Vitamix e310 vs e320 – Check which one is Best & why?

Vitamix e310 vs e320Vitamix e310 and e320 are both quality Explorian series blenders, but if your question is, which one is the best? Then I would say Vitamix e320 Because it has some exclusive features and Benefits that e310 doesn’t.

What made e320 the best?

  • The main difference is in the motor power. Vitamix e320 comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor that can easily turn any hard ingredients into a fine texture, but the Vitamix e310 has a less powerful motor that is 2 horsepower with only 1380 watts.
  • E320 has a 64-oz container that provides the chance to make a large batch of smoothies or juices for your whole family. But if you need to make a large quantity with E310, then it won’t be possible as the container is only 48-oz.
  •  You are getting a warranty of 7 years with E320, but E310 has a 5-year warranty.

Based on all those mentioned features, Vitamix e320 is better than e310, and its user are very satisfied with its performance.  finally, if you are looking to have a better one between these two, you can have E320.

Similarities of Vitamix e320 and e310

  • Both have a knob with 10 variable speed control.
  •  To make perfect texture, both of them have a pulse feature.
  • The Bpa free plastic container
  • Both blender blades are made of Hard stainless steel blades.

Vitamix e310 Vs e320 : Specifications

SpecificationsVitamix e310Vitamix e320
Dimension11 x 8 x 18 in11 x 8 x 18 inches
Motor2 hp2.2 hp
PlatformExplorian seriesExplorian series
Noise levelLess noisy than Vitamix e320Noisy than Vitamix e310
Weight11.5 lbs13 lbs
PriceLess expensive than Vitamix e320A little bit expensive than Vitamix e310
ColorRed, black, and slateBlack and red
Variable speedYesYes
TamperMini tamperLow-profile tamper
Pulse featureYesYes
BladeStainless steelStainless steel

Vitamix e320 vs e310 : Differences

Now I’m going to share the differences between these two Explorian Vitamix blenders. Read the whole article and then make your own decision.

Blending power

The blending power of a blender is the main thing to consider. The motor power tells how much a blender will be able to perform. Vitamix e310 owns a 2-hp motor, while the Vitamix e320 contains a 2.2-hp motor power. Hence, the 2.2-hp motor can blend, grind, or churn any items quicker than the 2-hp motor.

You can choose the Vitamix e320 blender if you want a more powerful blending motor. Though they are slightly different in motor power, they have a cooling fan and thermal system on the motor base that keeps the blender cool during continual blending. Afterward, these features make sure that you can use the blender for several minutes without heating issues.

The Noise 

Vitamix e320 is noisier than the Vitamix e310 blender. Before buying an Explorian Vitamix blender, consider the noise level. If you buy the Vitamix e310, you will not be bothered because of the noise level. If you choose the Vitamix e320 model, you have to adjust the noise level. And high-end blenders usually make noise while they are in action.


Vitamix e310 comes with a 48-oz container, while the Vitamix e320 belongs to a low-profile 64-oz container. For a small family, the 48-oz container will suit perfectly. Besides, a 64-oz container is great for an extended family. All of the family members can enjoy soups or smoothies together with an e320.

To use the container easily, there is a measurement scale outside the container. The scale will help you to add the right amount of ingredients. Very effective, isn’t it?


Vitamix e310 contains 11.5 lbs weight. On the contrary, Vitamix e320 weighs 13 lbs. If you need to move the blender from one place to another very often, then you’d need a lightweight blender, and the Vitamix e310 is the one. But if you don’t need to move, then choosing the Vitamix e320 model would be wise.

A blender’s weight is also an important thing to consider, so before buying a blender, don’t forget to think about this feature.


These two blenders come with different accessories as they are different in their model. Vitamix e310 consists of a cookbook, a mini-tamper, a 48-oz container, and a motor base, which is 2.0 horsepower. Besides, Vitamix e320 has a cookbook, a low-profile tamper, a low-profile 64-oz container, and a motor base that is 2.2 horsepower.

Both these blenders own a cookbook commonly. You will never feel the lack of new recipes as they contain tons of different and delicious recipes.


Vitamix e310 and Vitamix e320 both have some different colors to choose from. Vitamix e310 has three colors, like black, white, and slate. Hence, Vitamix e320 contains two colors, black and red. The price of the blender will vary depending on the color, but performance won’t.

If the budget is not an issue and you have a severe color preference, then you can choose the color you like. And if you are on a budget, then you have to choose the color wisely.


Vitamix e310 and e320 blenders are different in the warranty. Vitamix e320 has 2 years more warranty than the Vitamix e310 blender. Vitamix e310 has a 5-year of full warranty, and Vitamix e320 has a 7-year of full warranty.

The warranty of a blender is just a number, but you can increase your Vitamix blenders’ lifespan. Take extra care and maintain the blenders properly. They will last more than a decade for you without any big issues.


I think already you can guess which Vitamix is pricey. Well, the above-mentioned features say Vitamix e320 costs a little higher than the Vitamix e310. They both are great blenders, and they will make your kitchen life easier else. If you have budget issues, then choose the Vitamix e310. And for your kitchen, if you want a blender that is powerful, then Vitamix e320 is there for you.

Vitamix e310 vs e320 : Similarities 

The blades

Vitamix e310 and e320 have the same hardened stainless steel blades. The blades are very sharp and able to handle any tough items; you would get the perfect quality texture every time.

Variable speed & pulse feature

The 10-variable speed and pulse features of these two Vitamix blenders are the same. You can control the Vitamix e310 and e320 blenders while they are in use. For example – you want to make the batter. Then add the flour to the container and other ingredients and water, run the blender, set the speed level to get the batter’s perfect consistency. And when you need to make the batter quickly, just press the pulse button.

The pulse button is also very handy in terms of grinding or churn. So you can see they are very similar.

Easy to use and clean

Vitamix blenders are very easy to use, also easy to clean. To use the blender, add the ingredients to the container and run the machine. Setting the speed level, that’s it. Above we mentioned the variable speed of the Vitamix, and this makes the blender easy to use.

These two Explorian Vitamix blenders have a self-cleaning feature. The blender needs just a drop of the dishwasher and warm water to clean the blender. Add them to the container, and then turn on the blender. Within 60 seconds, your blender will be clean. Let the container after each clean properly.

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Versatile use

From a smooth smoothie to baby food – a Vitamix blender is able to make anything in no time. Usually, the Vitamix blenders are very popular to make smoothies and soups. Vitamix can make other things, such as – Vitamix e310 and e320 can make – dough, batters, salsa, dips & spreads, salads, butter, and purees, baby food, etc.

You can chop vegetables or fruits in the Vitamix blender, reducing your stress from cooking. The versatile use makes it very convenient.


Honestly, the Vitamix e320 is better than the Vitamix e310 blender. If you want to buy an Explorian blender and don’t have any budget issues, then you can choose the Vitamix e320 blender. You can choose the Vitamix e310 if you are on a budget. But we’d suggest buying the Vitamix e320 Explorian blender. Did you decide which Explorian to buy?

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix e310 vs e320 Blenders.

Which is durable, Vitamix e310 or e320?

Both of them are durable enough. But the Vitamix e320 has a 7-year warranty, and the Vitamix e310 has a 5-year warranty.

What is the container size of these two Explorian Vitamix models?

Vitamix e310 has a 48-oz container, and Vitamix e320 has a 64-oz low-profile container.

Can I grind flour in the Vitamix Explorian? 

Yes, you can grind flour in the Explorian blender. Also, you can grind rice, nuts, or other tough items. You can churn ice in the Vitamix as well.

Which Explorian makes loud noise?

Compared to Vitamix e320, Vitamix e310 is less noisy while the blender is in use. If you have any hearing issues, then choose the Vitamix e310 blender.

Can I use the Vitamix e310 at 220V?

No, Vitamix blenders are made of the USA and Canadian electrical standards, so they have to use at 120v.

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