the accessories.

Vitamix v1200 provides:

– a motor base

– 64-ounce container

– blade base and blade scraper

– cookbook

– self-detect bowl and cup

– a low-profile tamper with a tamper holder.

And Vitamix e320 provides:

– motor base

– 64-ounce container

– a low-profile tamper

– cookbook

Vitamix v1200 provides more accessories than Vitamix e320 – if you want to get these amazing goodies, then choose the Vitamix v1200.


Vitamix v1200 has a 10-year full warranty, while Vitamix e320 has a 7-year warranty. The warranty period covers everything if you face any issues while using the blender.

Since Vitamix v1200 has a 10-years warranty, you can choose this blender. But if you are okay with the standard warranty, Vitamix e320 could be your choice.


Vitamix provides outstanding blenders that are worth investing in. If you want to use your blender several times a day and looking for the durable one for the job, then I’d suggest selecting the Vitamix v1200. And if you want a powerful blender at a reasonable price, then Vitamix e320 would be your choice.

Both Vitamix v1200 and e320 are capable of blending anything you put into the blender but purchasing the Vitamix v1200 would be a smart choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamix V1200 and Vitamix E320 

Which is loud – Vitamix v1200 or Vitamix e320? 

Both are loud when in operation since these two are high-end blenders. And quality blenders are a little bit noisy, so you can adjust to the noise level.

What is the warranty period for these two blenders? 

Vitamix v1200 has a 10-year warranty. On the other hand, Vitamix e320 has a 7-year warranty.

Will I get a smoothie cup?

Yes, Vitamix v1200 provides a 20-oz smoothie cup that has the self-detect feature. But the Vitamix e320 doesn’t have any smoothie cups.

Do they come with a tamper?

Yes, both come up with a low-profile tamper, and the Vitamix v1200 provides a tamper holder as well.

Can I use Vitamix v1200 for 220 V?

This is made for 110v, which is the USA and Canada electrical standard – you need to purchase an adapter so that you can use the blender for 220v.

Check some more comparisons of Vitamix v1200 and e320 from below.

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