Vitamix 6500 vs 7500 – What’s the difference between these two?

Vitamix 6500 vs 7500Vitamix 6500 and 7500 are two amazing Vitamix models, but the question is who is the boss? Based on the performance and features of these two blenders I will say Vitamix 7500 is the boss. Maybe you have a question why? Well, let’s see—

Why Vitamix 7500 is the boss?

  • Vitamix 7500 motor base has a Radial cooling fan system and thermal protection which make sure the motor base is cool while running for a long time. 6500 doesn’t include a Radial cooling fan.
  • The Vitamix is a G-series blender 7500 and it has a 2.2 HP Next-generation motor, but 6500 is a C-series blender and comes with a 2.2 HP classic motor.
  • Compared to 6500 Vitamix 7500 is 40% quieter though it has got more motor power than 6500.

Vitamix 7500 comes with an affordable price than 6500 though it’s an updated version and contains extra features. While you are getting an update machine at less price, why you should buy an earlier version, but its totally your Decision.

Vitamix 6500 and 7500 Specifications

SpecificationsVitamix 6500Vitamix 7500
ImageVitamix 6500 vs 7500
Dimension17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 in
Motor2.2 hp 2.2 HP Next-generation motor
Weight7.38 lbs13lbs
Color Black and silver Black, red and white
Preset button3 preset buttons – smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups.No
Noise levelNoisy than Vitamix 7500Less noisy than Vitamix 6500
Blender series C-seriesG-series
Priceexpensive than the Vitamix 7500A little less expensive than Vitamix 6500
Variable speedYesYes
Warranty 7-year full warranty7-year full warranty
Pulse functionYesYes
Container64-oz low-profile container64-oz low-profile container

The main difference between Vitamix 6500 and 7500 is the 3-preset buttons. Vitamix 7500 doesn’t have the preset buttons but Vitamix 6500 has the preset buttons. Though these two blenders have the same motor power yet the Vitamix 7500 is less noisy than Vitamix 6500 blender as Vitamix 7500 has the next-gen motor. Vitamix 7500 is less expensive than the Vitamix 6500 model.

Features and Benefits of Vitamix 6500 and 7500 

The Motor Performance

Vitamix 6500 and 7500 has the same motor performance, they both have 2.2-hp motor. With this motor power, virtually you can make anything you want from the toughest items to silk smoothies or anything you like. Vitamix 6500 and 7500 runs at a high-speed and you can run the blender for a few minutes without any heating issue of the machine. Since the motor has an adjusted cooling fan.

Noise level 

The noise level of a blender is a very important thing to consider, before choosing the Vitamix 6500 or 7500 consider the noise level as these two blenders are different in the noise level. If you want a blender that is less noisy then choose the Vitamix 7500. Since the Vitamix 7500 has the next-gen motor, so the blender is less noisy while in use.

And if you can adjust to the noise level then you can buy the Vitamix 6500. Usually, high-speed blenders are a little bit noisy and you can adjust blender. However, the choice is yours – choose the blender according to your preference.

The blades

Compared to other blenders blades, Vitamix blenders blades are very sharp, as well as, durable. They are made of hardened stainless steel that provides a laser-cut design. The blades are very sharp and powerful that can make hot soups in no time. You don’t need to replace the Vitamix blades very often since they are very durable. 

In terms of the blades, Vitamix 6500 and 7500 are the same.

Preset buttons

The 3-preset buttons make the main difference between these two Vitamix blenders. Vitamix 6500 has the preset buttons, on the other hand, Vitamix 7500 doesn’t have this. The 3-preset buttons are  – hot soups, smoothies, and frozen desserts. When you want to make any recipe from three of them, these buttons are very handy, and just by press these buttons you can walk away and do other households work.

Suppose you want to make smoothies – add the whole fruits or vegetables (you don’t need to cut them into pieces), and ice to the container and attach the lid. Next, set the speed button to the smoothie, and this will make the smoothie. 

For your kitchen, if you want a blender that has the preset buttons the choose the Vitamix 6500 or else you can choose the Vitamix 7500. 

Speed control and Pulse feature

When it comes to the speed control these two Vitamix are the same. They have 10-variable speed control and while making a recipe you can increase or low the speed level. This will provide you a perfect recipe every time. 

Also, these two Vitamix has a pulse feature. To grind or churn any toughest items or to make a recipe quickly, the pulse button is really handy. All you have to do is – adding the ingredients and press the pulse button, that’s it!


You will get a low-profile 64-oz container with these two Vitamix blenders model. To make a large amount of the smoothies or soups for the family entertainment, the low-profile container is big enough. Also, the container has a measurement scale outside of the container which is very convenient to add the ingredients. 


The blender colors also make these two blenders different from each other. Vitamix 6500 has two colors – black and silver, on the flip side, Vitamix 7500 has three colors – black, white, and red. According to your personal preference choose the color of the blender. The price of the blender varies depending on the color – keep this in mind. 


Blender accessories are very handy when it comes to using the blender. These two blenders are also different in the accessories. With the Vitamix 6500 and 7500, you will get the same motor base, low-profile 64-oz container, getting started guide (before start using the blender, read this carefully), and a low-profile tamper. 

But Vitamix 7500 also provides a cookbook (it contains many recipes) and DVD with the blender. If you want the cookbook the buy the Vitamix 7500. 

Versatile use 

You can use your Vitamix blender to make different types of foods in no time. Vitamix 6500 and 7500 provide you this feature that you can make many recipes, such as – hot soups, nut butter, dough, sauces, batter, salsa, salads, frozen desserts, dips & spreads, juices, baby food, puree, smoothies, and much more items.

Also, you can chop vegetables or fruits with the Vitamix blenders, and you can add the whole ingredients to the container. To grind any tough items, such as – coffee beans or seeds or ice, you can use the Vitamix.


Every Vitamix blenders provide the self-cleaning properties which make the blender hassle-free clean. Vitamix blenders need a drop of the dishwasher and warm water to clean. Your Vitamix blender will be clean in a minute. 

When it comes to cleaning, Vitamix 6500 and 7500 are the same.


Vitamix 6500 and 7500 come with 7-years of the full-warranty. These two blenders provide only a 7-years warranty, they can last more than a decade when you take proper care and maintenance. And we know, you’d take care of your blender, won’t you?


The price of a blender is a very very important thing that you should consider. You have to buy a blender according to your budget. And Vitamix 6500 is less expensive than Vitamix 7500. If you don’t have any budget issue then you can choose the Vitamix 7500. You can buy the Vitamix 6500 if you are on a budget.

The Final Words

A blender is an important kitchen tool, so before buying a blender you need to consider the features and benefits. If you want the best benefits then Vitamix 6500 could be your choice, also, it is less expensive. Or if you want a blender that makes little noise then Vitamix 7500 blender could be your option. I’d suggest you buy Vitamix 6500 since it has the 3-preset buttons. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix 6500 and 7500

Which Vitamix has the 3-preset buttons?

Vitamix 6500 has the 3-preset buttons, which are – frozen desserts, hot soups, and smoothies.

Does Vitamix 7500 is very noisy?

No, Vitamix 7500 makes a little noise while in use that’s because the 7500 model has the next-gen motor. 

Will I get a cookbook with the Vitamix 6500?

Vitamix 6500 doesn’t provide a cookbook. But the Vitamix 7500 has a cookbook, you can buy this.

Does the Vitamix 6500 and 7500 come with the manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, the manufacturer provides the 7-years of the full warranty for these two Vitamix blenders. 

Can I use the Vitamix 7500 for mixing?

Sure, you can. Also, you can use this for crushing ice, grinding any toughest items, and chopping.

If you have an interest to read more about Vitamix 6500 and 7500 or want to check some more comparison? Then just follow the link from bellow