Ninja BL685 vs BL770 – See Why We Recommend Ninja BL770!

Ninja BL685 Vs BL770Ninja BL685 and BL770 are two of the powerful and amazing blenders. But the question is which one is the best?

Well, Ninja BL770 is the best as it has a strong motor base, plus it comes up with exceptional goodies that Ninja BL685 doesn’t provide. Let’s read the following section to know why this one is the best.

Why Ninja BL770 is Best?

  • Both Ninja blenders have Auto-IQ function, but the BL770 has a 1500 watts motor power that makes the blender more powerful than BL685 because it produces only 1200 watts. You can blend anything in this blender, and it will be fine and smooth.
  • Ninja BL770 contains 4 variable speed settings, including a single-serve and pulse function. But the BL685 doesn’t have the single-serve: this helps to blend any small-batch drinks easily and quickly.
  • Ninja BL770 comes with a 64 oz food processor and two 16 ounces smoothie cups – the processor bowl lets you prepare any large batch of meals. The smoothie cup allows you to take the cup on the go. And BL685 does not come with these handy bowls and cups.

These were the major differences between these two blenders we mentioned BL770 the best. If you are seeking the best blender for your countertop, you should pick this one.


Specification Chart: Ninja BL685 vs BL770

Specifications  Ninja BL685 Ninja BL770 
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Dimension 7.13 x 10.25 x 17.75 inches 9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches
Weight 9.88 pounds 9.2 pounds
Power 1200 watts 1500 watts
Auto IQ Yes Yes
Speed function 5 Variable Speeds 4 Variable Speeds
Single Serve No Yes
Pulse Yes Yes
Pitcher 72 oz 72 oz
Processor Bowl No 64 oz
Smoothie Cup No 16 ounces
Dishwasher safe Yes Yes
Recipe Book Yes Yes
Warranty 1-year limited 1-year limited

Differences and Similarities Between Ninja BL685 and BL770 

Auto IQ Blending Power

Auto IQ means the blender is capable of stopping working itself. Fortunately, both blenders have this function. This intelligent program does the work for you, which is greatly convenient.

But in terms of blending power, the BL770 has 1500 watts while the BL685 has 1200 watts of power.

The two offer professional blending, and the blenders run at high speed to prepare the meal within a matter of time. It is not recommended to use these two blenders for more than a minute, or else it can burn the motor base.

The good news is, if you press the Auto-IQ blending function, then the machines will stop working before one minute. And the motor base will be in good condition that helps increase the lifespan.

Speed Function

These two are slightly different in the speed function, and Ninja BL685 has speed settings for dough, mix, puree, blend, and crush.

Ninja BL770 contains dough, blend, and crush speed settings. Moreover, the two have a pulse feature: it creates a blast blending.

The dedicated variable speeds allow you to control the machines perfectly. Blend your favorite drinks or mix batter whatever you want in the Ninja blenders within a matter of time.


The single-serve allows you to pulverize fruits and veggies into your personalized smoothies, and then you can enjoy them on the go. Ninja BL770 has the single-serve function, but you will not get this on Ninja BL685.

If you are a smoothie or protein shakes lover, Ninja BL770 would be the best blender for you. When you press the button, the blender will make the smoothie or juice for you within a matter of time.


Both Ninja blenders come up with a 72 oz total crushing pitcher. The pitcher is ideal for crushing ice to snow in seconds to prepare your favorite creamy frozen drinks or smoothies.

The ninja can provide you resort-style frozen drinks, so you will feel it’s a vacation.

Processor Bowl & Smoothie Cups 

The Ninja BL770 comes with a 64 oz food processor jar, including two 16 ounces smoothie cups. Also, the blender has a chopping, slicing blade as well.

However, you can mix or prepare any large batch recipe into the food processor. And the smoothie cups are great for preparing your favorite small-batch drinks in seconds.

Ninja BL685 does not provide the processor bowl and smoothie cup. You can use the pitcher to prepare your recipe. But the processor can do it better than the pitcher.

I’d suggest the Ninja BL770 as you will get these handy pieces to make your blending easier.


After each use, you must clean your blender – also, cleaning helps to increase the lifespan of a blender.

The Ninja BL685 and BL770 parts are dishwashers safe that making sure effortless cleaning. If you think cleaning is a hassle, then I’d say cleaning is a breeze if you have a Ninja blender.

After each use, keep the pitcher lids in the dishwasher and air dry to store. Remember, the parts are scratch-resistant and made from high-end plastic.


A blender’s lifespan is a very important thing to consider, plus its warranty. Both Ninja blenders are very sturdy so that you can use them for the next few years with ease.

Also, they cover a one-year warranty: they will fix any manufacturer issues if you have any. Though these two blenders have the same warranty, I suggest you select the Ninja BL770.


Ninja BL685 and BL770 are fantastic multifunctional blenders that would be a great addition to any commercial or home kitchen. These two are amazing blenders, but you have to choose one, right?

If you want a powerful blender that is easy to handle and comes with many parts, I highly recommend the Ninja BL770. It has 1500 watts, a processor bowl, smoothie cups that the BL685 does not provide.

And if you are on a budget and okay without these features, then Ninja BL685 could be your choice. Since a blender is a great investment, I’d say consider all the features of these two machines to choose the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ninja BL685 and BL770

Does Ninja BL685 make ice cream?

Yes, it does. Also, you can prepare frozen drinks in the Ninja blender.

Would Ninja BL770 replace a mixer?

Yes, it can easily do cookie dough, cake batter, and so on. It has a food processor bowl, also contains a dough blade.

Can I blend hot liquid in Ninja?

No, it is not recommended to use any hot liquid in the Ninja blender. It can blend warm liquid.

Does Ninja BL685 provide a chopping blade?

Yes, this blender includes a chopping blade, including a dough blade as well. You can use the blade for slicing plus shredding as well.

How loud are Ninja blenders?

Ninja blenders are powerful. Also, they use powerful motors, so they are a little loud when in use.

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