Vitamix 6500 Review 2019- With live Testing result

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Many people will tell you Vitamix 6500 is a great blender only because they want to sell it and make a profit from you. Trust me I am not gonna give you any final decision but I am gonna give you all the ins and outs of the blender and then based on all the information you can make your own decision.

A short summary of what you are going to read:

6500 Vitamix Review and Comparison 2019

What can impress you
  • 10 changeable speeds allow refining every texture with accuracy.
  • Three pre-programmed settings offer consistent results with walk-away convenience for Smoothie
  • Laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill, and cutting blades that three things ensure a consistent blend each time.
  • It’s different auto settings for smoothies, frozen drinks, and soups.
  • The motor is so Powerful that blending becomes a matter of fun.
  • Its durability is quite satisfactory.
  • BPA Free container despite plastic made.
  • Easy using and cleaning method.
What can be considered
  • Make noise while blending hard ingredients. Getting a machine with much power with less noise is not possible yet.
  • Little bit Bulky but you can use it by setting in a fixed place.
  • It’s costly but returns every penny through performance.
  • A small portion of blending is troublesome in this blender but you can pick a small container as well.
  • Not a great choice for accomplishing heavy-duty staff.
  • This unit works with the only 110V. It’s not a free volt that’s why 220V will destroy the motor.

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What people say about 6500 Vitamix

Here, people express their real-life experience with two categories of Vitamix 6500 where one is brand new and the other is renewed. Honestly, most of the buyers picked the renewed one and showed their satisfaction through positive reviews. Though a few people bought and reviewed the new one, it also got a high recommendation from the buyers only because of the super workability and versatile performance.

Best deal on Vitamix 6500

if the budget is not a problem for you then take that one below, you know new products always have some specialties about all features.  Maybe you are thinking this one has only a few reviews. Hence, I will suggest checking the renewed one you will see that one got a positive review from lots of customers. If the renewed one can gain such customer satisfaction then think about what new one can do.

Why 6500 is the best Vitamix to buy

You know the blender comes with a 2.2 HP super powerful motor which is a must to make your juice or smoothie making a sporting event. Then to make your juice or smoothie-making easy and comfortable, the blender owns three pre-programmed settings.

Variable speed control helps you to get precise results. And the pulse functionality also helps to make your juice or smoothie purer and more precise. Laser-cut stainless steel blades with the help of tamper can smash your hardest ingredients in a second.

It’s BPA Free plastic ensures your health is risk-free and 7 years limited warranty makes it tension free for your using period.

Besides, if you go through the comparison with other products, you will see Vitamix 6500 owns so many unique features than those blenders but it comes with a decent price. I hope now you can feel why you should buy a Vitamix 6500.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamix 6500

Let’s have a look at some questions that usually raise in the mind of buyers. Even, sometimes customers get stuck with those questions and decide to avoid the product. This FAQ part can help you to get your confusion clear and pick a blender that meets your demand best.

Can the machine handle a small single-serving smoothie?

Yes, it’s possible. It’ll be good if you have a small container.

Will it make almond butter easily?

It will be a tough task for the beginner. But after making several times it will be easy to make any butter, you might need to add some water or oil.

Is Vitamix 6500 a juicer?

Yes, it is. You can easily make any kind of food juice with Vitamix 6500. You just need to put all the ingredients into the jar and simply blend them to smoothies.

Can Vitamix 6500 grind coffee?

Yes, it can. If you want to grind fresh coffee beans then Vitamix can be the best option for you. It is able to grind coffee beans within 10 seconds.

How many Vitamix models are there?

There are approximately eighteen Vitamix models from five different series namely Vitamix S-Series, Classic series, Ascent series, Commercial series, and Explorian series.

Must consider before you buy Vitamix 6500

As you know the blender is very powerful, that’s why it can create a little bit of noise which may harm your hearing and it would be tough for you to control.

Besides, its blade is very sharp. So, if you have naughty kids and the possibility to get access, you should keep it in a safe area. Otherwise, they may get hurt.

Even if you are a pregnant woman it would be harmful to you to carry it because it is a bulky product. But if you can keep it in a specific place and don’t need to carry it from one place to another, then you can get it.


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Check out what Features and Benefits Vitamix 6500 offers you

1. Powerful Motor

The blender comes with a premium power as it owns a 2.2 HP motor which can create an incredible high-torque through its blade. So, it’s pretty sure you will enjoy a professional performance if you pick this blender. You can easily tear down whatever you like with its cyclonic action. It may be vegetables, fruits, and super-foods. It doesn’t matter whatever you blend it will deliver you within a short time.

2. Pre-programmed Settings

Another handy feature of this blender is its three pre-programmed settings for the smoothie, hot soup, and cold dessert. So, it’s very easy to use the blender and blend anything. For example, if you want to enjoy a smoothie, just you need to pour all the necessary elements into the jar and push the smoothie button then that blender will do the rest. And it’s a matter of fun that you don’t even need to stay beside the blender to prepare your recipe. After pushing the button, you can go away and when you will come back you will see your item is ready as you like.

3.Low-Profile Container

The blender comes with a low-profile container which also features hand wash and wipes clean exterior. Its wider 64 oz container is much more ergonomic. So, it’s perfectly fit for multiple works in a small place like on your counter or cupboard or in the kitchen. Besides, this feature makes the blender easy to store.

4. Variable Speed Control

It’s worth noting that the variable speed dial of the blender will give you a manual control and fine-tune over every texture. For example, when you will go for the horse chops, you can do the job with low speeds but for a fighter blend, you have to go with the high speeds. It’s really a great thing for making a smoothie to chunky salsa according to your needs.

5. Radial Cooling Fan

The blender has a self-cooling system it owns a radial cooling fan. It’s a really cool thing when you need to blend for a long time. The higher you run it, the more cooling is being provided through the bottom into the motor. Besides the thermal protection system with the blender prevents it from overheating. So you don’t need to run this blender at a low speed when you go for long time use. And it’s sure your blender’s motor wouldn’t turn away though you do a lot of blending years after years.

6. Pulse functionality

Want to keep the control at your hand for making delicious recipes? Don’t worry as the blenders feature pulse functionality. It’s certainly a nice thing for you. Besides its 10 manual speed dials, the pulse switch will make the blender use a playful for you. It doesn’t matter how fast or how low you want to blend, it’s at your hand, it’s at your control.

7. Tamper Stick

Don’t waste an extra 5 minutes by cutting fruits and vegetables into small pieces. The Vitamix machine is so powerful that’s why you even don’t need to add any liquid. Vitamix c series 6500 will turn fruit into juice apples into applesauce even peanuts into peanut butter all without adding liquid. just put the whole fruits or vegetables then start the blender and push the fruits or vegetables with the tamper. The awesome blade of this blender will cut them into very small pieces and will blend it very well.

8. Laser-Cut Blade

The blender owns laser-cut stainless steel 4″ cutting blades which will deliver you consistent and fast blending. It’s not a problem of how hard your ingredients the cyclonic speed of the blade will smash them in a twinkle of eyes to turn them into your favorite juice or smoothie.

9. BPA-FREE Plastic

Your health is RISK–FREE as the blender’s container and other plastic parts are BPA free. Different researches find BPA causes blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, brain disease, and cancer. It’s alarming. But when you buy this blender, you are risk-free from all those fatal diseases.

10. Seven Years Warranty

Isn’t it an awesome thing that the blender comes with a 7-year warranty period? Absolutely it’s a superb thing as it will ensure a tension-free use period for you. Keep it in mind that only a quality product owns such a long warranty period.


I hope now you can feel why Vitamix 6500 has already gained popularity as the powerful and best blender to its users. So, if you don’t like to compromise to get a great as well as beast type blender, then grab Vitamix 6500 it will be the best deal on Vitamix for you.

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Comparison between 6500 and other Vitamix models

If you want to know more about Vitamix 6500, you can go through comparison with other models. It will help you to reach a wise buying decision.

Vitamix 6500 vs 7500

SpecificationsVitamix 6500Vitamix 7500
Dimensions17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches
Wattage1470 watts1600 watts
Container Size64 oz.64 oz.
Pulse Functionyesyes
Number of Speed1010
Height20.5 in.17.5 in.
width7.25 in.7.7 in.
Depth8.75 in.9.4 in.
Ice Crushing FunctionYesYes
Weight11 pounds13 pounds
Warranty7 years limited warranty7 years limited warranty
ExtrasPre-Programmed Settings, Variable Speed Control, Make natural, preservative-free nut butterVariable speed control but no pre-program settings

In this Vitamix comparison, we can see everything is pretty much similar. Just the main difference is the price and the pre-program settings. Vitamix 6500 blender comes with 3 pre-program settings with level but Vitamix 7500 doesn’t.  Vitamix 7500 has a Variable Speed Control feature. You will get the same performance from these two.

If you are thinking to buy 7500, you will pay just $13 less than Vitamix 6500 but remember you will miss the most comfortable feature the Pre-Programmed Settings. It wouldn’t be wise thinking to miss such an amazing feature only for $13. It’s my keen observation.

But if you want to save $13 missing the handy feature, you can take Vitamix 7500. It’s totally up to you, choose your one form bottom.

Vitamix 6500 vs 6300

SpecificationsVitamix 6500Vitamix 6300
Dimensions17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in17 x 13 x 13 inches
Wattage1470 watts1470 watts
Container Size64 oz.64 oz.
Pulse Functionyesyes
Number of Speed1010
Height20.5 in.20.5 in.
width7.25 in.7.25 in.
Depth8.75 in.8.75 in.
Ice Crushing FunctionYesYes
Weight11 pounds11 pounds
Warranty7 years limited warranty7 years limited warranty
ExtrasPre-Programmed Settings, Variable Speed Control, Make natural, preservative-free nut butterPre-Programmed Settings, Variable Speed Control, Make natural, preservative-free nut butter

Have a look at the Vitamix 6300 vs 6500 comparison chart. Do you find any difference between these two blenders? No difference. Both come with similar features. The only difference we can see is the price. If you get 6300, you have to pay $60 more than 6500. I think it’s a waste of money to go with Vitamix 6300 as all the features of Vitamix 6300 are available in Vitamix 6500 blender but you are getting it spending $60 less. The rest is up to you.

Vitamix 6500 vs 750

SpecificationsVitamix 6500Vitamix 750
Dimensions17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 in
Wattage1470 watts1440 watts
Container Size64 oz.64 oz.
Pulse Functionyesyes
Number of Speed1010
Height20.5 in.17.4 in.
width7.25 in.7.7 in.
Depth8.75 in.9.4 in.
Ice Crushing FunctionYesYes
Weight11 pounds12.5 pounds
Warranty7 years limited warranty7 years limited warranty
ExtrasPre-Programmed Settings, Variable Speed Control, Make natural, preservative-free nut butterPre-Programmed Settings, Variable Speed Control, Make natural, preservative-free nut butter

Could you notice any major difference between these two blenders except the price? I couldn’t. So, if you buy Vitamix 750, you have to pay $109 more than Vitamix 6500. Is it necessary? Ask yourself. You will get the answer.

My observation is that if you go with Vitamix 750, it wouldn’t be a wise decision as you have to spend an extra $109 for the same features. Actually, the manufacturer does this only to draw the attention of the users. Nothing else. Both products are the same. Now you can take your own decision. I have shown you everything.

Final Verdict

I told you everything about Vitamix 6500. And if you go through the comparison among Vitamix 6500, 7500, 5300 and 750,  you will agree with me that all the 4 blenders are coming with the same features and benefits. Just Vitamix 7500 is missing the three pre-programmed settings but it has variable speed control.

From the above comparison, you can see Vitamix 6500 is coming with all the common features even with the extra three pre-programmed settings which are missing in Vitamix 7500. But surprisingly Vitamix 6500 comes with a decent price comparing with others.

Now it’s all up to you whether you would get Vitamix 6500 paying only $13 more than 7500 to enjoy the fantastic three pre-programmed settings or not.

Or you will pay an extra $60 more with 6300 to get similar features of 6500 or $109 more with 750.

As I promised at the beginning of the article I told you everything and I hope you are well informed. In the end, it’s totally depending on you.

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