Ninja mega kitchen system BL770 vs BL771

Ninja mega kitchen system BL770 vs BL771

Ninja Mega blenders are perfect for both commercial and home use. Since Ninja Mega comes with all the handy accessories that you’ll need, you can purchase either the Ninja BL770 or BL771, you won’t be sorry with your purchase. But I’d say the Ninja BL770 would be the best blender/processor combo for you. 

The following is the answer why the Ninja BL770 would be the best combo, let’s read on –

Why is Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 the Best?

  • Ninja BL770 motor is 1500 watts featured with the Auto-IQ while the BL771 has no Auto-IQ. So Ninja BL770 can pulverize ice into snow within seconds than BL771. 
  • Ninja BL770 can provide better taste and more nutritious beverages than Ninja BL771. Ninja BL770 will make your smoothie silkier than BL771 plus its total crushing technology offers nutrient-rich beverages with fiber and Vitamins.
  • You will get some handy accessories with this blender, such as – smoothie cups, food processor jar, XL pitcher, dough blade, and so on. Since this is a blender/processor combo blender, you can give it a thought to purchase this blender.
Specifications Ninja BL770 Ninja BL771 
Editor’s Rating4.5 out of 54.8 out of 5
Dimension 9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches
Power 1500 watts 1500 watts 
Weight 9.2 pounds 9.2 pounds 
Pulse Yes Yes 
Variable Speed3-speed 3-speed 
Dishwasher safe Yes Yes 
Single-serve Yes Yes 
Jar Capacity 72-oz 72-oz 
Smoothie Cups Two 16-oz cups Two 16-oz cups 
Food Processor Jar 64-oz 64-oz 
Bowl in Bowl JarNo Yes – 24 oz
Dough Blade No Yes 
Chopping Blade No Yes
Cookbook Yes Yes 
BPA-freeYes Yes 
Warranty 1-year 1-year 

Differences and Similarities Between Ninja BL770 Vs BL771 


Ninja BL770 and BL771 generate the same power: they produce 1500 watts (2-peak horsepower). It crushes ice into snow, as well as pulverizing tough fruits or vegetables. 

Ninja Mega BL770 features the Auto-IQ and has a total crushing technology blade that delivers professional power. 

Both Ninja Mega blades are made of stainless steel material, the blade is resistant to bending, corrosion, and rust. 


When it comes to the blade, Ninja Mega BL771 is better: it comes with a chopping, and dough blade. The blades are very sharp and have a total crushing feature as you know. 

While the Ninja BL770 doesn’t have two extra blades. But the Bl770 blade can extract the whole nutrients from the ingredients. It would be ideal to purchase the Ninja BL771. 


In terms of speeds, the Ninja Mega Systems knobs have the same 3-speed settings for dough, blend, and crush. Also, there is a single-serve function that is for preparing smoothies to other beverages within seconds. 

The speeds are very handy as you can prepare the dough for cookies or other recipes. Just press the dough button and wait until you get the consistency. 

Blend fruits or vegetables to other items with the blend button, and if you want to crush ice then simply use the crush button. 

Furthermore, the knob offers a pulse button: use the pulse when in a hurry to prepare the meal. The Pulse button creates a great power to make anything within seconds. 

Noise Level 

The noise level is not a pleasant thing for the Ninja Mega System blenders. The blenders create 1500 watts so they make loud noises when they are in use. But you can consider the noise as high-end blenders are noisy. 

Pitcher Capacity & Smoothie Cups 

These two machines come up with a 72-oz pitcher including two 16-oz smoothie cups. The pitcher is featured with the total crushing technology, moreover, they can make great beverages for a large family. 

And if you are a smoothie lover then you can take the 16-oz cup with you on the go. 

Don’t worry about the toxicity in food as the pitcher and smoothies cups are made of BPA-free plastics. 

Food Processor 

Ninja Mega System BL770 and BL771 include a 64-oz food processor jar that allows you to prepare anything you want. But the Ninja BL771 also contains a 24-oz bowl. 

When you need to prepare a small batch, you can put the smaller bowl inside the large food processor. Then add ingredients and prepare the recipe. 

However, you can use the food processor for chopping, grinding, shredding, crushing, or mixing within a matter of time. Plus you can prepare baby food in this, and your baby can eat healthy food since the blade extracts the whole nutrients from the ingredients. 

Easy Cleaning 

Ninja Mega System attachments are dishwasher-safe, and you can clean them without hassle. 

Once your blending is done, put the jar or smoothie cups to the dishwasher. And when cleaning is done, let them dry properly. Or if you want to clean them by hand then use warm water to clean. 


In terms of accessories, Ninja BL771 offers more handy accessories than BL770. 

 You will get a user manual, a motor base, a 72-oz pitcher, a food processor, two smoothie cups, a bowl in bowl capacity chopping blade attachment, a dough blade, and a cookbook. 

Ninja BL770 also has the same accessories but it doesn’t have the chopping and dough blade attachments in it. 


Ninja blenders come with a 1-year limited warranty: 

If you find any manufacturing issues on the machine then they will repair it within the warranty period. 

However, both Ninja BL770 and BL771 will last for more than 5/6 years with a little care. 

Note: Regular cleaning increases the longevity of a machine, so don’t forget to clean the machine properly. 


Ninja Mega System blenders offer nice power and come with more accessories. They won’t take much space in your kitchen. 

Ninja BL770 is a budget-friendly blender, also, it offers handy accessories that make your kitchen tasks easier. 

And I recommend the BL770 but if you want the small food processor jar then Ninja BL770 could be your choice. 

Both blenders are great for daily use, so decide which one you want.

FAQ About Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 and BL771

 What is the difference between the Ninja BL770 and BL771?

They two are very similar blenders, the only difference between them is in the accessories. 

What is the warranty on Ninja Blender?

Ninja blenders come with a one-year warranty, and they can last for 5/6 years. 

Can I put hot ingredients into the jar?

No, you cannot pour any hot ingredients to the Ninja jars. 

Do I need to peel veggies or fruits to blend?

Yes, you need to peel the veggies or fruits before you put them into the jar. 

Can I make cookie dough?

Yes, the Ninja blender can make the dough so you can make cookie dough in it. 


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