Vitamix a3300 review – Check what is better then other vitamix?

Vitamix a3300 comes from the Ascent series which is a unique blender than other standard Vitamix. This Ascent is a very amazing machine that can handle everything for you. 

If you are looking for purchasing a high-end Vitamix, don’t look further, purchase the Vitamix a3300 with eyes closed. 

What is Unique in Vitamix a3300? 

  • Vitamix a3300 provides a touch interface –  touchscreen control gives the machine a sleek and silhouette look. And it’s safe to use the machine with wet fingers. 
  • This smart blender has a programmable time function on the knob. You can set time to the length of the recipe, and the machine will stop working when the recipe is ready. 
  • The motor base is very smart of a3300, it can detect the container size to adjust the speed volume plus maximize the blending time. So if you have this blender then you don’t need to manually set the speed for the recipe. 
  • Vitamix Ascent 3300 comes with a 10-years full warranty while another Vitamix comes with either 5-years or 7-years full warranty. The warranty period of Vitamix Ascent 3300 makes it a unique one, and purchasing this one would be an ideal decision. 

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  • 10-years full warranty.
  • 2.2-peak commercial-grade motor.
  • Self-detect functions.
  • Touch Interface.
  • Paired with Vitamix App.
  • 10-variable speed & Pulse.
  • 64-oz low-profile container.
  • Versatile Blender.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Vitamix a3300 has a commercial-grade motor, so it makes a little noise when in use.

Compare Vitamix a3300 Vs a2500 and a2300 

Vitamix a3300 Vitamix a2500 Vitamix a2300
Dimension 11 x 8 x 17 inDimension 11 x 8 x 17 inDimension 11 x 8 x 17 in
Touch Interface No No 
Weight 11.86 lbsWeight 11.86 lbsWeight 11.86 lbs
64-oz low-profile container 64-oz low-profile container 64-oz low-profile container 
10-variable Speed 10-variable Speed10-variable Speed
No program Settings Three Program Settings No program Settings 
Pulse Button Pulse Button Pulse Button 
Programmable Timer Digital Timer Digital Timer 
Self-detect function Self-detect function Self-detect function 
Vitamix App Vitamix App Vitamix App 
Low Profile Tamper Low Profile Tamper Low Profile Tamper 
Cookbook Cookbook Cookbook 
10-years warranty 10-years warranty 10-years warranty 
Check a3300 priceCheck A2500 PriceCheck A2300 price

User’s Opinion About Vitamix a3300

Vitamix a3300 is a very popular blender, which means the users are very happy with its amazing features. Let’s hear from the real users of Vitamix a3300. 

  • Vitamix a3300 is a beautiful blender and the price is worth paying for the outstanding functions it provides. I love putting the timer and walk-away function. And this doesn’t need the pre-program functions. I really love this blender, and I’d like to recommend this blender to everyone. 
  • This is a powerful blender and provides easy cleanup. I can prepare a large batch of nice smoothies and then I can store the container into the fridge. The blender itself can handle everything which is very convenient for me. Now I can’t wait to make a roasted veggie soup in the fall!
  • This is a great Vitamix machine and I’m very glad to purchase this. I can make much healthy food in this blender. No complaints and it blends very well than other blenders on the market. I highly recommend this blender to others. 
  • I owned three Vitamix and this one is the best. It has great power and is simple to use. Worth of every penny. But the only thing I don’t like is noise when in use. And I’m okay with the noise level as it’s a high-end blender than others. 

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Features and Benefits of Vitamix a3300 

Touch Interface 

It is a smart blender so it contains a touch interface that makes it a sleek and beautiful machine. The great thing is: you can use the touch interface even with the wet fingers. It’s safe plus the machine can be wiped clean. 

Programmable Timer 

The previous Ascent Vitamix contains a digital timer but this has a programmable timer. You cannot set the timer on the digital timer, and the programmable timer allows you to set time. 

Just set the timer to the length of the recipe, then you can walk away. It doesn’t have the three or five program settings, but it does the job better than program settings. Since you can set time for anything you are preparing. 


There is a commercial-grade 2.2-peak horsepower motor contained in the Vitamix a3300 blender. It can blend any toughest items you put to the container within a matter of time. Moreover, the blender can be used for a long time without heating the base. 

That’s because the motor contains a radial cooling fan, as well as, a thermal protection system. 

It provides a laser-cut blade that delivers you a great quality blending. The blade is very durable and resistant to bending plus corrosion or rust. 

Self-detect Function 

The self-detect function can recognize the container size you attach to the blender. Furthermore, this can adjust the speed settings and maximize the blending time. 

Since the blender can handle itself properly, it makes the blending tasks easier for you. 


Vitamix a3300 comes with a low-profile 64-oz container, it’s wide enough to prepare different beverages or other meals for the family. It is made of BPA-free Tritan Plastic, and the container fits under most kitchen cabinets. 

Moreover, the container can prepare anything from hot soups to nut butter to baby food, salsa, salad, and so on. Also, you can use this as a food processor jar when needed. 

The best part is: it has a self-cleaning function, blend soap and warm water at the highest speed. Then rinse and let the container dry to store. 

Speed Control & Pulse 

It contains 10-variable speed like other Vitamix including a pulse button. Start the machine at speed 1, then increase the speed level. You can adjust the speed level when the blender is in use, and this will give you the texture you want. 

And the pulse button creates quick bursts to blend your items within seconds. When making anything tough, just press the pulse button instead of the variable speeds.

Vitamix App 

This blender is compatible with the perfect Vitamix app and it makes the blender very simple to use. If you have a smartphone or iOs then install the app. 

It has 17 programs and 500+ recipes: also, once you start using the app, it will remember the settings for your next time blending. Also, if you want you can add your custom recipes to the app. 

The app lets you unlock the machine right from your device plus you can easily use the machine from the app. 


The blender provides a user manual, don’t forget to read the user manual before start using the machine. You will get a handy low-profile tamper that can be used when the blender is in use. 

The blender also provides a cookbook, it contains many recipes. And it provides a 64-oz container and a 2.2-peak motor base. 


Vitamix blenders are made from the high-end materials that’s why Vitamix lasts longer than other blenders. Vitamix a3300 is a durable blender, moreover, it comes with a 10-years full warranty from the date of purchase. 

While most of the Vitamix comes with a 7-years warranty, therefore purchasing the Vitamix a3300 would be a perfect choice. 


Vitamix a3300 is a great blender than other Vitamix, there’s no doubt. You will get some of the best functions in this blender. 

This machine is backed up with a 10-years full warranty plus the machine is great at handling itself. So you have to give less effort when it comes to using the machine. 

If you are looking for a great blender for the price, choose the Vitamix a3300 with eyes closed. It’s an amazing blender and worth investing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamix a3300

Does Vitamix a3300 come with a cookbook?

Yes, it does, also, it provides a low-profile tamper in the box. 

Does it provide programmable settings?

No, it offers adjustable settings but it contains programmable timer settings. 

What is the voltage for Vitamix a3300?

Vitamix a3300 runs at 110-120 voltage as it is made of the USA and Canadian electrical standards. 

Can I use the touch function with wet fingers?

Yes, no matter you have dry or wet fingers you can operate the touch function. 

What is the difference between Vitamix a2300 and a3300?

The main difference between these two blenders is in speed settings and the texture of the recipe. Vitamix a3300 provides the best texture of your recipe. 

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