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Best blender

All blenders can’t be the best maximum one or two can be the best, but the question is which blenders are best? Let me help you to find out the answer of this question.

Tell me one thing – are you seeking a blender for heavy/commercial use or need a blender for family/regular use? 

If you make lots of smoothies, shakes, hot soups, custom recipe peanut butter, and frozen drinks for your family or you want a blender for heavy or professional use then I’d say you should purchase Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender. I call it the Boss You may want to know why I said this is the boss, right? Well, you’ll get your answer soon. 

Anyway, if you want a blender for regular personal use or regular family use then Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base (BL660) could be your best choice. 

Now let’s see why they are the best …..

Best Blender – Editors Choice

Why Vitamix a3500 is the boss

  • A3500 has a Programmable Timer system it allows you to set the timer to the length of your blend for different custom recipes, other blenders don’t have this kind of features and it will shut off automatically when the blending is done.
  • It has 10 variable speed and 5 program settings for smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning that ensures the user walk-away convenience.
  • The motor base can automatically read the container size and then adjust the speed setting and it has is 2.2 HP (1380 watt) motor.
  • Vitamix a3500 comes with a 10-years warranty, there is no blender who provides a 10-year warranty.

Check a3500 price on Amazon 

Check a3500 price on Vitamix

Why Ninja BL660 is best for regular use

  • Nutri Ninja has 2.5 Hp (1100 Watts ) professional motor which is able to create high torque in just a second . with the help of the blade this motor can make any smoothies or frozen drinks in a twinkle of eyes. 
  • It has a 72-oz pitcher that helps you to make drinks for your whole family, but if you want to make a single-serve smoothie or drinks don’t worry The single-serve Blade Assembly lets you blend your favorite drink directly into the cup, then you can enjoy the drink on the go.
  •  Ninja BL660 has 3 variable speed control, pulse feature, and single-serve functions and 1-year limited warranty. after all this blender comes with very affordable prices compared to other blenders with the same features.

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Check out some more information and features of these two blenders from the chart

SpecificationsBest Blender for heavy use (The Boss)Best Blender for personal/regular Use
Editor’s rating4.8 out of 54.5 out of 5 
Dimension11 x 8 x 17 inches8 x 6 x 17 inches
Weight14.9 lbs 7.6 lbs 
Single-serveNo Yes
Jar Capacity 64-oz low-profile 72-oz 
Touchscreen controlYesNo
App YesNo
Timer YesNo 
To-go cupNo Yes
Versatile UseYesYes
PriceCheck Best Price on AmazonCheck Best Price on Amazon

Top 10 Best Blender – Table of the content 

I highly recommend the Vitamix a3500 for the heavy use and if you need a personal blender then Ninja BL660 1100W would be a nice blender for you. but if you are not happy with my suggestion no problem I have some more blender suggestions check from the list and click to jump on the right section.

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender  (The Boss )

Vitamix blenders are indeed the best blenders on the market and this a3500 is the new member of the family. This is a smart blender which is perfect for heavy use. Perhaps this is a life-changing blender for the users. 

This is incredibly a great blender, the following is the pros and cons of Vitamix a3500 blender – 

  • It has 5 program settings for smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning that ensures the user walk-away convenience. 
  • Vitamix ascent has an app that provides unlock the blender from your iOS or Android. 
  • The motor has 2.2-peak HP that can automatically read the container size and then adjust the speed setting. 
  • A built-In timer of this blender makes sure you get the best blending result. 
  • Vitamix ascent smart blender comes with 10-years of the warranty from the date of original purchase and lets you use the blender more than a decade with a little care. 


Users Opinion About the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Before buying a product, especially a kitchen appliance, you should read the real user’s experience. This is very helpful when you get to know about a product from an experienced customer. Only they can say if the product is the best or not. With that in mind, we’ve put some of the real user’s opinions here –

  • Vitamix a3500 is the best of the best, I have been wanting a Vitamix blender and I’m so happy as finally, I made the purchase. Vitamix a3500 is a workhorse – this makes homemade nut butter better than store-bought. The preset and walk-away feature is my favorite. This is a life-changing machine for me!
  • Vitamix a3500 built like a tank and this looks so beautiful on my countertop. This unit is quieter than my older Vitamix version. I’m very satisfied with this Vitamix and highly recommend others.
  • Vitamix a3500 is worth the investment, and this one is the best. I love the built-in timer plus I can throw anything for a smoothie, sauces, or soup and set the timer. So handy!
  • Vitamix a3500 is mind-blowing fantastic – this ascent let me load the app on my smartphone and control it from there. This blender can blend everything I put on the container. The pulse is less responsive than other Vitamix blenders, this thing I don’t like. But this a fantastic machine, everyone should have this machine.
  • A little noisy comparing other standard blenders. But this is okay since this is a high-end blender. 

Feature and Benefits of Vitamix a3500 Smart Blender

Touch Screen 

The touch screen of the boss blender gives the blender a sleek design. It’s more fun using a blender now and the touch screen lets the user wipe clean the base. The touch screen base contains a digital timer, easy blending options, etc. 


With 2.2-peak Hp Motor Power it generates 1380 watts and the blender can run for a few minutes without any heating issues. Also, the cooling fan of Vitamix blender keeps it cool while the blender in use. 

Now there’s no worry about the motor base getting hot, and even if the blender gets hot, the thermal protection system will turn off the blender. Use your Vitamix a3500 as much as you need. 

Self-detect technology 

This is a smart blender, that has the self-detect technology, automatically the smart motor base recognizes the container size you attach to the motor base and according to the container, the motor will adjust the program settings. If needs then this will maximize the blending times. 

Five Program Settings 

With the press of a button make your favorite smoothies or frozen desserts and so on. The program settings also let the user walk-away convenience. But you can be sure about getting the best consistent results of the recipe you blend.


Manually set a specific timer with the timer option. When you set the timer, this will count the time and shows the seconds and minutes of your blending. The unit will stop blending once your setting time is finish. 

10 Variable Speed with the Pulse feature

Vitamix blenders are popular for their variable speed settings since the variable speed provides the full control of blending. And the pulse is used when you add any tough items into the blender. This feature makes this smart Vitamix more convenient for use. 

64-oz Low-profile Container 

The container size is 64-oz, so you can make a large batch of smoothies or soups or other meals to enjoy family time. Low-profile means the container is wider than any standard blender container. 

Multi-purposes Blender 

This is a multi-purpose blender so you can use the blender to prepare different recipes from hot soups to pizza dough to baby foods everything in between. Vitamix a3500 takes a little time to make a recipe compared to other blenders on the market. 

If you are craving eating nut butter or baking a cake then use this smart blender to make your recipe. Or if you have to cook for your family regularly, you can purchase this Boss Blender with eyes closed.

Since this smart blender is capable of grinding, chopping, and mixing as well. That means this works as a food processor, so you do not need to purchase a food processor. 


After each use of a blender, you should give your blender a nice clean, while many are do not like cleaning the blender. With Vitamix a3500 blender the cleaning is very simple than you think. 

You just need to blend warm water and dish soap at a high speed and the blender has the self-cleaning properties. Within 60 seconds or less, your blender will clean itself. 


What do you expect from a blender? Last for longer, isn’t it? Vitamix a3500 promises you to be durable than other standard blenders you use before. This provides 10-years of the warranty while other standard blenders come with 3/4  years of warranty. 

I’d say go ahead with the Boss blender since this comes with a 10-years of the warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix a3500 

What is the warranty for this Vitamix a3500 product unit?

It comes with 10-years of the warranty from the date of purchase. 

Does this contain 8-oz and 20-oz cups?

No, this smart Vitamix only comes with a 64-oz low-profile container. 

Can I use this unit to make nuts flour?

Sure, this unit of Vitamix can make flour. 


Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base (BL660)

You don’t need to purchase other blenders when Ninja Professional Blender does the job well. You’ll love this blender since this has six-blade assembly, moreover, it comes with individual cups. The clean up is simple, it’s a breeze as well. 

The following are the pros and cons of this Ninja blender that is my second best choice, have a look – 

  • Nutri Ninja has 1100 Watts professional performance power – this provides you make any items like a professional chef. 
  • It has a 72-oz pitcher that has total crushing features so pulverizes ice or frozen items to snow so that you’ll get creamy drinks. 
  • The single-serve blending lets you blend your favorite drink directly into the cup, then you can enjoy the drink on the go. 
  • This is a versatile Ninja blender, this can make all the items you throw into it. 
  • The cups are dishwasher safe, cleaning takes less than 60 seconds. 


What users are saying about  Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base (BL660)

Have a look at the real users’ opinions of what they are saying about the best professional Ninja blender. This might be helpful for you to make the buying decision.

  • This one does the job very well, so why something expensive when you can purchase this? I replaced my old blender that died with this Ninja professional. This Ninja is very powerful yet easy to use and clean too. I love the smoothie cups and with this blender, I have no issues.
  • Since I got this blender, I’ve not stopped making smoothies. It’s incredibly fast and powerful which is perfect for me. I highly recommend this blender to others seeking for a blender.
  • This is my dream blender, I’ve always wanted a Ninja blender that will come with a smoothie cup so that I can take the cup in the gym. It has two separate cups to use for traveling plus these are easy to clean. It’s easy to store – I’m so in love with this.
  • First of all, this is a very good blender and the three-tiered blade design seems to get the job done. I have the convenience of using the single-serve which is great for me. The thing I don’t like about this blender is the noise. Overall, this an extremely powerful and efficient blender.


  • Ninja Professional Blender is very tall, so this is not fit under the small kitchen cabinet. 


Feature and Benefits of Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base (BL660)

1100W Motor Base 

This is a professional blender – the name of the blender says itself. The 1100 Watts unit makes Ninja professional a high-powered kitchen appliance. Throw anything you want into the blender, the motor power will pulverize any tough ingredients. 

Speed Settings 

To operate the pitcher and cups, this machine has 3-speed settings including a pulse button. Besides this has a single-serve feature along with the speed settings. 

With the single-serving, you can blend your favorite drinks right into the cup and then take the cup on the go. For the smoothie lovers, this feature is very helpful – if you are one of the smoothie lovers, this could be your blender. 

Removable Blade

The six-blade assembly is removable that makes the cleaning simple. Ninja Professional Blender blade is unique plus the blade is very sharp. For the pitcher and single cups, you’ll get two blades. The blades are stainless steel made but these are rust-proof and dishwasher safe. 

72-oz Pitcher and single-serve cups 

Ninja has one 72-oz pitcher and two 16-oz single cups to provide you the best convenience. One of the nice thing about the pitcher and cups are, these are made of BPA-free materials and dishwasher safe. 

You will get two to-go lids with the blender, and the 72-oz is large enough to make large batch drinks or foods for the family or party. 

Blend, Drinks and More 

Do you want to blend any greens into your Ninja? Then go ahead, this also able to make your favorite dips, spreads or sauces, dough or batter for you within a minute. There’s no doubt, this unit makes a great smoothie and if you want to drink any juice, prepare this in Ninja. 


Ninja Professional provides a standard 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. This is not a long warranty period though, you can use this amazing blender more than 4/5 years with a little care. 

But you can extend the warranty and for that, you’ve to pay a little extra. However, while using this professional Ninja blender, the users did not face that much issue with its function. 

Noise Level 

Before purchasing a blender, experts suggest studying well the noise level of a blender. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100Watts is a powerful blender as you can understand. While this unit in use, this makes a loud noise which is not attractive. 

And if you are seeking a less noisy blender then you can skip this one, but I’d say – consider other features that will provide you the best benefits of this blender. Hopefully, you can adjust yourself to the noise level.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base (BL660)

What is the noise level of this Ninja Unit?

This is a powerful blender since it has 1100 watts, this is a little noisy. 

Can I make mayonnaise in this Ninja blender? 

Of course, you can. Just place all the ingredients into the pitcher then blend on high-speed. 

Will this blend seeds?

No, you should remove the seeds first from the fruits and then add them into the cups to make smoothies or other drinks. 

These two were the best of the best blenders according to our research. The following we’re going to cover the 8 blenders on which four are best for the heavy use while the rest four are the best for personal use. Okay, starts the discussion…?

Best Blenders for Heavy Use Vitamix 750 

Undoubtedly Vitamix is a powerful and wonderful blender compared to other high-end blenders. Your investment will be worth it when you purchase a Vitamix blender. Some of the users are saying this is a Ferrari for their countertop. However, let’s drive into the pros and cons of Vitamix 750. 

  • Vitamix 750 has five pre-programmed settings that offer the users walk-away convenience.
  • The 10-variable speed and pulse feature give you full control over the blender. 
  • It has a low-profile 64-oz container that is easy to fit under most of the cabinets. 
  • Vitamix blade is made from aircraft-grade stainless steel that creates friction heat to bring the cold ingredients into steam hot. 
  • Vitamix 750 comes with 7 years of the warranty plus the blender built-to-last. 
  • The blender is the best to make a large batch of ingredients, sometimes its hassle for the people to blend small ingredients. 

Feature and Benefits of Vitamix 750 

High-Performance Motor 

It has a very powerful 2.2-peak HP motor – the motor creates a high-torque speed to blend any toughest items. You can run the blender until your recipe is prepared. 

Don’t worry about the heating issues of the motor base, Vitamix motor base contains a cooling fan that keeps the motor cool. Or even if the motor gets heat, there is a thermal protection system onto the motor, it shuts off the blender if it’s getting hot. 

Blade Friction Heating 

You don’t need a stove to make hot soups for winter morning when you have Vitamix 750 blender. The laser-cut stainless steel blade has the aircraft-grade design to gives the user the best quality results from the first blend to the last. 

And the friction heat makes any cold ingredients into hot within six/seven minutes. The Vitamix blades are very sharp, so handle the blade with care. 

Low-profile Container 

Low-profile means the container is wide enough to make food for the whole family. Also, the 64-oz container is fit under most of the kitchen cabinet. The material of the container is BPA-free, besides, the container has a spill-proof vented lid plus you can add ingredients into the blender while its in operation. 

Presets and Variable + Pulse 

If you want to get the walk-away convenience then Vitamix 750 should be your choice. The five program settings give the user the best use convenience feature. 

And the variable speed allows you full control of the speed setting since you can increase or decrease the speed. When you add any tough items into the blender, the pulse feature is very useful – this lets you quick blending your recipe. 


Nut butter, frozen desserts, batter & dough, smoothies, sauces, baby food, and many more things can be prepared in your Vitamix 750. If you need to chop or grind any ingredients then you can use Vitamix – it can be used as a mixture and food processor as well. Why invest in a food processor when you can use this Vitamix to make your job done. 


Vitamix 750 has the self-cleaning properties – it needs warm water and a drop of the dish soap to clean the machine. Add these items into the container and run the blender at a high-speed, the blender will clean itself. 


Compared to other blenders on the market, Vitamix 750 comes with 7-years of the warranty. The warranty covers everything if the blender needs to repair any parts. Vitamix 750 can last more than a decade with a little care. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix 750 

Can I put frozen lettuce, celery, cucumber to make green smoothies or chop them?

If you want to make smoothies or chopping ingredients then you can. Vitamix can blend or chop any items you through into the container. 

Does this Vitamix unit work on 220 V?

This made in the USA and Canadian standards, so this won’t work on this Volts. Instead, you can purchase an adapter for this, then Vitamix will work on 220V. 

Does Vitamix 750 can be used for commercial purposes?

Sure, Vitamix 750 can be used for any commercial purposes as well.

Blendtec Designer 650 with Wildside+ Jar and Twister Jar Bundle Countertop Blender

This Blendtech has a touchscreen that makes this an amazing piece of equipment for your kitchen. This is very strong and comes with 8 years of the warranty. Blendtech blender does the best job when it comes to breaking down the solids into something drinkable. 

The following I’ve shared the pros and cons of this blender, read on to know about this awesome blender – 

  • The touchscreen interface gives the blender simple to use. 
  • Blendtech has preset for mixers, smoothies, and so on. 
  • It has stainless-steel forged blade with wings that is 10x strong than other typical blenders blade. 
  • With the multi-functional feature, you can make different items in this Blendtech blender. 
  • This Blendtech has 8 years of warranty that made from the best quality materials. 
  • The Wildside jar is too big for making small batches of sauce or nut butter – the users need to adjust with this anyway. 

Feature and Benefits of Blendtec Designer 650 with Wildside+ Jar and Twister Jar Bundle Countertop Blender

Commercial-Grade Motor

Blendtec Designer 650 has the commercial-grade motor that’s why I’ve mentioned this blender is the best for heavy use. It has 3 horsepower that generates 1560 watts power while the blender in use. 

The jar of this Blendtech designed to pulls everything into the jar to blend away the ingredients. So go ahead and purchase the blender, you’ll be happier. 

Preprogrammed Cycles

Let the technology do the work for you – just one-touch and your blender is ready to work. There are 6 presets onto the blender, add the ingredients into the blender then press your desired button and walk away. Also, you can see the time for your blending onto the screen, isn’t it provide very convenient? 

LED Touchscreen

The LED touchscreen control makes the Blendtech is one of the best blenders for heavy use. Heavy use means, you’ve to do many works with the blender, the Blendtech will help you simplify your work. This would be the most exciting blender for you, consider all your preferences and then make your purchase. 


Rather than any typical blenders on the market, this comes with 8 years of the warranty. And the materials for this blender is very high-quality so that the user can get the best blending years after years. 

If you are looking for the best blender with a quality warranty level then purchase the Blendtech blender for your countertop. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Blendtec Designer 650 with Wildside+ Jar and Twister Jar Bundle Countertop Blender

What horsepower does this Blendtec blender have?

It has 3 peak horsepower motor which is enough to blend any items in a matter of time. 

How long is the warranty for this Blendtech blender? 

This Blendtech blender comes with 8 years of satisfying warranty. 

What are the presets programmed for this machine?

It has 6 pre-programmed, and these are – soups, whole juice, ice crushing, batters, smoothies, and ice-cream. 


Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

If you are looking for a durable blender that can make small servings then Vitamix e310 is for you. This is a little pricey but provides the best features to do the blending. It blends everything smoothly, you won’t find any leftover chunk into the drink. This is a fabulous product and you’ll be thrilled with the quality. 

  • Vitamix e310 has ten variable speeds that allow you to get the texture you are desired. 
  • The 48-oz container is perfect to blend the medium/small batch of the meal for the small family. 
  • Every Vitamix has a specially designed tamper, so does this and you push the ingredients to the blade with the help of this tamper. 
  • It has easy cleaning properties, blend warm water with a drop of the dishwasher at the blender high speed. 
  • Vitamix blenders are made from the best quality material, you can expect this blender to last more than a decade. 
  • This is a high-end blender that also provides the best benefits, so this is a little pricey.

Feature and Benefits of Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Professional-grade motor 

Vitamix e310 has a professional motor base (2.2-HP) that produce 1464 watts and creates high-torque. You can blend any items quickly than other blenders. Running the blender for a few minutes is not an issue for this Vitamix since it has a cooling fan on the motor base. 

Speed Selection 

It gives you 10 variable speeds including a pulse feature for the simple use. Use the speed level anytime while the blender in use, it is safe to use the speed level of a Vitamix blender. While the pulse feature is for blending any hardest items you throw into the container. 

Low-profile container 

This blender is the best for a single person or a small family, so the container is designed with this in mind. It has a 48-oz container but the container is low-profile means this can prepare a medium batch meal for the family. And the material of the container is BPA-free plus you can pour hot liquids into the container. 

Self-cleaning Mode 

The self-cleaning mode makes the blender a hassle-free blender, this reduces the stress from cleaning. Within 60 seconds the blender is capable of clean itself – it just needs a drop of the dishwasher and warm water. When you add them into the container, run the blender at variable 10. 


Explorian 310 comes with 5-years of the warranty but you can expect this blender to last years after years. Also, cleaning this Explorian Vitamix is very simple, taking care of this blender is also easy. After each use of the blender don’t forget to clean the blender since the cleaning increase the lifespan. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Can I use the 64-oz container with the Vitamix e310?

Yes, Vitamix e310 has a standard motor base that can attach the 64-oz container too. 

Can I pour hot liquids to blend into this blender?

Sure, go ahead since the blender can take hot liquids. Don’t worry about the material, the material is very high-quality. 

How loud is Vitamix e310?

This is a bit loud when it is at maximum speed. You can adjust to the noise level, don’t worry. 

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

Ninja Mega has one base for using the pitcher, food processor, and the cups – this feature is exceptional of this blender. This is a great space for the small kitchen, the strong motor can blend ice to any toughest items. With the large pitcher, you can make a nice batch of pureed soup or other items you want. 

  • Ninja Mega comes with a food processor, you don’t need a food processor. 
  • The motor base is 1500-watts with the Auto-IQ function – this technology makes sure you get the maximum nutrients from your drink. 
  • You’ll get the 72-oz pitcher that comes with a total crushing feature. 
  • The two 16-oz cups are very convenient, blend your smoothies or juice into the cup then take the cup on the go. 
  • It has a safety feature that does not let the liquids spill. 
  • Ninja Mega is an exceptional high-end blender but when it’s in use, the blender makes a little noise.

Feature and Benefits of Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

1500 W with Auto-IQ

Ninja Mega provides the user with a professional performer since the blender has 1500 watts of motor power. Besides, the blender has an Auto-IQ feature, thus it can offer the user a nutritious drink. It is a high-end blender, it makes a little noise while the blender operating. You can consider the noise level. 

Pitcher, Food Processor, and To-go Cups 

72-oz pitcher, 64-oz food processor and two 16-oz to-go cups. All the items are BPA-free, don’t worry about the food nutrients. Also, these are dishwasher safe, that’s how it makes it a hassle-free blender. 

To-go cups are very handy for the people to love drinking smoothies or protein shakes, they can take the cup right from the motor base once it making the drink. 

The Speed Settings 

It has a pulse button, single-serve feature including a three-speed level. Operate the blender according to the recipe you are making. Use the single-serve when using the to-go cups, and pulse button while blending or griding the tough items. 

Function and Versatile Use 

Smoothies to puree to nut butter to the dough – Ninja Mega can prepare all these items. But this blender is not ideal for any hot items, you cannot prepare hot soup into the Ninja. 

It has a food processor bowl that lets you use the blender to grind or crushing or preparing the food anytime you want. 


Ninja blenders usually provide the 1-year standard warranty from the date of purchase. When you are committed to taking proper care of the blender you can expect this Ninja to last more than 4/5 years. And the price is very affordable for this blender, your investment will worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

What is the dimension of the main unit of Ninja Mega blender?

The main dimension for the Ninja Mega Blender is 7 1/2″ wide, 9″ deep, 8″ tall. 

Can I put hot liquid into this blender?

No, this is not ideal for any hot liquid. You can add warm liquid into this Ninja Mega. 

Does this prepare basil pesto?

Yes, this unit comes with a food processor bowl, with this you can do anything you want. 

Best Blenders for personal/regular use


NutriBullet 1000 Watt PRIME Edition, 12-Piece High-Speed Blender


Nutribullet 1000 is a simple yet efficient blender. The blender is easy to use and this unit will turn off automatically. Overall, this is an outstanding product, well made that you can use every day to prepare smoothies or other drinks. This will exactly do the same you want. 

  • The powerful 1000-watt creates high torque to effortlessly pulverizes any ingredients you throw into the container. 
  • Nutribullet Prime is easy to clean plus top-shelf dishwasher safe. 
  • It has a 28-oz stainless steel insulated cup that keeps your drink cool for up to eight hours. 
  • This offers the auto shut off so you can create a nutrition extracted drink every time. 
  • The cups are made from sturdy materials, you can use the blender for many years to come. 
  • Undoubtedly this is a great blender but when you use the blender for a long time you can smell burning. 

Feature and Benefits of NutriBullet 1000 Watt PRIME Edition, 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

Auto Shut Off Technology

This 1000 watts Nutribullet Prime blender is the exclusive addition to the Nutri family. It has the auto shut off technology as you can see, this technology shuts off the blender when the blade extracts all the nutrients. 

The cups 

Nutribullet Prime cups are very attractive, it comes with three cups. One 28-oz insulated cup (keeps the drink cold up to 8 hours). One 32-oz cup with the handle while another 32-oz cup with vessel grip. The blender has an extractor blade, so the user can use the to-go cups right after the cup done making smoothies or other drinks. 

Easy to clean 

The materials of this Nutribullet blender are BPA-free Tritan and Stainless steel plus the Prime blender is easy to clean. It is a top-shelf dishwasher safe blender plus you can clean the blender with water + dishwasher soap. Don’t forget to dry the blender properly before you store it. 

Goodies in the box 

You’ll get some goodies with this Prime Nutribullet, let’s see what are they – 

– The Motor Base 

– Three Cups, two 32-oz cups and one 28-oz insulated cup

– Extractor Blade

– 2 comfort lip rings

– 2 flip-top lids 

– And a user guide including recipe book. 

The Warranty 

Before jump into a blender, you should check the warranty period of a blender. Nutribullet Prime comes with a 1-year warranty (all the Nutribullet blender comes in this warranty period). But the materials are high-quality, you can use this Nutribullet more than 5 years with just a little care & maintenance. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the NutriBullet 1000 Watt PRIME Edition, 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

Do this blender compatible with Nutribullet 600 cups?

Yes, this blender is compatible with the Nutri 600 cups, also, you can use the Nutri 900 watts cup. 

What is the material of this Nutribullet Blender?

The Nutribullet prime cups materials are BPA-free Tritan and stainless steel.

Is Nutri Prime is dishwasher safe?

Yes, this is a top-shelf dishwasher safe blender, if you do not like cleaning then you can purchase this blender.


Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook Blender with 1400 Peak Watts


If you are thinking of purchasing a Ninja blender, probably this one could be your best choice. It’s a big plus powerful blender which is very awesome. This is a very versatile blender that provides the best features. You can consider buying this blender.

  • Ninja Foodi Blender has the Heat-IQ feature, this blender can cook hot soups plus other items for you. 
  • It has 1400-peak watt-motor – the blender can crush the toughest items. 
  • The 12 Auto-IQ programs let you done blending within seconds and allow you walk-away. 
  • This Ninja also has a tamper to easily push the ingredients towards the blade. 
  • Ninja Foodi blender has a one-touch clean program that offers a hassle-free clean.
  • The pitcher is made of glass, so this is a little heavy while there are no big issues with this blender.

Feature and Benefits of Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook Blender with 1400 Peak Watts

1400-peak watts

Blast any items with this 1400-peak watts blender. The blade is stainless steel for this blender which is capable of blend the tough to smooth anything you add into the pitcher. And the blender is able to boil anything within a minute. 

Nonstick 64-oz glass pitcher 

The pitcher of this blender is made of glass that is 64-oz. The maximum liquid capacity of this pitcher is 56-oz. As the blender is non-stick, the cleaning is a breeze for this. This pitcher lets you prepare ice-cream, hot soups, cocktails, sauces everything you want. 

12 Auto-IQ program

From blending to controlling the temperature, also, pausing – Ninja use every program on this blender. To take the blending level into the next level, this blender is there for its user. If you want to get the best blending feature, why you are not choosing this?

Clean Program 

There is a one-touch program contains into the blender to provides the hassle-free clean. If you think cleaning a blender is a very tough task, you should go ahead with this blender. This will make your work easier than before. 


When using a blender, sometimes we need to push ingredients towards the blade so that everything blends perfectly. Now you don’t need to use stop your blender to push the ingredients as this blender comes with a tamper – isn’t it very handy?

Frequently Asked Questions About the ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook Blender with 1400 Peak Watts

What I can do with the saute function?

With this function, you can unlock the best flavor while quickly cooking onions, spices or other items. 

What kind of nonstick is used this Ninja Blender?

This blender uses a non-stick ceramic coating which is PFOA and PTFE free. 

Does this Ninja Blender fit other accessories?

No, you cannot use other accessories in this unit. 

NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece 

If you are a smoothie lover and want to purchase a blender for daily use then Nutribulet NBR-12 blender is for you. This is a grandmaster when it comes to blending smoothies. This Nutribullet is very powerful and a great quality blender. Let’s cover everything about this Nutribullet blender – 

  • You will get the whole nutrients of your drink that leads you to a healthier lifestyle. 
  • The cleanup is hassle-free as it is dishwasher safe, you can use the time for other things. 
  • Nutribullet NBR comes with 1 year of the limited warranty but built-in North American Standard – you can be sure of using the blender for many years to come. 
  • It comes with 12 pieces of items – the user doesn’t need to purchase anything for the blender. 
  • This is versatile, can prepare other drinks including smoothies. 
  • Nutribullet is a high-end blender when you’ll use the blender, this will make a little noise. 

Feature and Benefits of NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece 

Blending power 

It is a 600Watts Nutri blender but this can crush or blend items you through into the cup. The blade is stainless steel, it provides the best nutrition extraction that helps you leading into a healthy lifestyle. According to the user, this blender creates fuel for the body. 


This is not only best for making smoothies but also it can prepare other items as well. It has a recipe book with the user manual, that contains the different recipes. Make sure to try all the items. 

Nutri Cups 

When you can take the cup on the go this is very amazing. Nutribullet NBR has three cups while you can carry the cup in the gym or driving or walking wherever you are going. 

Easy cleaning 

To clean the blender, remove the blade then rinse the cup, lid, and blade underwater then keep them on the top shelf rack of your dishwasher. Very helpful when it comes to cleaning the blender.

Frequently Asked Questions About the NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece 

What is the size of the cups of this Nutribullet?

It comes with one tall cup and two short cups. 

Is it capable of blending peanut butter?

Yes, while making peanut butter you should make butter with care since this best for smoothies and cannot run for a long time. 

Does this unit crush ice?

Yes, also this can blend any frozen fruits to prepare a cold smoothie for you. 


Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce with a  food processor


Oster is a top-quality blender at a low price.  This blender comes with a smoothie cup, food processor bowl, and the blender jar. One of the durable blenders on the market, that you can consider purchase for your countertop.

  • Oster pro comes with a food processor and smoothie cup including a 6 boro glass jar – this lets you make everything from smoothies to salsa very simply. 
  • The total speed settings are 7 including 3 pre-programmed for the walk-away convenience. 
  • It has a dual-direction blade that blends forward and reverses for the quicker blend. 
  • 10-year all-metal drives warranty and it is more durable than the warranty period. 
  • The cleaning is simple as the blender is dishwasher safe. 
  • Noise is the drawback for this blender, this is a part of any high-end blender. 

Feature and Benefits of Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce with a food processor

Powerful Blender 

Oster blender comes with 1200 watts power and the blade lets you blend any items from soups to salsa. but you should not use the blender for more than a minute or else you may smell burning that is not pleasant. The 1200 watts works great to blend the toughest items than any typical blenders. 

Speed Control 

Oster blenders speed settings make the blender easier to use as it has 7 speeds that include 3 presets. The 3 presets are milkshakes, chopping/salsa, and green or frozen smoothies. Now making a green smoothie is very simple than other blenders. 

On the other hand, other speed settings are pulse, low, medium, and high speed. To get the best blending performance for your regular use then Oster could be your best choice.


The main container is 6 boro class glass jar, the processor bowl is 5 cup, and the to-go cup is 24-oz – these are the containers of Oster Pro blender. 

The glass jar is a little heavy so you have to maintain the jar with care. And the rest two containers are made of BPA-free plus they provide you the best convenience. 

Versatile Use 

It has a food processor, so the blender can be used as a versatile blender. From chopping to shredding to grinding, mixing, or chopping – what do you need to do? Just use the processor bowl. This is very handy as you can use the processor bow to prepare the large batch of the meal in a matter of time. 


This Oster blender comes with 10-years of the warranty. And the materials for this blender is very high-quality, these also make sure the blender last for many years to come. If you need to repair the blender then use the warranty. But take good care of this blender unit. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce with a food processor

What are the materials of the containers?

The large container material is glass and the food processor and smoothie cup material is BPA-free plastic. 

Does this blender able to use a mason jar?

No, this blender is designed for the provided smoothie cup only. 

What is the height of the glass jar of this blender?

Approximately 14 inches is the height of the glass jar.


All of the blenders that I named the Best Blender are built with quality materials and technology to provide optimum performance and durability. 

Before purchasing a blender, price is a very important thing to consider and fortunately, all these come at a reasonable price. 

If you are looking for the best blender for heavy or commercial use then I’d say go ahead with Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender that I mentioned as the Boss blender. 

Or if you need a blender for personal or regular use, Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base (BL660). 

However, these two are my favorite that’s why especially I recommend this two. There are eight more blenders that are also available and all of them well worth your investment. 

Purchasing the best blender is very important, so, do some research on what kinda blender do you need. Consider your budget and preference and then purchase the Best Blender.