Best ninja blender reviews

best ninja blender reviewsNinja brand blender is one of the attractive blenders these days. So if you are looking for a high-quality blender then you can go for a ninja blender. But Ninja brands have different types of blenders to meet your needs.  

Not all make the great recipe for you whether it’s a smoothie and any main course. What types of features are you looking for in a Ninja blender? The best one that you can use in a versatile way? If so then you can check the Ninja Smart Screen Blender

Or if you are seeking a professional Ninja then the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt would be an ideal option.

The following is the specification of these two best Ninja blenders, let’s have a look … 

Best Ninja blender to get the perfect texture

SpecificationsBest Versatile Ninja Blender  Best Professional Ninja Blender 
Editor’s rating4.74.5
Product Dimension8.9 x 10.8 x 17.3 inches8 x 6 x 17 inches
Motor Power1400-Peak Watts 1100 Watts
Weight 16.25 lbs 7.6 lbs
PulseYes Yes 
Touch ScreenYesNo 
Preset Function 9 Preset Auto-IQ functionNo 
Pitcher Capacity Up to 72-ozUp to 72-oz
Single Cup20-oz 16-oz
Food Processor 40-oz No 
Slicing/Shredding DiscYesNo 
Warranty 1-Year1-Year
Why people loves itThe different use makes this blender a versatile one so you can make whatever you want. Moreover, it has a food processor which is very convenient.This is a professional blender that does not leave any chunks behind to make a magical smoothie. It has 1100 Watts motor power but the price very affordable than other Ninja blenders.
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So, you can see these two Ninja is the best for their amazing versatility plus the best features they provide. We highly recommend Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt. We also share eight Ninja blenders that provide very good performance. 

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Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food Processor

Ninja Smart blender could be your best choice since this is more convenient to use than other Ninja blenders. The following we cover the pros and cons of this smart blender – 

  • Ninja Smart Screen blender comes with FreshVac technology that keeps your favorite drink fresh up to 8 hours. 
  • It is a 1400-peak watts blender with 9 preset Auto-IQ programs.  
  • There is a 72 oz pitcher, 40 oz food processor, and a 20 oz single-serve cup comes with this blender.
  • The touch-screen display makes it easier to use than other Ninja. 
  • Ninja Smart Blender has smart vessel recognition that recognizes the attachments is on the base plus this reveals the presets.
  • This blender is great for smoothies and other drinks you want to make. But sometimes the blades are hard to clean for some users. It is a lame excuse though. 

Users Opinion About the Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food Processor

Before buying a product, especially a kitchen appliance, you should read the real user’s experience. This is very helpful when you get to know about a product from an experienced customer. Only they can say if the product is the best or not. With that in mind, we’ve put some of the real user’s opinions here –

  • Ninja Smart Blender stole my wife. I bought this blender for my wife, it was on a sale fortunately so I got a bum deal. But after I gave it to my wife, she’s fallen in love with it. Every time when I come home, I hear the blending, whizzing coming from the kitchen. She’s gone mad with this blender and very satisfied. 
  • This has a great system, talking about the FreshVac Pump. The 1400 watts is impressive, overall, I’m pretty happy with this as I can use this every day. The touch screen and programmed settings are an extremely great addition to this blender. 
  • I and my wife needed a solid food processor so that we can make baby food, also, we were in need of a blender. Guess what? We found both in this product, besides, it has a single-serve cup for smoothies. The motor is adequate for our all needs. The best part is – we save a lot of cabinet space after purchasing this blender. 
  • I’ll say I love Ninja products more than others. Setting up is simple plus the touch screen gives it a sweet look. The only thing I do not like – the single-serve cup is leaked. As the rubber seal at the bottom of the cup gone bad after six months of use. Otherwise, I said that I love Ninja products, this one meets all my kitchen needs. I highly appreciate this product and recommend others too. 

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Here are the Features and Benefits of Ninja Smart Screen Blender 

Touch Screen Display 

The sleek touchscreen display of this Ninja lets you select between the vessel-specific preset programs or the manual options. The ninja touch screen makes it more convenient to use and it stands out everyday kitchen wear and tear. You can use the touchscreen of this Ninja with a wet finger, it is safe. 

1400-Peak Motor 

With the 1400-peak motor of Ninja, you can make anything you want to eat. The peak motor lets you run the blender until you blend the item to your desired. Don’t worry about the motor base, this is a great motor to meet all your food habits needs from the toughest items to the soft ingredients, anything you can throw to the blender. 

9 Presets with Auto-IQ

Presets or pre-program features are a blessing for many users. We’re saying this as with the presets you will get the walk-away convenience, so you don’t need to stand with the blender anymore. When the blender will finish its blending, this will shut off automatically. 

Pitcher, Food-processor and Single-serve cup 

A 72oz pitcher (FreshVac), 40oz precision processor and 20-oz single-serve cup (FreshVac) – what else do you want? A single Ninja provides a blender so that you can do every your blending or other cooking preparation within a matter of time. 

The best part about the pitcher and single-serve cup is they are FreshVac that transform the items into your favorite smoothies and more plus you will get the whole Vitamins and Nutrition. Another best part is, when you attach these to the motor base, the blender recognizes the attachment and will reveal the presets. 

Blend, crush, chop and More 

Why do you need a blender? For blending, crushing ice or chopping? No matter what your intention is using the blender, this smart Ninja allows you to do everything in between. The stacked blades are designed with a total crushing feature to crush the items in seconds. 

It has a pro extractor blades assembly, that breaks down the tough items to extract Vitamins and nutrients from the items you throw into the blender. Now you can make impressive salads or garnish with the slicing disc.

Breeze cleaning

You hate cleaning, but Ninja Smart blender is a breeze when it comes to cleaning your blender. Water and a drop of the dishwasher – these will make your cleaning easier than before. Pour these two to the blender and run the cleaning cycle for a few seconds.  Next, wash thoroughly with water and let it dry. 

Use a damp and soft cloth to clean the motor base. Also, when cleaning the blades, be very careful as Ninja use very sharp blades. 


You will get a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase with this blender. But take a little care and maintenance the blender and this will last longer for you many years to come, and we know, you expect this to last forever. We’d say purchase this Ninja and chill. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ninja Smart Screen Blender 

Does this Ninja blender able to make mayonnaise? 

Yes, this blender is able to make mayonnaise and other sauces too. We’d suggest you to use the food processor bowl to make mayonnaise. 

Can this blender slice potato?

It comes with a slicing disc so yes you can slice the potato and other veggies as well. 

Can I make dough for pizza?

Ninja Smart Screen Blender comes with a food processor, use this to make a dough. 

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, this is a dishwasher safe blender that makes the cleaning is a breeze. 

Can I use other Ninja cup with this unit? 

No, this has a single-serve cup that is 20-oz. Use this cup to make your favorite beverage anytime. 

We’ve covered everything about the Ninja Smart Screen Blender, hopefully, you’ve now got why we mention this as the best Ninja. Don’t wait anymore and grab this Ninja Smart Screen Blender to make your life easier. 

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt

If you are looking for a professional Ninja Blender then we’d suggest you choose this Ninja Professional Countertop Blender. This is powerful enough to blend the items you want in a matter of time like any quality blender. You will be satisfied with the performance of this Ninja. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this best professional Ninja – 

  • The professional 72 oz pitcher is capable of making large batches of frozen creamy drinks or smoothies or other delicious drinks. 
  • It has single-serve, pulse, and 3-speed functions.
  • You’ll get two 16-oz Nutri ninja cups with which you can carry drinks on the go.
  • Cleaning of this ninja is hassle-free as it is dishwasher safe and it makes the blender very convenient.
  • You can grind or crush tough ingredients as the blades are very powerful.
  • While you use the blender, it makes a little noise but it is okay as high-end blenders make noises, so you can consider this.


What users are saying about Ninja Professional Blender 

Have a look at the real users’ opinions of what they are saying about the best professional Ninja blender. This might be helpful for you to make the buying decision.

  • Ninja 1100 watts is a very amazing blender plus this one does the job well. It is very straight forward to use and powerful. Besides this is powerful and easy to clean too. The cups come with this blender is great for the quick personal smoothies. We are really glad to have this as it does everyhting we need.
  • We love the individual cups much more than we thought, so we’d say buy it and you’ll love it. It’s a breeze when we want to make something in the bigger pitcher. The power of this blender is better than other blenders we had.
  • This is a great value for smoothies and shakes. Also, this blender saves me money. It is a perfect blender for me as I can make single-serve smoothies without any mess on the countertop. Single-serve is a life-saving part for me. 
  • Ninja is good to build quality and design blender. This blender makes ice cubes into the snow, and using this blender is very easy. The only downside for this blender is – this is loud but it’s okay. 

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Features and Benefits of Ninja Professional Blender

One of the real user saying, Ninja professional blender is full of clever features. So what are the features that are clever? Let’s then discuss … 

Motor Power

Ninja professional countertop blenders come with an 1100 watts motor power that gives a professional power. It has 6 blades assembly that allows the user to quickly blend and crush the frozen items into smoothies, dips, or other things. 

The pro extractor blade breaks the whole nutrients from the fruits and vegetables which is very crucial for our health. 

72 Oz Pitcher and 16 Oz Cups

There is a 72 oz total crushing pitcher that comes with this Ninja including two 16 ounce jars with to-go lids. If you have a big family, the 72 oz pitcher allows you to make the large batch of creamy frozen drinks or smoothies in a matter of time. On the other hand, the 16 oz jars are essential for the people who need to take the cup with them, these two have to-go lids that make it easier. 

The 72-oz pitcher and 16oz cups are dishwasher safe so now the cleaning is a breeze for you. But handle the blade with very care.

Easy to clean 

Every part of this blender, such as – pitcher, blade, and lids are dishwasher safe. The professional Ninja makes the cleaning is very simple which people think a hassle. You can purchase this blender if the cleaning is not your favorite thing to do. 

Also, make sure to wipe clean the motor base. Remember one thing – regular cleaning makes a blender durable. 

Speed settings

With the 3 speeds including a single-serve and pulse feature this blender comes. The single-serve is very amazing as you can make your favorite smoothies within seconds. Use the pulse button when adding any toughest items or vegetables or fruits to slice. 

The speed settings of this blender are simple to use and convenient. But since there are no fancy buttons, you have to manually do the things. This is a little hassle some users think while others are okay. 


This is a professional Ninja Blender that you can use as a multi-functional blender. Use this blender for blending your smoothies, or use as a grinder to make nut butter or if you need to crush seeds then just throw them to the jar and press the pulse button. Within seconds Ninja Professional blender will make the items like snow or the texture you want. 


The accessories or goodies you’ll get with this Ninja blender are – user manual, 72-oz pitcher, two 16oz cups with to-go lids, the 1100 watts motor base, blade assembly -these items will come with this blender to meet your blending needs.  


Generally, Ninja blenders provide 1-year of the warranty. Your Ninja Professional will be durable and last for 3 or 4 years to come if you make sure you take proper care of the blender.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender With 1100-Watts

Does this Ninja blender make noise?

Yes, when this Ninja blender is in use it makes a loud noise. But the blender works great as it is a high-quality blender. 

Can I make mayonnaise in this Ninja blender?

You can make mayonnaise in this blender but you’ll not have the consistency you want because the carafe is too large for mayonnaise.

Can I make smoothies in a Ninja Professional blender?

Sure, you can make smoothies or juices in this professional Ninja blender. But you have to strain the smoothie before drinking.

How to attach the Ninja Professional blender smaller cup to the main unit?

First, from the unit base remove the large container. Now pour the ingredients you want to make, and screw the small attachment. Turn the cup upside down and then place it on the unit base.

Does Ninja Professional work on 220V power supply?

This Ninja is designed to work on 120V only. Since this blender is made of the USA and Canadian electrical standards.

These two Ninja Blenders are the best we’ve reviewed. We’d recommend taking a look at them and choose the one you need. The following we shared 8 more best Ninja blenders that also provide the nice performance you are seeking. If you want to learn other Ninjas then read around the rest of the guide … 

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

Another professional Ninja is this 72 oz countertop blender from the Ninja series. Here are the pros and cons of this professional countertop blender –

  • It has a high blending, crushing technology.
  • The motor knob contains different speed settings that allow you to choose the speed you want.
  • You can grind coffee beans or other tough ingredients as the blades are very powerful. Also, you can crush ice to this blender, and it can crush ice like snow. 
  • The secure top system locks out leaks and splashes.
  • This professional Ninja provides an affordable price.
  • This does not pair with individual blending cups.

Features and Benefits of Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt

Professional 1000 watts 

The motor power of a blender is the main thing that you should consider before purchasing a blender. Ninja professional blender has a total crushing technology for smoothies, frozen fruits, and ice. 

If the smoothies are your type of drink, Ninja Professional 1000 watts is should be on your countertop. 


This is a professional Ninja but there are no fancy buttons are available but the speed settings are the best. You’ve to manually use the speed to get your blending or crushing done. The low, high, and medium buttons are on the knob provide you increase or decrease the speed. 

There is a pulse button available on the knob which is a very important button when it comes to crush or grind the toughest items.


Ninja 72 oz pitcher is perfect to make a large batch of smoothies or other items for the family. And the pitcher has a spout lid that provides you easy to pour liquids. Besides, the spout lid allows you to add fruits or other ingredients while blending. The blade is very sharp that crushes ice and frozen fruit like a powerhouse, which means there are no chunks left behind. 

So you can see for the family, this is a nice blender to choose as you can make the large batch of meals to enjoy family time. 


This is a professional Ninja Blender that you can use as a multi-functional blender. Use this blender for blending your smoothies, or use as a grinder to make nut butter or if you need to crush seeds then just throw them to the jar and press the pulse button. Within seconds Ninja Professional blender will make the items like snow or the texture you want. 


The professional Ninja 72 oz blender comes with a one-year limited warranty from the date of the original purchase. With a little care, you can expect this blender to last for a few years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ninja Professional 72-Oz Countertop Blender 

Is the container is made of glass?

No, Ninja 72 oz blender pitcher is durable plastic made as well as this blender has more power.

How loud this blender at full power?

In terms of noise, Ninja blenders are a little noisy, this also the same. But high-speedy blenders are a little loud while in operation. 

Can this Ninja handle vegetables like celery, kale, and spinach?

Yes, perfectly it handles all these items – use the pulse button to get the best results from this vegetable. 

Is it able to chop nuts?

The answer is yes since this blender has a total crushing feature. We recommend you use the pulse button to the desired results you want. 

Is it easy to take apart to clean?

Ninja Professional 72 oz is extremely easy to take apart, approximately you’ll need 15 seconds – and the cleaning is very simple. 

Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base

If you are seeking a Ninja blender with a food processor and chopper bowl, this is our pick for you. This is a 3 in 1 blender that makes it a versatile machine. Ninja 450 W blender will reduce your stress from work as it has three items to help you. 

The pros and cons of this blender are – 

  • It has three containers that blend food evenly you want. And each blending container has its own blade – that’s wonderful!
  • There are literally is one button that you can press yet operating this Ninja is very simple.
  • The blades are removable so the cleaning is easier than you think.
  • You can fill the pitcher to the top but there are no leaks – that’s quite impressive.
  • When blending you can add liquid to the pitcher as the medium and large pitcher has a pouring spout. 
  • The pitchers are made of plastic, the users said if it has a glass pitcher then they would love this most. While the love everything about this blender. 

Features and Benefits of Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base

Interchangeable 450 Watts 

This is just 450 watts but the power is amazing to make any items within a few seconds/minutes. This is considered the master prep blender in Ninja since this can make any items perfectly than typical Ninja blenders. 

Pitcher, food processor, and chopper bowl 

A single blender but comes with three different jars to make the blending a breeze. It has a 48 oz pitcher that is fine for frozen blending, 40 oz processor jar to prepare the meal, and a 16 oz chopper bowl to produce even blending. 

The best part about the jars are – they include storage lids, also, these are all dishwasher safe. And the blade is removable – do you need anything else?

Easy to assemble 

Just pour the items you want to blend, then add the blade properly and attach the lid – you are done! Some people may think the assemble is very tough for this blender, while the reality is different. The easy to assemble makes your work easier plus you save time, right? 


It contains one-speed settings on the blender, once you assembly the blender, press the power button. The interchangeable pods contain the pulse button when you need just press it. See, the pulse button makes it easier to do your blending quickly if you are in a rush. 


Before talking about the lifespan, let us tell you that – this blender is very affordable than the previous blender we talked about. The best part is, this also provides a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty is a satisfactory thing, but the real fact is – you can use the blender for years with just a little care. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base

Can this blend raw carrots, ginger, and others?

Probably this blender does the blending of raw items best. But if you want a creamy blend then make sure to add a little water while blending. 

Is it normal the smoothies are granule? 

This blender can make smoothies from the toughest items and leafy greens are tend to granule somewhat. 

Can I use the little choppy piece to chop nuts?

Sure, let the blender a try for you. This is the chopper bowl to make the best chop items for you.

How does this make pizza dough?

It makes pizza dough very well plus you can expect it to make dough for other items too, moreover, make anything you want. 

What are the blades are made of?

Ninja blades are made from stainless steel and very sharp. 

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender with 1500W Auto-iQ Base

A 1500W blender is very powerful, we don’t need to mention this to you. The added convenience of this blender is – it has Auto-IQ base, the work is now easier than you think. Don’t look around, read the review of this Mega blender and make your decision the best. 

Okay, have a look at the pros and cons of this blender. 

  • Ninja mega is a great space saver for a small kitchen as it has one base for the blender and food processor. 
  • It comes with lots of cups, the great part is small cups can be used for individual serving.
  • You can use the large pitcher to make a great batch of pureed soup.
  • Every time you will get the best blending as the blade is very sharp. 
  • The price is very affordable than any premium Ninja.
  • Save your ear while blending since this makes a loud noise. It is not a big matter since you will get the best blending you desired. 


Features and Benefits of Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender with 1500W Auto-iQ Base

1500 watts of blending power  

You might be thinking about the blending power before you are on the market – this is very natural for the users. For the best blending results, this Ninja Blender provides 1500 watts of motor power. This power has the best blending power to make the job easier. 

The motor has 2 horsepower like any high-quality blenders. 1500 watts motor power with 2 hp combination, you will get the best blending results you desire from the blender. The blade is very sharp so handle it with care or else you will cut your finger. 

The pitchers/Jars 

A 72 oz pitcher, one 64 oz processor bowl, and two 16 oz cups – these items come with this blender to make your blending easier than ever, don’t you think so? Now you can enjoy the large batch of frozen drinks with family. 

The processor bowl is very handy when you need to prepare the large batch meal. Go anywhere with the smoothies you make – the 16 oz cups are to-go enabled. Just make the smoothies in the cup and remove the blade assembly and attach the lid and go. 

5 Manual Speed Settings 

The speed settings are manual yet they are easy to use. It contains pulse, dough, blend, crush, and single-serve. These are the speed settings. Press the button you need to make your blending done. 

If you love baking, the dough making is very simple in this. We do not need to mention the blend and crush speed settings, as you know what to do with them. Smoothie lovers now make their drink in a matter of time. Need to grind nuts or seeds? Just use the pulse button. 

Many-Sided Blending

Are you seeking a versatile blender? To make a drink to any tough foods like nut butter? if so then Ninja Mega could be your product. You will not regret your purchase decision as you can virtually make anything you love to.  

And this blender is simple to use, hopefully, you know by now plus the price is very much affordable. 


With just a one-year standard limited warranty Ninja Mega comes though but make sure you can use this for 3 to 4 years. Handle the blender with care and this will do any blending in between you want. And the material of this blender is very high-quality. You can expect the blender to last for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender with 1500W Auto-iQ Base

Does this Ninja make the cake batter, whisk egg white, or dough?

Yes, easily this will make this all the baking preparation you need to make the best cake you want. 

Does this blender able to put hot liquids?

No, you cannot put hot liquids to the blender but this blender allows you to put the warm liquids to the blender. 

Does this blender make basil pesto?

Sure, this blender does this for you. Use the food processor to make your desired basil pesto. 

Does this blender is able to add ingredients while it’s blending?

There is a small opening at the top-lid where you can add extra ingredients if you need to. 

Is it really loud?

Listen, this is a high-speed blender so this is pretty loud than others. But it does the best blending for you. 

Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology

This Nutri Ninja with FreshVac technology considered the next-gen nutrient extraction from the Ninja Blender. This feature helps to keep your recipe fresh for up to 8 hours. Also, the two Auto-iQ features make it more convenient to use this blender than you think. 

Here we provide the pros and cons of this blender, so have a look- 

  • The Oxygen extraction idea makes this blender a great one. 
  • The construction of this blender is high-quality plus the cups are very thick that makes the blender durable.
  • The motor unit is the quality piece for this blender, also, there are suction cups to the bottom of the blender so the touch is very simple. 
  • The two Intelligent IQ options make it more convenient to use plus the one button to start/off and another is a pulse. 
  • Since the cup is the first thing to break in a blender so one extra cup is a very nice addition. 
  • There are chances of leakage, so add the lid properly. 

Features and Benefits of Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology

FreshVac Technology

This is the new addition to the Nutri blender and we mentioned about this feature on the first product we choose. However, this feature makes the Nutri blender a Next-gen blender. This helps to remove oxygen from the items you add to the blender and keeps your recipe fresh up to 8 hours. 

And using the FreshVac is very simple – once you add the ingredients to the container, set this to the container and push the button on the pump to remove oxygen. Next, remove the pump, securely attach the lid and blend. 

Auto-IQ Technology 

Auto-IQ means the presets of a blender, and you will get this on Nutri Ninja Blender. This Ninja is an 1100-watts blender with the 2 Auto-iQ programs, your favorite drinks or other items will be ready in minutes. The two Auto-IQ are Smoothie and Extract. 

And the two manual speed setting makes it easier to use the blender – start/stop and pulse features are the manual programs. The speed settings make this blender simple to use especially for the smoothie lovers. 

Versatile Use 

Nutri Ninja with FreshVac technology blender will be a life-changer blender for you. This blender provides you with making any items to make you want. Super creamy smoothies to frozen drinks to sauces – anything you could make in this. Moreover, food is a nutrient that is good for health. 


This is the next-gen blender in the Nutri series, you may think this is very pricey. But the price is very affordable that should be on your countertop. And the warranty is like other Ninja blenders – 1-year limited warranty. But you have to do the same thing, handle with care and this will be durable for 3 to 4 years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology

Will this Ninja works in a 220V electrical grid?

The FreshVac technology designed to work in North America that means this Ninja works on 120V. But if you purchase an adapter then this can be used in a 220V electrical grid. 

When to use the smoothie and extract? 

The smoothie function on the blender is used to make super-smooth drinks and shakes from the ingredients you throw to the blender. On the other hand, the extract function is used for tough items. 

Can I use the FreshVac with on the cup with the lid?

Yes, you can use this on the cup as well. You need to first, add ingredients to the cup then screw the Pro Extractor blade. Then set the FreshVac pump to the cup and run it.

Is this Nutri Ninja dishwasher safe? 

Yes, the blade assembly, cups, and lids for Nutri Ninja are top-rack dishwasher safe. 

Can I blend hot liquid in this Nutri Ninja?

Sorry to inform you that this blender would not be able to blend any hot liquids. 

Ninja BL480 Nutri with 1000 Watt

Are you seeking a sturdy blender that you can use every single day? Look at this Ninja – this blender is very sturdy that makes it durable. One of the good features of this Ninja is, there are suction cups on the bottom that keep it from scooting across the counter. This also contains the Auto-IQ feature. 

This is a powerful blender with an intelligent design that gives the real smooth results every time. 

So what are the pros and cons of this awesome Ninja blender? Let’s read it together – 

  • You can add the whole fruit to this blender but will expect to get a creamy blend. 
  • The IQ feature is the best addition to this, it allows things to settle for a few seconds as it can automatically pause blending. 
  • The pieces are easy to clean as they are top-rack dishwasher safe. 
  • The two cups are to-go capable, so you can take them with you. 
  • This blender keeps the whole Nutrient of the food, this leads to a healthy life. 
  • This is a loud blender, you cannot make a smoothie at 4 am. But the motor is great so this is a lame excuse. 

Features and Benefits of Ninja BL480 Nutri with 1000 Watt

1000 Watts Power

Yes, its a 1000 watts power blender that has a great power to crush the whole fruits, vegetables or ice in seconds. This contains a pro extractor blade, and the blade runs at a high-speed to provide you the highest liquids from the ingredients you add. 

Speed Settings 

It has two Auto-IQ settings and two manual speed settings on the knob. To use the blender, press the button (to turn on the blender) and select the setting. The two Auto-IQ settings are Blend and Ultra Blend. While the two manual settings are – start/stop and the pulse. 


A 24 oz and 18 oz cups come with this blender that is made from the Tritan material make it a long-lasting. They two are to-go capable, make your smoothies in the cup and remove the blade attach the lid and go. Very convenient for the smoothie lovers, are you too love smoothies? Choose this one with eyes closed.  

Noise level 

The noise level should be improved for this blender since this is very loud while in use. If you craving to drink smoothies in the middle of the night, you cannot make it if you live with your family. Also, if you have any hearing issues, consider this as well. But when you compare the features who cares the noise level? 


Guess the warranty? Yes, right this also comes with a one-year limited warranty right from the date you purchase. Handle your Ninja with a little care, and this will be your best friend in need. Give the blender a perfect clean always as this helps to increase the lifespan. And use this blender to make the items you love. And the price is affordable than you think. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Ninja BL480 Nutri with 1000 Watt

Does this Ninjs come with a 32 oz cup?

Sorry, this doesn’t provide a 32 oz cup. It has two cups that are 24 and 18 oz respectively, and both are Tritan material made. 

How many find the blade assembly has?

The number of fins for this blender is 7. 

Can I use the Ninja processor bowl in this blender?

No, you cannot use this as this blender is not compatible with the processor bowl.

Does this blender will liquefy hot peppers?

Certainly, this blender can be used to blend hot peppers. 

Can I make baby food in this Ninja?

Yes, this blender breaks down fruits into a nice puree that is perfect for making baby food. 

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt

No worry about the greens, they will not be left between your teeth anymore. This blender will work like a champ, provide you use the blender almost daily. Be sure to securely attach the cup to the motor base and never overload the cup, or you’ll mess up everything. 

This excellent blender will do everything for you. Then check the pros and cons quickly… 

  • This blender is a little expensive that’s because it is a higher power blender that can make your frozen items a breeze. 
  • When you blend the blade will make a huge difference – make soup, sauce and other things you want. 
  • The lid allows you to add items while blending. 
  • The blend and ultra-blend settings provide you walk-away convenience. 
  • And the best thing is- it has a timer, that shows how long you are blending or how many pulses you’ve done. 
  • This is very natural that a blender will make noise during use as the blender is powerful.

Features and Benefits of Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt

Auto-IQ with 1200 watts

Auto-IQ lets you blend easier since you just need to press the button and forget the blender. This will shut off the blender automatically once the blending is done. The motor base comes with a 2 horsepower that generates 1200 watts like a professional blender. 

This blender has two more speed settings that are manual to make your blending experience simple. If the walk-away is very important for you, this blender should be on your countertop. 

Pitcher and Cups with spout lids 

The biggest pitcher is 72 oz which is perfect to make a large batch of drink for the family to enjoy the time. Also, it has 24 oz and 18 oz cups come with this blender that both are to-go cups. You can go for this blender, this will give you three containers. 


Who doesn’t want a multi-functional blender? You also seeking one, right? Well, this is a multi-functional or versatile whatever you call it, this blender allows you to blend your favorite items within seconds. 

After each use, the cleaning is mandatory for a blender. This is a dishwasher safe blender that is very simple to clean. 


The price is very decent for this blender and comes with a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. As we said, clean is mandatory – regularly clean and proper care can make this blender your favorite partner to blend whatever you love. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt

Does the Auto-IQ provide walk-away convenience?

Yes, it gives you the walk-away convenience. This would be worth investing in this blender. 

How to use the Auto-IQ?

Very simple, you have to push the button for what you want. Basically, this feature is just set it and forget it. 

What is the horsepower for this blender? 

This is a 2 hp professional blender with 1200 watts. 

Can I make ice-cream in this blender? 

Yes, you can make ice-cream in this blender and this provides a great taste of ice-cream. 

Will this blender allow me to prepare almond butter?

This is a 1200 watts blender so you can make your favorite items in it, also, other items you want to eat. 

Ninja Smart Screen Blender with 1000-Watt

This Ninja works better than another regular Ninja bullet. It has multiple blades for easy grinding down of food that you’ll love. It has multiple settings plus blends on its own. You can blend frozen fruits and drink them like they are fresh. This is a digital blender so once you press the power button you have to select the program you want. 

This is a perfect blender that you are seeking for long. We cover the pros and cons here, take a look… 

  • The IQ makes this blender a kitchen beast. 
  • You will be shocking seeing the blending power you’ll get from this. It blends butter-smooth smoothies for you. 
  • The jar can go in the dishwasher and the lid & blade are top-rack safe so the cleaning is super easy. 
  • You don’t have to read the directions to figure out the touch screen and this is just beautiful. 
  • It has multiple blades that are great for easy grinding down of food.
  • The noise is the only bad thing you’ll notice of this blender. Usually, the high-speed blender makes a little noise – you can consider this, right?

Features and Benefits of Ninja Smart Screen Blender with 1000-Watt 

Touch Screen Display

This is a digital blender that comes with a touch screen display that gives the blender a simple sleek design. To use the touch screen you do not go through the user manual, when you see the screen you will understand the feature. 

4 Auto-IQ with 1000 watts

Auto-IQ makes the blender more convenient and it has 1000 watts motor power to crush the tough ingredients perfectly. The 4 Auto-IQ technology is – smoothie, puree, frozen drink, and ice-cream. 

This also has manual controls on the knob so that you can customize the settings depending on your recipe. 

72 oz pitcher 

The pitcher has total crushing features that blast everything in seconds, such as – whole fruits (you do not need to cut them into pieces), ice or other frozen items. And the jar contains the measurement scale that lets you add the perfect amount of items. 

Cleaning is simple as this is dishwasher safe, you can consider having this blender to give your life a little space. Also, this is a versatile blender – use the pitcher to make the items you love to prepare. 

Noise level 

If the noise level is not your favorite thing then you should check other Ninja. Since this makes a very loud noise while in use. You can check another Ninja blender from our list or if you think you are okay with the noise level, welcome to purchase this. 


Not to mention, Ninja comes with a one-year warranty from the purchase date. All you have to care about this blender properly to make it last longer. The blender promise you this will be your best friend but you have to maintain this as it said on the user manual. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ninja Smart Screen Blender with 1000-Watt 

Is the jar made of glass?

No, the jar/pitcher of this smart blender made of heavy plastic. 

Does this fit other Ninja cups?

No, this smart blender is not compatible with other Ninja cups. You have to use the cups or jars that come with this machine. 

Can I use the pulse button to get the consistency I want?

Yes, the pulse button always gives the result you are seeking. But you’ll need the practice to get the best result. 

How well does this blender handle frozen fruit?

It handles frozen fruits amazingly, and this doesn’t leave any chunks behind. 

Can I use this blender regularly?

Yes, this is perfect to use on a daily basis. 

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Ninja 400-Watt Blender

Ninja 400w blender is a master in chopping, blending, pureeing, food prep, and frozen items. This Ninja would be a wonderful addition to have in your home. If you want to drink the best-frozen margaritas or other drinks, this could be your best best. 

It comes with two containers, two lids, three blades – make cutting vegetables, or making smoothies, crushing ice so much easier. If you are on a tight budget, make this your blender. 

When choosing Ninja 400 watts, here are the pros and cons – 

  • Ninja 400 is perfect for crushing any frozen items, and for chopping and food prep. 
  • You will get the consistent result from blending as this has a pulse feature.   
  • You’ll get 2 conveniently sized jars with this – a 48-ounce pitcher that is great for serving drinks and a 16-ounce chopper bowl.
  • Compared to any standard blender Ninja 400W blender is durable and without any issue, you can use this for many years to come. 
  • Made from plastic that makes it very lightweight. 
  • The containers are very small for some users but they can do much for you.
  • Blades are very sharp so while you use this blender you’ve to be very careful or else chances of cutting your finger.

Features and Benefits of Ninja 400W Blender 

Blending Power

This is very powerful that virtually can blend anything. The powerful 400w can blend toughest items, it can churn ice, it is able to make soups for you or if you wanna make baby food, you can make this too with this as the blades (3 sets of blades) of this blender is very powerful also, the blender is considered the master of prep. 

Easy to use and clean

Using this master prep is very easy as well as easy to clean. The blade of this blender is removable that makes the cleaning process more convenient. If you want to make smoothie then add the ingredients in the container and then plug and pulse the blender. It will take a few seconds to make smoothies for you. 

To clean the master prep, first, remove the blades and then use soap (it is dishwasher safe) to wipe clean the blender. If needed you can use vinegar, this will remove odor from the blender. Before keeping the blender makes sure you dried it properly.



This blender is called the master prep for its versatile use. With this blender you can make food as it works as a little food processor, you can chop vegetables, you can grind or blend any tough items, anything you want. When it comes to making food for your bundle of joy, you can use this blender or you can easily blend any frozen items anything you want with this blender. 


With the ninja master prep, you’ll get some accessories, such as – it includes a chopper splash guard, chopping blade assembly, 16 oz chopper bowl, pitcher splash guard, stacked blade assembly, 48 oz pitcher, and a 400w power pod. 


All of us always want to buy a blender that will last longer. Usually, the ninja master prep comes with a 1-year warranty but this blender can last for 2 to 3 years with proper maintenance. And maintaining this blender is very easy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ninja 400-watt

“How well does this blender crush ice?”

This is the strongest point of this Ninja blender. It crushes ice wonderfully rather than any standard blender as it is the master at crushing ice. To make sure the ice is finely crushed, run this blender for at least 60 seconds. 

“Does this blender make green smoothies?”

Sure! In fact, this blender gives a green smoothie according to your desires. And to make a green smoothie you can add kale, spinach, frozen fruits, yogurt, and any fruits, and the blades will give you a great texture of the smoothie.

“Can I use this blender for making almond butter?”

Absolutely! Ninja 400-watt blender makes amazing butter. All you just need some roasted almond and this blender. And then pour the almonds into the container and wait until your desired consistency.

“Does the blender have two pitchers?”

Yes, this has two pitchers. One is large and the other is small in size. And both of the blenders have their own blades with the pitchers.

“Can I make the dough in this blender?”

You can! This blender can also be used as a food processor, so you can make dough with this blender. 

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Final Words

This guide covers everything about the best Ninja blender to fill your thirst to know about the best Ninja on the market. Ninja is a decent brand on the market that provides great features, as you can see from the above discussion. 

We’ve mentioned that Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food Processor is the best of all the Ninja, hopefully, by now you have understood why we said this the best. 

If you do not want to purchase the best Ninja we mentioned, then read through the rest nine of Ninja blender we discussed. And purchase the fantastic one you love. 

You may have interests on some other brand blender if you do then check from bellow