Vitamix 750 vs 7500-What’s the Difference and Which One is Best?

Vitamix 750 vs 7500

Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 750 both are two great blenders from G-Series, But if you are here to know which one best between these two, I will say Vitamix 750 is the best one; maybe you think why I said. Well, let’s take a look. 

Why 750 is better than 7500?

  • Vitamix 750 contains 5-program settings, including 10-variable speeds, while Vitamix 7500 has only 10-variable speeds. The five program settings are smoothies, hot soups, puree, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. These five settings allow you walk-away convenience; once the recipe is done, the machine will stop working.
  • You can simply add ingredients to the Vitamix 750 container when the machine in use since it has a 2-Piece Neoprene rubber lid with a removable plug that Vitamix 7500 doesn’t have.
  • Both have the same motor power, but the Vitamix 750 has a commercial-grade motor, during the 7500 use a next-generation motor.
  • The last thing is: 750 is the newer version that delivers some upgraded functions than Vitamix 7500.

These above-mentioned functions make the Vitamix 750 better than the 7500 while the rest of the functions are almost the same. Vitamix 750 is a little pricey for its program settings. I’d say, investing in the upgraded version (Vitamix 750) would be an ideal decision for you.

Difference and similarity between Vitamix 750 and 7500

Vitamix 7500 vs 750 Comparision Chart

SpecificationsVitamix 7500Vitamix 750
Dimension17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 in7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 inches
Motor Power2.2-Peak HP2.2-Peak HP
Weight13 lbs.11.5 lbs.
Preset FunctionsNo5-Preset Functions
ColorBlack, Red, WhiteBlack, Pearl Grey
PriceCheaper than 750Expensive than 7500
CookbookDoes not comes with a cookbookProfessional create and larger cookbook
Tamper stickDoesn’t comes with the blenderComes with blender
Blade4 inches diameter, Laser-cut hammer-mill & Cutting4 inches diameter, Laser-cut hammer-mill & Cutting
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
Electric Ratings120 V, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amps120 V, 50/60 Hz, 12 Amps
Best ForChop, Grind, Blend, Emulsify, HeatChop, Grind, Blend, Emulsify, Heat
MaterialBPA Free PlasticBPA Free Plastic
Warranty 7-year full warranty7-year full warranty
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PriceCheck 7500 price at VitamixCheck 750 Price at Vitamix

However, if you are not sure which one to buy, then you can read below. Here I am going to share the details about the feature of them. I hope from this discussion; you can choose your favorite Vitamix blender. So let’s get into the discussion…

Difference between Vitamix 7500 vs professional 750

Though these two blenders have some similarities, these blenders are made for different users, and they have some differences when it comes to using the blenders. 


When it comes to price, Vitamix 750 is expensive. As the Vitamix 750 has 5-preset settings on the blender. So it is fair to pay extra bucks as it gives you more convenient. However, compared to Vitamix 750, the Vitamix 7500 is less expensive. 

But you have to remember one thing Vitamix 7500 doesn’t come with a tamper and cookbook, and everything is included in Vitamix 750. so if you buy those separately, then its costs gonna be the same as 750. I am just trying to tell you the reality, but the choice is yours.

5-preset settings

The Vitamix 7500 blender comes with 10 variable speed control feature, but the Vitamix 750 comes with 10 variable speed control, and also a 5 preset setting and those setting are smoothies,  frozen dessert, soup, puree recipes, and clean with those features, you can easily make a smoothie,  frozen dessert, soup just set the setting and go away, and you will be ready. So if you’re a busy person or if you want more convenience in the blender, then Vitamix 750 is the best. 

Low profile Tamper stick:

Vitamix 7500 doesn’t come with a tamper stick, but the 750 comes with a tamper stick. Maybe some sellers can take out the tamper to decrease the price, but it comes with a tamper stick. The tamper stick is beneficial it can save you time at least 5 minutes, just put the whole fruit or vegetable into the blender and start Vitamix blender use the tamper to push the mixer with the combination of motor and the tamper can make your perfect texture.

Cookbook/recipe book 

If you have a cookbook or recipe book, it will be easier to make drinks or food as you want, but in Vitamix 7500 doesn’t come with a recipe book, you have to buy it separately.
On the other hand, if you buy a Vitamix 750 from a trusted seller, it will come with a Cookbook/recipe book. If you are thinking about where you will get a  trusted seller, don’t worry, we made a list of the trusted sellers. Just get one from below.

The similarity between Vitamix pro 750 vs 7500

They both are professional series blenders, and they are very similar. Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 750 have the same motor power, same variable speed control, same blade – almost everything is the same here. 


The heart of the Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 750 is the 2.2 peak horsepower motor. To blend or break the most robust food items, this industrial-grade motor is the best. And there is a cooling fan on the motor base, so while these blenders are running, the blender will not hot. The best part of the motor base is that – it includes the next-generation design, and while the blender is in use, it is 40% less noisy. These blenders are very powerful that you can make your favorite smoothie in a few seconds, and it can easily crush seeds or nuts very fast. And you can see that you’ll get the same benefits from the motor of these two Vitamix models.


The blades are stainless steel made for Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 750 blenders. Blades can slightly tilt upwards and into the container’s power portion to help pull the food down. For any food you want to cook or blend, this feature (pull-down feature) is the best. As the blades are stainless steel made, they will not dull quickly, and they last for a long time. But they are very sharp, so you’ve to handle them with care. 

Large pitcher

They both have a large pitcher with the blenders that have a 64-ounce capacity. And a 64-ounce pitcher is perfect for the whole family as you can make large amounts of smoothies or soups quickly. Every time you can make the perfect meal because the outside of the pitcher has marked with the unit measure, that is very convenient for the volume of ingredients. 


Vitamix professional 7500 and 750 blenders both are the best choice for making different food. Do you want to make your food hot? Use the Vitamix. The blades of these blenders are powerful that can make food hot in no time. So you love to eat nut butter? Why don’t you use the Vitamix 7500 or 750? Just in a few minutes, your nut butter will be ready. Pour nuts into the pitcher and run the machine, and while needed, use the tamper stick. Until you get your desired texture of butter, run the blender. For the soup lovers, the Vitamix 750 is the best, as it has a soup preset button for the blender. You can make the soup very fast with these two Vitamix, but the 750 model is the best. With the Vitamix, you can make many more foods in no time. Also, you can use this blender as a chopper or grinder when needed.


The Accessories are almost similar. Vitamix 7500 comes with a 32 oz dry grain jar,  two 20 oz to-go cups, a motor base, DVD, Low-Profile getting started guide, and a 64-ounce container with the box.

And Vitamix 750 comes with a motor base, getting started guide, low-profile tamper, cookbook, a 64-ounce container, and a getting started DVD with the box.


Let the Vitamix blender clean itself. Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 750 has an auto-clean option. So if you hate cleaning, then you can choose one model from them. Pour a few detergent drops into the container and fill with warm water and then press the button. In 30 to 60 seconds, it will auto clean the container. 


Many people looking for different colors of the blender. And when it comes to color, rather than Vitamix 750, Vitamix 7500 has more color options. Classic black, bright red, and white are the three colors of Vitamix 7500, while Vitamix 750 has two colors: black and pearl-grey. You can choose the color very easily. 


Vitamix blenders are top-rated in the blending world for its durability. So when it comes to buying a blender, you can choose a Vitamix blender as it is a long-time investment for your kitchen. Both of the Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 750 comes with a 7-years of full warranty. And with proper care and maintenance, these blenders can last for more than a decade. The secret of the long-lasting Vitamix blender is in the motor. While rotating the motor in every torque, it ensures continuous cooling. And for any ‘hot job,’ the motor keeps it cool. So this is the secret of the durability of a Vitamix.


Those two blenders are high-end powerful blenders, and you’ll be satisfied by using both of them. From the above discussion, you can see they are very similar except for the preset functions. If you do not need the present functions, then you can choose the Vitamix 7500 model. And if you are the busiest person or if the price does not matter to you, then grab the Vitamix 750 blender.  Price is different based on seller some seller has more sell that’s why they are selling in high price, but we made the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Question About the Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 750 Blenders

What is the main difference between the Vitamix 7500 and 750 models?

Vitamix 750 model comes with 5-preset buttons while on the Vitamix 7500, there are no preset buttons – this is the main difference between these two Vitamix models. 

Can I make a green smoothie with the Vitamix 750?

Sure, you can. The Vitamix  750 is the best at making the smoothie as this has a smoothie preset button on it. You will need to add the vegetables and then press the button; this will make your smoothie in a few seconds.

Will I get a tamper with the Vitamix?

Yes, both of the Vitamix models come with a tamper. And it is safe to use the tamper while the blender is in use; it won’t hit the blade.

How many containers come with the Vitamix 7500 and 750 models?

They both come with a 64 oz low-profile container. The container is short but wide that can make a large batch of soups or smoothies for the family. 

Do they come with a warranty?

You’ll get 7-years of full warranty with the Vitamix blenders. And a Vitamix blender can last for decades without any big issue.

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