Vitamix e320 vs 5300 – Check which one you should pick & why?

Vitamix-e320-vs-5300It’s like a challenge to pick the best one from Vitamix e320 vs 5300. Relax! to win the challenge, you can have Vitamix 5300. Check the reason below.

Why Vitamix 5300 is better?

  • The main difference that made 5300 best is  Its 2.2 HP 1640 watts next-generation motor. Which can drive blades through tough ingredients, but the e320 has a 2.2 HP motor with 1464 watts.
  • Here Vitamix 5300 is quieter though it has more motor power. Surprisingly, 5300 makes 40% less noise than the e320 blender. Isn’t it impressive?
  • Carrying 5300 will be easier as it is less weighty than e320.
  • Interestingly, the 5300 owns a 4-inch stainless steel blade that is suitable to make recipes like chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups. On the contrary, Vitamix e320 has a 3-inch stainless steel blade.

Now, I hope it is fully clear why Vitamix 5300 is better than e320. Notably, there is no price difference between these two blenders. So, the 5300 costs the same but offers more motor power, less noise, less weight, and a bigger blade than e320. I showed significant differences, and now the decision is yours.

Specification  of Vitamix e320 vs 5300

Specifications Vitamix e320 Vitamix 5300
Dimension 11 x 8 x 18 inches 17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in
Motor 2.2 hp (Explorian series) 2.2 hp (next-gen)
Watts 1580 1640
Weight 13 lbs 12 lbs
Color Black and red black
Noise level Noisy Quieter
Blade 3-inch stainless steel 4-inch stainless steel
Variable speed Yes Yes
Pricey Almost the same as 5300 Almost the same e320
Variable speed Yes Yes
Container Low-profile 64-oz container Low-profile 64-oz container
Self-cleaning Yes Yes
Material BPA-free plastic BPA-free plastic
Warranty 7-years 7-years

Differences Between Vitamix Explorian e320 vs 5300 Next-gen

Now I’m going to share the features of these two Vitamix in detail. If you want to know them, then go through the whole guide.


The main difference lies in the motor of these two Vitamix blenders. Usually, powerful blenders always make a minimum level of noise while in use. Even high-quality blenders are very noisy compared to other normal blenders. Though Vitamix 5300 is a high-quality blender, it is 40% less noisy because of its next-gen motor.

On the contrary, the Vitamix e320 is noisier than 5300 blenders. However, you will find an adjusted cooling fan on these two blenders’ motor, and this feature keeps the blender cool even in terms of heavy use.


Vitamix blades are comparatively sharper than other common blenders. Both of the Vitamix provides stainless steel blades that are pretty durable. But the Vitamix e320 has a 3-inch stainless steel blade, while the Vitamix 5300 has a 4-inch blade. Normally, the 4-inch blade is sharper than the 3-inch blade.

The blades are strong enough to make a glass of fine smoothie from any hard ingredients. Plus, you can make perfect soups from any vegetables you prefer. As the blade is very powerful, you need to be careful while handling it.


Let’s unbox the Vitamix. What’s in the box? Vitamix e320 and 5300 come with some similar accessories like a motor base, a low-profile tamper, a low-profile 64-oz container, and a cookbook. Moreover, the Vitamix 5300 has a getting-started guide with it. It is very important to read the user guide properly before you started using the blender.


You can save a few bucks if you buy the Vitamix e320 blender. On the other hand, you have to pay some extra to have the Vitamix 5300. As we mentioned above, Vitamix 5300 has a next-gen motor. This makes the blender a little expensive. Happily, the next-gen motor makes the blender pretty much durable. So, it is worth paying a few extra dollars for the Vitamix 5300 blender. But the good thing is right now you will get a discount if you buy 5300 and the price will be less than e320.

Similarities in Vitamix e320 vs 5300


Vitamix e320 and 5300 both come with a 64-oz low-profile container. The container is very efficient to make a large batch of soup or smoothies for a big family. You can also make any large amount of food for any special occasion with this container. Hence, the containers are made from BPA-free plastic, and they are dishwasher safe that makes them easy to clean.

Variable speed and pulse

You can control these blenders while they are in use, isn’t it awesome? If you’re using the Vitamix blender, then you will be able to control the speed of whatever you make. The 10-speed setting will allow you to control Vitamix e320 and 5300. Even the pulse function can help you to get the perfect consistency of the food.

And when you are in a hurry and need to make a recipe faster, you can use the pulse function as well. Just press the pulse button to increase the speed.


The self-cleaning of a blender provides you more convenience for the use of a Vitamix. Vitamix e320 and 5300 are both dishwasher safe, and you can use any dishwasher to clean them. Simply add water to the container and a drop of the dishwasher to the blender, and then run the blender. Within 60 seconds, your blender will be clean.

Once you clean the blender, rinse it thoroughly with water and let the container dry. Regular cleaning helps to increase the lifespan of the blender. Clean the blender regularly.


Compared to any other blenders in the market, Vitamix blenders are very durable. They can last for more than a decade. Surprisingly, many of the Vitamix users confessed that they are using their Vitamix for 20 years. You can also use your Vitamix for ages. You just need to come with regular care and maintenance. However, Vitamix e320 and 5300 both provide 7 years of the full warranty.

Versatile use

Are you looking for a blender to use for versatile purposes? You can choose either Vitamix e320 or Vitamix 5300. They can be used for making a wide variety of foods or drinks. For instance, you can make – nut butter, soups, smoothies, dough, batter, frozen desserts, baby food, dips & spreads, etc.

Vitamix blenders can be used as a chopper or grinder as well. Also, you can grind seeds or beans in your Vitamix. The versatility of the Vitamix makes it different from other blenders.


You can buy the Vitamix 5300 blender for your kitchen because it is less noisy than the Vitamix e320 blender. Also, the blade of the Vitamix 5300 is powerful than the Vitamix e320 blender. When the price is almost the same, we will recommend you Vitamix 5300 to pick, but the ultimate choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Question About the Vitamix e320 vs 5300Will the Vitamix 5300 works at 220v?

Generally, the Vitamix blenders are making for 110v. So you need to use it at 120v.

Can I grind nuts in Vitamix e320?

Yes, you can. To grind nuts, add some roasted nuts to the container and run the blender.

How long time does it take to clean the Vitamix?

Vitamix blenders take approximately 60 seconds to clean properly. And it has self-cleaning properties, so it is easier for you to clean the blender.

What is the warranty for Vitamix e320?

Vitamix e320 comes with 7-years of full warranty. Most of the Vitamix provides 7-years of warranty.

How much time does it take to make the soup?

Usually, the Vitamix blenders take seven minutes to make hot soup. You can add any hard vegetables to the blender, and this will give you a great texture of the soup.

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