Blendtec 575 Vs Vitamix e320 – Check what’s the Diffrence?

blendtec 575 vs Vitamix e320Blendtec and Vitamix e320 are fantastic blenders to perform many different tasks. Both are durable and best quality blenders, that’s why you may not choose the right one for you? 

Don’t worry! And you don’t need to research which one to choose. You can select the Blendtec 575, we compare these two blenders and Blendtec is the winner. The following I’ve shared why the Blendtec is better than Vitamix e320.

Why is Blendtec 575 Better? 

  • Blendtec 575 contains a commercial-grade motor that has 3-peak horsepower while the Vitamix e320 has 2.2-peak horsepower. In terms of blending, Blendtec can provide you better plus fast results than e320. 
  • It has 4-program settings including a one-touch button: they let you walk-away and the machine will do the job. And the Vitamix e320 only has 10-variable speeds. 
  • Blendtec Jar has a 75-oz capacity so you can prepare large batch meals for the whole family in this. On the other hand, Vitamix e320 has a 64-oz jar – it also can prepare a large batch. But the Blendtec 575 Jar provides more capacity than Vitamix e320. 
  • This blender offers an 8-years full warranty, and the Vitamix e320 has a 7-years full warranty. I’d recommend choosing the Blendtec for your countertop since it holds more warranty. 
Specifications Blendtec 575 Vitamix e320
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5 
Dimension 7 x 8 x 8 inches 11 x 8 x 18 inches
Power 3-peak horsepower 2.2-peak horsepower 
Weight 7.28 pounds13 pounds
Program Settings 4 program settings No 
Speed Level 5 manual control 10-variable speed 
PulseYes Yes 
Container size75-oz 64-oz 
Tamper No Yes
Self-cleaning Yes Yes 
Material BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic
Recipe Book No Yes
Warranty 8-years 7-years 

Differences and Similarities Between Blendtec 575 and Vitamix e320


Blendtec creates 3-peak horsepower, on the other hand, Vitamix e320 2.2-peak horsepower. These two can blend any items you put into the jar but the Blendtec can do it better. 

And you can run the Vitamix e320 for a longer time without heating the motor base. The Vitamix motor base has a radial cooling fan, as well as a thermal protection system. 

There is a little chance of heating the Blendtec motor base, but don’t worry as you do not need to run the machine for a longer time. 


These two contain a laser-cut stainless steel blade, it can blend, chop, or grind any toughest ingredient within seconds. But the Blendtec blade is a little better than Vitamix e320: Blendtec blade is 80% thicker, and it makes the blade 10x stronger than other blades. 

Also, the Blendtec blade has wings for amazing blends. The blades are very durable, sharp, and they won’t dull plus rust-resistant.

Program settings 

You can walk-away by pressing a program button but the Vitamix e320 does not program settings. 

Blendtec 4 program settings are for the smoothie, hot soups, cleaning, and one-touch timed cycles (it has 60sec and 90sec timer). 

When you want to prepare anything with the program settings, just press a button and walk away. The machine will prepare the recipe and stop working. 

Speed Control & Pulse 

In terms of speed control, Vitamix e320 is better since it has 10-variable speeds. Blendtec contains 5-speeds, and the two contain a pulse button. 

When the machines are in use, you can change the speed level from low to high. You will get the consistency you want every time. 

And the pulse buttons are great at whipping, grinding, or mincing. Also, use the pulse button for the stir blend before serving. 


Blendtec has a 75-oz jar, and Vitamix e320 has a 64-oz jar. Both are made from BPA-free plastic, so don’t worry about the toxic food. 

Blendtec jar has 32-ounce blending capacity wet or dry, that can prepare beverages for 3-4 people. 

Blendtec Jar is capable of blending comparatively large batch meals for the whole family. The two Jars can be used as a food processor too. 

The Jars contain measurement scales to add the right amount of ingredients. They are easy to fit under most kitchen countertops. 


The self-cleaning function makes the cleaning effortless, fortunately, both have these awesome functions. Compared to the Vitamix e320, cleaning the Blendtec is easier. 

Blendtec has a 60 and 90-sec one-touch self-cleaning function so that you can do other things. And you have to stand with the Vitamix e320, but the cleaning process is the same. 

Blend warm water with some dish soap at the highest speeds then rinse the jars. 


Blendtec and Vitamix come up with some handy accessories. Blendtec box contains a user manual including recipes, the motor base, and the jar. 

Vitamix e320 box contains a user manual, a recipe book, a low-profile container, a low-profile tamper, and a motor base. Blendtec does not offer the tamper but it is a useful thing in terms of pushing the ingredients to the blade. 

So if you need the cookbook and tamper, then choosing the Vitamix e320 would be an ideal option. 


Blendtec offers an 8-years full warranty, on the other hand, Vitamix e320 has a 7-years warranty. They are a little different in the warranty, and they can last more than a decade. 

If you are concerned about the warranty then choose the Blendtec, as it contains 1 year more warranty than the e320.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Blendtec 575 and Vitamix e320

Can Blendtec use as a food processor?

Yes, the Blendtec can work as a food processor when you need it. And it will give you precise results always. 

What is the warranty for Vitamix e320?

It has a 7-years full warranty from the date of the original purchase. 

Do the two blenders work at 220v?

No, Blendtec and Vitamix blenders are made of the USA and Canadian electrical standards. The works at 110-120v, so they can be used at 220v if you purchase an adapter. 

What is the dimension of Blendtec?

The dimension of Blendtec 575 is 7 x 8 x 8 inches, and the machine is easy to fit under most of the countertop. 

Does Blendtec 575 can prepare ice-cream?

Yes, you can prepare ice-cream for any frozen drinks in the Blendtec blender

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